PTRC on «Iskander-M» system install jamming and decoys — «News»

TSAMTO, May 8. Defense Ministry to determine the timing of deliveries to the troops PTRC «Iskander-M» (developer and manufacturer of «NPK» KBM «of Kolomna near Moscow), filled with EW systems, write» Izvestia «.

According to the newspaper, which refers to sources in the Defense Ministry, «complexes will be put into service in the summer. New EW systems allow «Iskander» become invisible for such anti-missile systems, as the South American «Patriot», «Aegis» and Israeli «Arrow.»

As told «Izvestia» a senior official of the Ministry of Defense, «improved» Iskander «decided to bring missile brigades in Western and Southern military districts. The number and properties of rockets call can not, but full substitution of «Iskander» is not planned. «

How to write «Izvestia», «complex EW provides cover missiles in the final leg of the flight. He puts passive and active noise-fire and all Surveillance radars and missile defense means noise and emission wrong purposes. «Missile officers involved in the project, said» News «that» the complex is not able to suppress a hundred percent means the enemy air and missile defense but this is not required. Pretty make short-term chaos in their work, so that the missile managed to overcome the terrible plot. «

In NPK «KBM» that developed and manufactures tactical «Iskander», declined to comment, the newspaper said.

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