Questions and answers about the abductions and visits by aliens

Visits and abductions by aliens — this is an important issue related to UFOs. Quite a lot of people have experienced them myself. There are two types of contactors: The first group are people who have been "abducted" in the unconscious and find it frightening incident, the second type are those who are constantly visited by friendly aliens. Many of us would like to avoid the first type of contact, but gladly accepted to the second. following session Bashar answers to questions about alien visits and abductions. Responses received through channeling.

This material is divided into three parts. The first part describes the phenomenon of abduction in terms of stolen and how they experienced the event. The next part deals with fear in general and the problem of overcoming it. Have you ever wanted to meet with friendly aliens and you wonder about why they prefer to meet with people of a certain store? In the last part refers to what is required for contact.

1. Abductions

I just finished reading "Invaders" Bud Hopkins. Hopefully, you know what I mean. This book describes a meeting a few people on our planet with aliens — they were kidnapped and taken aboard a spacecraft … We would suggest replace the term: instead of "abduction" may use, say … "Hold."

Hold — I agree. But still, these people have been various studies. The story presented in this book suggests that the retaining experienced pain and discomfort, and had such a fear.

Yes. Usually the fear itself and creates pain and discomfort. Such interactions are usually not inherent pain and discomfort, unless caused by fear. One purpose of such interactions is to free you from fear, that you no longer have to suffer from pain, discomfort and fear in my life. This is the essence of the interactions. All of them came after the people have given their consent, although, perhaps, their conscious mind is not aware of this.

Some experience physical pain when they were injected into the nostrils of the probes.

Yes. Sometimes it is physical pain, sometimes not. Some telepathic ideas are so strong that they are perceived as a physical intervention.

We assume that these people have agreed to communicate with the aliens. But once they agreed, then why do they still have the horror? One of the captive said: "We would not object, if aliens came to us and asked," Hey, guys, if you want to do this? "And we would have agreed. They would not have to kidnap us. " I think it is very reasonable. Yes. Of course, they make a pact unconsciously. This is one of the reasons. Often happens that as consent is given unconsciously, the individual can consciously think, "Would not it be nice if this were to happen today!" But when it comes to my grandfather, it wakes up the fear. Well. Consent given unconsciously, but can you give it to consciously ?

Of course, this has not happened, otherwise there would be no fear — because the fear indicates that this has not be done consciously.

But at least one of the retaining explicitly requested that the aliens must obtain informed consent. Yes. But he said this is after the fact.

Right. But I stand here with the suggestion that such agreements were concluded on a conscious level. Could you come here as our ambassador?

This is happening more and more often. Try to understand one very important thing: all of your favorite aliens, even those people that seem to have experienced animal terror, yet were close to getting rid of the last fears. We always choose those with almost no fear. And you have to understand that when you see people showing great fear, it is only a partial manifestation of insecurity, which is stored in your society.

Imagine what would happen if we chose those who were no more fear!

So we always elect the individuals that are as close to the integration, the most similar to the conscious recognition. But even they have the fear.

Clear. Maybe it's those individuals who like the outdoors all other fears over themselves?

Yes! They agreed to make it for all of you. That's why they are sharing with you my experiences. This way you can get through this "test" with them, to experience their own fears and integrate them. Then the next series of interactions may occur on more and more conscious level.

If you want to take a message to the author and the characters in his books? We only want to express my admiration for the fact that he does and what he is willing to do. Thanks to such as he is, there is a possibility for all of your planet and your community to live in harmony with the society that we represent here.

Bashar, I went through a dark period, after reading a couple of books.

One of them — "Communion" Whitley Strieber.

The initial reaction of this kind is not uncommon for your community, but do not be afraid. All the fears that you feel at the thought of such links, come from the fact that people with such experiences usually release the fears that have long been ingrained in them. In addition, when these interactions are not anything with which a person would not agree to their lives (on a subconscious level). Everything happens for a mutual agreement. Only with the consent!

Those aliens are helping a man get rid of fear. And while he was well aware of what was the idea. I do not want to say that he was reconciled with all its fears, but mostly, he realized that fear lay in himself, and was not caused by aliens.

Now these beings came into contact with many people in your world. One of the main objectives set by them — to free people from fear, having achieved their prior consent. Perhaps it is a very daunting process, but before you go through it, you have given your consent. You know what you're doing. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, most importantly, try to believe that you know what to do. The more trust and love you feel, the less you think about the fear of the interaction. That's all you need to do.

Remember, when being in a state of high vibration, opens itself exists, has a lower vibration, vibration of the last beginning to rise, and it sees itself as the things that did not want to notice before. That's where the horror is. But the creature begins to integrate their fears and transform them into positive understanding. That is the purpose of such interactions, as the aliens realize that this man, your author, will talk about their experiences, and thus allow other individuals to deal with their own fears. Thus, the next wave interactions cause less fear.

I understand that, but judging by his reaction — this book is rather scare people than to inspire them.

There's no trouble. Because thanks to the book, many people face some ideas. Will understand them. And do not forget these things happen only after the consent. The entire planet at a certain level it agreed to this form of training. It does not have to happen that way. You decide how to awaken your world.

But I think the book has the opposite effect, slowed progress. After all, it contradict your teachings.

I understand what you are saying. But there are many individuals who are unable to respond to the idea of a different way. So they gave what would become for them the most effective. You're right, it is not suitable for everyone, but it will reach the right people. And do not look at it as undermining the idea, otherwise you are depriving many people of the ability to perceive it. Develop the idea at the right time. Many have already awakened.

What meaning aliens to contact us so intimidating manner? At least, that it is our conscious mind.

Understand that different individuals in different cultures use different methods, people of different cultures think and perceive differently. Always possible to determine what this or that purpose. Intentions dzetiantsev always perceived as good. However, the methods of expressing these intentions may seem alien. Their mode of thinking is alien to you, and here are your fears, doubts, and so typical of your society, when it is confronted with something completely new.

This is not because they want to sow terror in you own methods. Their natural fear tactics are you because of your own methods. They do not have to convert all his psychic structure to fully podladitsya under you. They know that you can handle this, and know that you have agreed to learn how to cope with it. Education is the part of this agreement, which many of you do not know.

Yes, I understand. In the book, there is one place where one character says of them: "You have no right," and she says, "No, we have." Yes, we got the rights by signing an agreement. Many people want your planet to make contact with us and with other civilizations. Dzetiantsy was working hard to prepare for the many individuals, contact your world gentle way. Although individuals may experience with the fear that this transition is much softer than the shock that you would feel if aliens came right up to you and declared itself in full voice.

These people are accustomed to little contact since childhood. And every time they were allowed to remember more and more details of these interactions, until they began to realize that they have nothing to fear. They are able to make it, which means that contact may occur more often and more openly.

I think it is very important that all the people who lived through it, and said that Strieber (although many were horrified and sometimes do not know whether they have gone mad or not, or thought that happened only in the imagination), and feel the love sympathy. Yes, at this point in their lives. This can be expressed as: aliens are trying to do it better. But they are not responsible for how you set up your community, and for the way you react to reality. You made a treaty with them. They fulfill the conditions of the contract and make it the most convenient way for you.

As we said, when faced with such a first time, you start to believe in their incredible strength. This raises the fear that you just can not hold myself in such an incredible force. That's where the idea: "It came from the outside and therefore can destroy me." But it can not destroy is a complete reflection of yourself and of what you learn.

2. Overcoming fear

How to make sure that you do not control the fear and do not spoil your life?

We must realize that this is your friend. He tells you: "Knock, knock, look here, this is a part of yourself, the existence of which you did not know. I draw your attention to it, is not that wonderful? But now that you know about it, you can integrate it to everything else and become more themselves. Did not I tell you the perfect gift?

Not? You do not want to see the parts of yourself? What do you wish to say? I thought you wanted to see yourself fully, to learn about myself, to explore every facet of the multi-dimensional world, What is you. Do you want to integrate in order to accelerate its development?

… You're not sure? Okay, I wander here and there, until you sozreesh until they let me bring you a message. Of course, while I wander near here, you will feel my presence. Will you feed me, and I'll get stronger and stronger, will harass you as long as you have not listened to all that I am going to tell you, then I can retire back home. "

That's the only reason you are being haunted by fear. You do not want to listen to his message. Do you want to put aside his message, believing that they should not pay attention.

Yes, but if the fear brings with it a message, I do not always know what to say in this letter. I wish I just got the message without fear.

I'm not saying that it has more power than yours. But many of you rely too much on their habits. That is why, considering that many things happen in your usual way of life, you do not pay attention to the messages inherent in fear, you just throw them away, without thinking about them.

That's why you need to know what the message is and that you can hear them. You can afford to come to the wonder of the fact that fear gives you the message, then the negativity will be softened and dulled. At the moment when you show curiosity and say to yourself:

"How interesting, what do they say?" — At the same moment fear cease to have power over you.

Can you give an example of what kind of message is the fear?

Well, here's an example: you are walking down the street. People come to see you. Suddenly, you get scared, "What do they want? Why did they come? I do not want them to contact me. Maybe they want to rob me, What do they want?"

"Excuse me, do not tell you what time it is?" — "Ah, yes, of course!" -. "Thank you, goodbye." And then you ask yourself, "Why am I afraid of? Why me automatically woke fear when I do not know? "Assumptions and templates that you build. Habits, in which you believe. That's just the message, it allows you to learn about the patterns that you have lined up, of those habits that you have developed and you do not like.

This is the message. If you no longer wish to live this way, you have to allow fear to show that these representations are living inside you. You can change them. Here's one of the ways that can benefit from fear to bring you the message.

Yes. But there are times when a guy under a jacket hidden gun … Yeah, so what?

Fear is what tells you to get out of there as soon as possible! Clear. Once again: the situation may arise in this way, but not necessarily. Knowing your reality and knowing it without fear, you can predict the event. But you know, and that it should not affect you negatively. Understanding of the situation should not create fear.

True, but I'm talking here about what — sometimes fear grips me and I say, "Look, it's okay." And I realize that I no longer able to feel fear because I know that all will end well. If it happens , then what is the message? And is there a need for a message?

Yes, at the moment when you are interested, you get the message. The idea of many fears is to spur your curiosity and send you to study every facet of your own personality. That's it. This is a gentle reminder. And the greater the desire to study you show, the softer are jerks. After all, you no longer feel any fear. Again, it is the idea of the little habits and old ideas. That's it. Weak shots of old habits. But as soon as you realize that there is something worth investigating … habits for you does not exist.

Okay, so, in that case, when a guy with a gun comes to you with the intent to rob you or to inflict any more trouble, you are experiencing fear, saying, "All right. I can just see this as a positive thing." And it put us both in a dimension where we will together create …

This can really happen that way. It can also lead to the fact that you will never be close to a similar type.

Okay, but I say that he is two steps away from me … But you see, you're missing out on one important point. By creating your own reality a certain vibration, you would not meet a robber. You select one street, and he will choose another. You do not have to admit the thought of confrontation … although some individuals find it very interesting opportunity to sort out what they believe in this moment. And then that moment happens. They create it.

According to you, it turns out that if I go out on the wrong street, which goes about a burglar, so I worked my fears.

Yeah, about that and talking about. If you are using the situation, allowing the presence of fear, in order to work with it, then yes, you can make a difference at any moment. Therefore, understand that if you want to do so, the individual you are attracted to her, wants to change with you. And in a sense it has already changed.

3. Ready for contact

When dealing with an alien ship, in some cases, people are coming on board the ship and fly to physically rising above the Earth with aliens. What you need to, and I could have done this?

Completeness of consent and the timing. Just go and do what pleases you.

But to do that, I have to run through the desert in search of … Do not wait for that moment.

I'm not going. I was just wondering if this needs some movement or choice vremeni7 Or, you can sign a contract? Or just to find out when the next flight is to be? You have already signed a contract. You make the right choice of time, continuing to do what is your true essence, that's what allows you to quickly enter into a contract — to become that person, what you should be. Such conditions of the contract will be accepted.

Is there a way to look ahead in the schedule? Identify the places of the planet, that attract you. Do you visit them physically?

Not as often as I would like. There are a couple of places … Then go ahead! .. In other words, if this whole thing, you do so in accordance with the momentum. Visit the places where there is the highest degree of conductivity for this type of merger. On your planet, there are many places that we have visited and continue to visit. Come to the places that you are attracted to, but understand that you should not look for them so far. In fact, we can say that our ships are easier to see if you're in a big city.

We want to say that we often ascribe the properties that we do not possess. In particular, the ability to come and go anywhere, anytime. We also move around the natural lines of the time and the electromagnetic field of the universal reality. That's why sometimes, even when you are ready for this, our time does not fulfill the terms of the agreement allows the entire volume.

Is there any possibility to determine the time that is most consistent with your contract?

Sometimes it may come to you during meditation. Always during the study, the most important things in your physical life, and under the action you will come to understand the choice of the desired time. But, again, understand that you often find yourself ready when you are not quite ready. Believe me, when you're really ready, nothing in the universe can stop you.

Excellent. Thank you, Bashar. I would not mind that I was kidnapped and temporarily held on board the spacecraft. How, in your opinion, the easiest way to achieve this? You will achieve, if at all will not think about it. Mind your own grandparents, live a full life and become the person how you really should be. These so-called "interaction" may well happen, but often does not happen just because you ask for them! And ask for in a completely unacceptable form: say, as long as it does not happen, you can not find the fullness of life. Just in such cases, we Never show — not to add to it your sense of incompleteness.

We can not give any guarantees, because the timing depends on the individual, but if you're still aiming for a contact, just Get away somewhere. In this case, your chances increase significantly. But remember the main thing: each of you have been on board the ship in the dream state?

Yes, I remember, as he did in the dream. But I want to do it in your physical body.

As soon as you stop to consider the dream state and the physical body as two different things, it happens! You should not only draw from this problem. Live your life, and everything happens at the right time, according to the agreement, which takes into account all of your needs. Relax. Maybe it will surprise those who wish to see us, as you say, "in the flesh", but many times we have heard people express the same wish: "I am ready. I am ready to meet you. I'll wait for you on the corner — let's say, half an hour. "

We had studied the levels of your mind, you want to focus on us and focus on themselves. But even when you show your commitment, will be in a remote area, and feel the change in your energy, and you will understand what is going on — that we come to your vibration and are prepared to literally "to stand in front of you" — this is where you and run away! Often, when it comes down to it, you are not as prepared as you thought. "No, no, not now", you say … Now, we do know when you are ready.

I do not think I would have run away.

I know that you do not think that would have run away. In a sense, many of you do not run away. But still get: one of the reasons for choosing the correct time is that the impact of higher vibrations can bring to life those things that you are not ready to accept, do not want to know about yourself. In fact, more often than not you run away from us. You run away from yourself!

We choose a time that is best for all concerned. Do not worry about it. Just live your life. And, as we have said, you can set the trust communication with their government and to persuade him to reveal to you information about our existence. Let the thought of contact between our civilizations will stop people seem so unbelievable. This will be the basis for our contacts.

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