«Raytheon» presented a new remote control system MODULAR WEAPON

The conference, which will be held September 18-19, Raytheon Company will present the latest remote control system with modular weapons encompassing electro-optical infrared and visual sensors, precisely defining goal beyond maximum range shooting, reports ASDNews September 17. Brand new system twice the competing standards.
«This system provides the commander of the combat vehicle overestimated the ability to perform tasks. The system can simply be installed in various combat platforms, «says vice president of network-centric systems sensors sensing instruments of Glyn Reimer (Glynn Raymer).
The system is designed to equip tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, providing a 360 deg. The operator is inside the car, which increases its security. The system can be supported by infrared sensors 2nd or 3rd generation FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), capable of detecting, organize, recognize stationary and mobile targets beyond the range of acts guns. Sensors are able to manage such systems firing guns like M249, M240, M2, MK-19, MK-47, M134 and M230LF, guided missiles Griffin, Javelin, Stinger and TOW, and non-lethal weapons.

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