Read the transport controls on the Belarusian-Russian border

Transport control on the Belarusian-Russian border on April 1, will cease to operate. He will be transferred to the external border of the Customs Union.

Control of transport will be taken on all road crossings on the border between Belarus and Russia. Near the Belarusian-Russian border will work Only weighing systems, reports BelaPAN, with reference to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

On the external border of the Union State Belarusian specialists will be requested from the carriers, following in Russia, Russian permits, weight parameters of vehicles in accordance with Russian standards.

The decision to cancel the transport control on the Belarusian-Russian border adopted at a meeting of the Commission Customs Union, which was held in Minsk on March 14. It is expected that on July 1 this year traffic control will be canceled and the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.

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