Reduction in government programs — Petrovich, not an insult

Tsigankov: The presence of large government programs has always been one of the main theses of propaganda policy of the Belarusian leadership. . Now, Economy Minister Nikolai Snopkov informed about the government's plans to reduce by 50 percent the existing government programs. At the same time the minister stressed that "the Economy Ministry and the government are talking about reducing social programs — will be reduced funding for programs in the real economy." What programs can become the first victim of cuts? What can be cut without causing social tension?

Zaleski: They were in such a time pressure, it does not matter that the first cut. After all, the government now hopes are pinned on the receipt of money from Russia. But Russia said it would give money only under certain restructuring program, but in their understanding of it and reducing public sector support to Russian production could pour into our market.

All hopes are now pinned on the government to receive money from Russia.

Tsigankov: So a certain vicious circle? If Belarus will reduce government support for the real sector, the production companies could grow and become non-competitive?

ZaleskiOf course. Russia does not need most of our businesses, which have analogues in Russia. They want to develop their own market, and they need certain markets.

Tsigankov: But these steps to reduce the industry support has advanced not only Russia, but also the IMF and the Belarusian economists.

Zaleski: There are different ways of financing. For example, the French give to agriculture with the expectation of more than one hundred hectares of us, but they do not give everyone equally, and those who work most effectively, and returns these grants. We do these subsidies in all areas abolish competition, undermine the very principle of freedom and competition.

Tsigankov: Still — what programs can become a victim of cuts? On what authority can go with the least risk to themselves?

Zaleski: Knowing our reality, I can not predict. After all, the most important is the Belarusian reality of personal relationships. Who will protect themselves on a personal level, say "Petrovich, do not insult me" — and therefore do not will shorten.



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