Pupils will study Buryatia baykalovedenie by a unique textbook

Unique training kit with maps of the living world, protected areas and secrets of Lake Baikal, including the online version is presented in Ulan-Ude on Thursday to teachers and the public, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the government.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Buryatia recommended set as a training course for primary and secondary school age, it is the first textbook of its kind which has received a recommendation.

"The set was called" Baikal Box ", it is designed as a guide for junior and middle classes, teachers and parents. Main goal — to raise awareness and enrich knowledge about Lake Baikal in children, as well as a detailed study of the Baikal region," — he said.

According to the source, illustrated materials about the flora and fauna of Lake Baikal, the geography of the lake and its inhabitants not only provide informative information, but instill pride and love for their land, the desire to protect the planet's gem — Baikal.

"In particular, they talk about the wonders of sea-lake, live water filters — the Baikal sponges, amphipods Venus Bormash, planktonic crustaceans — Baikal epishura," — said the source.

According to him, the kit includes a manual, cards "Wildlife of Lake Baikal," poster "above the water, under water and on the shore of Lake Baikal," map "for the reserved paths Baikal", and a CD-ROM. Over 500 copies of the "Baikal chest" handed general-education schools and environmental-oriented institutions. Its scientists have prepared Buryat State University with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the NGO "Baikal Information Center" Fringe "and the company" Coca-Cola "within the" Every Drop Matters ".

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