Radiation reached Russia and the U.S. West Coast

Radiation reached Russia and the U.S. West CoastRadiation emissions from the earthquake plant "Fukushima" were recorded thousands of miles away from the accident — in the Russian Far East and on the West Coast of the United States. Experts suggest that the late afternoon wind driving them south.

According to forecasts of meteorological wind direction must now change and dangerous emissions will carry over Tokyo and beyond, 250 miles to the south.

Immediate vicinity of the NPP "Fukushima" were evacuated due to high radiation levels.

Filipino experts also fear that the radiation can reach their country.

Dr. Romeo Quijano (Romeo F. Quijano), Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of the Philippines (Manila), encourages Filipinos to be alert.

"Containment — both primary and secondary — significantly damaged," — he said.

"Without a doubt, the environment has been thrown out a significant amount of radioactive material. The effects of radiation have been thousands of people within a radius of several kilometers. It is likely that in the coming days and will increase the contamination is likely to reach, and the Philippines. "

U.S. scientists did not believe a serious threat, saying that yesterday Control Station in California spotted only "insignificant" levels of radiation.

The level of radiation registered in Sacramento, California, is equal to "approximately one-millionth" the dose that a person receives from natural sources of radiation — rocks, stones, sun, — and "is not a threat," said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) and the Ministry of Energy.

In addition, the same level of concentration of the radioactive isotope xenon-133 was registered in the state of Washington on Wednesday and Thursday, according to them. This is "consistent with ejection from the reactor plant" Fukushima ", located in the north of Japan."

Neither the EPA nor the Department of Energy did not consider going concern.

President Barack Obama said yesterday that his advisers on the nuclear issue believe that the radiation of the "dangerous level" will not reach America.

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