Rapidly dries Kuyalnitskogo estuary. Video

8.10.11.Za recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long-term critical level of approximately 5 meters. 
Save the estuary! National property of Ukraine — Odessa resort "Kuyalnik" — suffers ecological disaster. Over recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long critical level almost 5 meters. Together with the estuary killed its flora and fauna.

Yutyaschiesya near residual water gulls but once dug posts for the salt. So today looks Kuyal'nitskogo estuary. In early summer, the wheels were under water. Now medicinal mud dries in the sun.

Ivan Leontiev, the correspondent of "ATV":

heal mud in tsarist times to Kuyalnik gathered abroad. Today estuary dry. And tons of invaluable material swarming birds and occasionally local vacationers.

The problem of drying ponds for the Odessa region is relevant at all.

Valery Osipov, president of the South Ukrainian Ecological Union:

for the past and this summer by Odessa area, as far as I know, dry over 150 ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

But when it comes to the public domain — it is an environmental disaster. More recently, there was water. Now holds down the bottom of the salt. Depth of ten meters from the shores of the new less than a meter.

Ivan Leontiev:

salvation Kuyalnik have been arguing all and sundry — from grandmothers in the courts to superiors in the office. Talk — talk, and the water in the estuary is becoming smaller. Locals say today it can go virtually wade.

Experts believe:

one of the factors contributing to the death of the estuary — uncontrolled extraction of sand. Along the coast you can find not one bat. Some — abandoned. Others — acting.

One such development is located near the village of Severinovka. Day of the technique of "rest." At the site — one guard. Says he does not know who produces it and legally. Living and working here for years. Even started a small farm. In a career going groundwater. And next dries newly mined raw materials.

Oleg Music, Chairman of the Maritime regional organization of the party "Rodina":

to stop this barbaric early development, which is underway. We tried to talk to people who are here today. Introduced us to the guards, without documents. The people we meet — they do not know anything about who works here, the uses of the land, they just protect it.

Next to a sand quarry once passed the channel connecting the lagoon to the river Great Kuyalnik. Today the area is swamped here. And estuary, in the place where it flows into the river, now looks like this — the salty "carpet" has remained a small puddle. In some places it is expanding. Where are dried, wrapped around circles thrillseekers.

Yuri Lysenko, lives in Severinovka:

— Why dry river bed?
— I remember, when I started as a child digging this channel, after the water is gone. Before that was a normal water. Rechechka was very small, but the water was enough, the fish was, it was. And now … I think that on a channel they did not go, because there is no water. And for many years he was not cleaned, there are trees, it's all rubbish, silt, which can go on the water go?

Last year, the professionals charged with developing a regional conservation program estuary. Only here because of lack of funding work on the document until it is finished. Meanwhile, the public is preparing a series of "round tables" with the participation of all who are willing and able to help Kuyalnik survive.

Valery Osipov:

give them an opportunity to express their views on the issue. Whether it be filling water from the sea, it will be good to clear the entire length of the river Kuyalnik, this problem is solved.

Deputies also promise to do everything in their power.

Constantine Grinchenko member of the regional council of the party "Rodina":

certainly, the press coverage of these issues, of course, discuss all these issues with people who have knowledge in the subject based on the issue. This appeal at the governor, at the Regional Council of the Cabinet of Ministers, the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada.

By the way, in the capital for years there has been talk about giving Kuyalnik status of a national reserve. There was even talk about creating landscaped park of 10 hectares. But the trouble — this is still no way precludes drying estuary and the death of its flora and fauna.

author: Ivan Leontiev, Vitaly Prus

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