Punishment Freedom Day: courts, fines, search

On Monday, the regions judged the participants of Freedom Day celebration. Calculated as human rights defenders, Mogilev, Brest and other cities on March 25 were detained 18 people — community activists and a journalist.


Vladimir Laptsevich — 7 days in jail, Dmitry Solovyov — 5

Mogilev Leninsky court today convicted of administrative offenses in the correspondent information company "BelaPAN" Vladimir Laptsevich and chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitri Soloviev. Laptsevich received seven days of administrative arrest, Nightingales — five.

And Laptsevich and Soloviev was detained on March 25 Lenin Street. According to them, the police forcibly dragged them into the service bus. According to the protocols of administrative offenses, both allegedly swearing, waving his hands to the comments policemen did not respond, did not submit to their demands. Police themselves and were witnesses for the prosecution.

The case against Laptsevich considered Judge Irina Lanchava. His journalist pleaded not guilty. Detention, he told the court considers illegal.

"I was dragged by unknown people to nowhere"

"There have been police officers. Unidentified men dragged me nowhere. They did not have badges. They are not included. Forbade me to call. Clear that my reaction to it — the resistance," — explained to the court Vladimir Laptsevich.

The police Karyagin Yuri and Alexei Aphanasenko claimed the opposite. They allegedly submitted, and the badge they were. His appearance on the scene of the alleged offense, they explained the order of the authorities.

"While on duty at the radio station received a message stating that the street Lenin possible manifestations of mass hooliganism, so it was necessary to increase their vigilance," said the policeman Aphanasenko.

In the bus Vladimir Laptsevich carried two policemen on hand, claimed witnesses. In one of them, Alexander Silkova, the bus when Laptsevich tried to call the police used force against him to pick up the phone. Witnesses journalist did not recognize that he is swearing.

The judge, after hearing the witnesses for the defense and not declaring a break, read a sentence of seven days in jail. Three of them, Vladimir Laptsevich already served. On sentencing, he said he will appeal against it and that the conclusion of his ties to journalism.

Dmitry Solovyov magistrate judge Stanislav Shenderovich. The activist also did not admit his guilt. He states that he was arrested to prevent the laying of flowers to the building in which the Mogilev recognized the authority of the BNR.

"The detention of a completely illegal. This was a planned spetsaperatsyya. Militia was no badge. Never imagined.'s Not called the reasons for detention. I was illegally placed under arrest. And then come up with those items for which I want to blame" — said Dmitry Solovyov awaiting sentencing.

Dmitri Soloviev lead to court

Witnessed how the detained Dmitry Solovyov, were not only his colleagues in social activities, but also his wife and young daughter.

Judge Stanislav Shenderovich after a one hour break Solovyov announced 5 days of arrest. Three of them have already served an activist in the detention center.

March 25 in Mogilev were arrested nine activists. Seven of the police soon released without accounting protocol.


Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc fined 770,000 rubles

Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc

A large fine — 770 thousand rubles — for disobeying police officers and for unauthorized actions — it was imposed by a court on Monday Leninsky district of Brest civic activist Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc.

Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc detained on March 26 in Brest criminal investigator Vladimir Amber. On his day off he was in plain clothes near the Central Market of Brest, on the stand saw a white-red-white flag, chased Pauline. The Department for Pauline were drawn two protocols insubordination to policemen and unauthorized actions. Pauline says:

"Very often we hear privately from the police that they were tired and did not support the regime. At the same time, we see that when it comes to criminals, then they represent a law protecting society from crime, but if the situation for fraud, the seizure of power — the police are on the opposite side of the law. "

The police have released Pauline from the site in just a few hours, despite the fact that it has a two year old son. Only after petitions relatives and human rights activists, it was decided to let it go to court. Pauline's husband Andrew Sharenda, who is currently in Warsaw, said that the sentence politically motivated:

"The charges that are put against my wife — an obvious slander. She could not bully. Think that the police would thus show his principles. As the plot Pauline did not recognize the charges, declined to explain why the part of law enforcement agencies and the courts is a kind of revenge . "

Human rights activist of the unregistered organization "Minsk Spring" Vladimir Vyalichkin says that he is surprised that attitude of law enforcement agencies to the citizens:

"When the girl was taken to the office, then it made two protocols, one for disorderly conduct and the other for disobeying police. And in the course of the proceedings one of the officers said in general that has her claim that she stepped on his foot. Though the structure delicti in the actions of Pauline find quite difficult. "

Gomel Oblast

His arrest former police officer believes a provocation

Freedom Day in Gomel was arrested by a member of the United Civil Party, a former police captain Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh. According to the decision of the judge Railway Homel Anatolia Sotnikov he served two days in jail in a detention center. On Tuesday Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh preparing a complaint against the police to the prosecutor and the court.

Says Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh:

Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh

"March 25 morning, I went to Minsk on Freedom Day celebration, and ended up in the dungeons of the dictatorship. At the bus stop," March 8 "I was approached by two members of the special forces, one of them Andrew smearing, and the second, which is not presented. They demanded I have documents and taken to the police station Railway area. "

In the police department Nepomnyashchii waited a long time to come as long as the local inspector Sergey Pavlyushchanka. The last and was against Vladimir administrative record for disorderly conduct — allegedly Nepomnyashchikh at "waving his arms" and "vile curse":

"Politically, I did bullies. As stated by our Lukashenko, Belarus has no political, only bullies. So me and arrested, although action to Freedom Day was allowed by the authorities Minsk in Bangalore Square, where I went. But even were not allowed — reinsured, apparently, our local officials. "

In the court of Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh made a motion that he be held psychiatric evaluation because, as he says himself on a deserted street only a madman could swear. He also requested to call a witne
ss, Valery Potapenko, who allegedly heard swearing. But the judge Railway area Anatoly Sotnikov rejected all petitions pensioner MIA and punished him two days of administrative arrest.

Before the complaints to the prosecutor and the court, Mr. Nepomnyashchikh wants to add their own materials research. First, detained him at the bus stop "March 8", and wrote in the report — at the bus stop "University of Transport", which refers to the territorial Railway area. Evidently, in order to pass the protocol is in "his" court.

In addition, civilian witnesses only a month ago was freed from prison. As found Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh, his "evidence" he signed under duress.

Nepomnyashchikh: "I'm working on gathering materials to prove that there is no fault of mine — all this is a provocation."

Grodno region

The prosecution — artificial, and the search and seizure — the real

Grodno youth activist Igor Lameka achieves that he returned the seized on March 25 computer.

March 25 in Grodno was arrested activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Igor Lameka. Police detained him on the street, saying that he had some kind of similar to a suspicious person.

Then he had searched the apartment and seized the system unit from his father's computer, which only a month ago, returned from the police. Igor Lameka now seeking the return of the computer and determine the reasons for the detention.

"I still am a suspect in an administrative offense, but that offense — they still could not come up. Wanted to do a search to find something, and then show me — I understand that they have such a tactic was."

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