Some monsters can be qualified as Reptoids. Their distinguishing feature — skin cheschuychatoy structure as snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles.

Folded body, arms and legs — claws. Eyes glow yellow and green.
Humanoids of this type are characterized by atrocities committed violence against people, including sexual.
Reptoids some witnesses identified with Satan or Satan's army. They are believed to belong to the infernal spheres of the universe, to the infernal powers.

If we believe the evidence, mentioning the name of Christ gives them a strong reaction. Maintain that the Reptoids were the prototype of the devil in the New Testament, which appeared in the form of a serpent, tempted pervolyudey.

Genetically similar to the reptiles, this is a very advanced race is extremely negative, hostile and dangerous set of people, considering them as an inferior race. They look at us about how we perceive a herd of cattle.
There is presumably driven planetoid or asteroid inhabited by 30 million of these lizards, which entered our solar system in the mid-90s (what age?) On our calendar.
They view the Earth as his own ancient outpost and want to take complete control over the planet on their return. Their own planet is no longer suitable to support life and they need some other accommodation.
It is believed that this is the aliens who are gray.

Currently, all seriously consider the existence of advanced civilizations before the mammals on Earth.
This became clear when the paleontologists have unearthed the remains stenonihozavra — Raptor rise about half a meter. He walked on its hind legs, had a rather clever "hands" with a well-developed large, grasping, finger.
But most importantly — have an impressive skull, which could easily fit into the brain of chimpanzees.

These lizards, something that looked like a man, lived over 100 million years ago.
Another example for the first stage of intelligent life is so-called tsinognatus who treated blooded (found fossilized heart of one of stenonihozavrov. Heart — four, as in humans and other warm-blooded creatures).
In other words, were all factors in the emergence of intelligent dinosaurs.
The view that race vysokorazumnaya Reptilians (or Reptoids) could not appear — it is the same that I could not stand and was a man of mammals.
Obviously, a reasonable simulation of a dinosaur on the human likeness deny specific features for reptiles and leads to misconceptions.

We list the most important provisions, which lead to a qualitative difference Reptoids from person:
1. Strong development of gymnosperms and no ordinary grass (Mesozoic, 230-67 million years Naz).
2. Abiotichekie biotic and environmental factors of the Mesozoic.
3. The adaptation of species to their conditions of existence (due to the "expediency" of the structure of organisms).
4. The specificity of the body for carrying the eggs of reptiles.
5. The development of a common ancestor of several species, a growing divergence in the evolution of their symptoms for a person has natal character Reptile — incubation eggs.
6. Progressive evolution (complication and improvement of the organization) of the pelvic brain dinosaurs.
The fact is that in the femoral spine dinosaur was another, larger cavity to the nerve center. This thickening of the spinal cord was a second brain. For example, for Diplodocus pelvic brain weight was 20 times more than the brain.
7. Cultural differences, such as reptile eggs incubation and feeding of the mouth, for the culture of human breast-feeding.
Thus, civilization reptiles to some extent different from the creation of the earth's evolution, man.

And that's what happened in 1995 in Chernihiv region, Ukraine.
Our hero — Nazar Cops (name changed for obvious reasons), a small farmer from the Chernigov region.
His experience is remarkable in that he was confronted with Reptoids.
The encounter forever changed his life, turning it into a cool staunch supporter of "green" and ardent opponent of intervention in wildlife.
It all started a rainy March night in 1995.
At 3:30 am (!) Nazar was awakened by a strange hum in the ears. Roar like a whistling whip, the noise cuts into the air. Gul, who went into a shrill whistle was hurt.
Nazar seemed to him that he is on the verge of death. Heart rushed furious gallop, and suddenly snapped.
The next moment the consciousness plunged into the black abyss, and when Nazar came to himself, he felt that hovers in the air at an altitude of about 300 meters, gradually decreasing. There was no fear, only a sense of calm.
At a distance of 8.10 meters from the ground Nazar start swinging like a pendulum, as if someone ran its trajectory.
The next moment, he saw a group of creatures, standing in a semicircle. Their outlines were barely discernible in the dark, but even in the twilight of conspicuous their impressive growth.
When the ground was only about two meters, Nazar again lost consciousness.
The first thing he saw waking up, — strange creatures, seen him in flight.
Nazar was on the ground, being of sound mind and memory.
In front of him loomed a semi-circle of a dozen monsters, each of which was at least two meters tall.

All eyes were fixed on the creatures toward humanoid, standing to the left of Nazar, in all probability, the leader of the group.
The glow emanating from the body of a stranger, Nazar allowed to see it in detail.
Beings have a powerful torso, broad shoulders and strong as a bull neck. He had long arms with thick, like claws, fingers.
The body was covered with scaly like a reptile, skin, from which the foul smell rotten eggs.
In the place where the head should be, could be seen a hologram of a human face, glowing like a curious mask.
Suddenly the "mask" moved her lips, but no sound broke the tense silence of the night — a voice to donesshiysya Nazar transmitted telepathically: "We brought the message. Your planet is in decline. Water and air are poisoned. Forests and plants are dying. In the food chain lost important elements. The use of nuclear energy poisons nature. The planet is overpopulated.
Warning: if mankind does not change his mind today, tomorrow may be too late. There are effective and safe methods of extraction of energy and food, is not harmful to the planet. They can be used today. However, we know that on Earth there are forces that will stop at nothing to prevent this.
They will do everything they can to clean energy production technology and production of abundant food does not become the property of mankind, as it is not in their interest. "
Pause: Reptoids like waiting for Nazar comprehend what was said.
"The authorities are corrupt and seek to turn the knowledge to his advantage, not caring about the interests of humanity — still an alien. — We chose the tactics of the common people. In all corners of the globe, there are our attorneys.
It is the backbone by which one on Earth establish harmonious world order. We will direct your steps. When the time comes, you will know what to do. "

While the stranger spoke, the rain — a real spring rain. Strange creatures surrounding Nazar did not move.
After a few moments Nazar realized that even though they are in the open, they do not fall or drop! In all likelihood, they were under the protection of the electric field of a special kind.
Nazar heard drip and simultaneously saw a clear distinction between the realm of rain and dry space.
A few seconds later the stranger said, "We have to go.
Something clicked. Nazar felt it again carries a mysterious force, and lost consciousness.
So for Nazar started a new life in which there were two realities: the day he was there, like millions of ordinary mortals, and at night plunged into a mysterious and frightening world inhabited by aliens.
After five years of the existence of such Nazar learned about aliens almost all that is available to the human mind. Nevertheless, he felt like a man standing in front of a locked door, from which there is no key: everything he saw — a vague glow, flickering in the keyhole.

However, some mechanisms of behavior reptoids, and the horizons of their opportunities become more apparent to him.
At the disposal of the aliens was an artificial field, the effect of which is manifested in different ways: it makes them invisible, allowed to remain in several dimensions, move through solid matter.
Nazar was also found that within the community there is a clear business newcomers and a rigid hierarchy. Reptoids, coming into contact with Nazar, were members of the highest caste, the step below were so-called "guards," and the interests of the two higher castes served "workhorses" — small, gray, ordinary-looking creature.
Nazar gradually began to understand what motives drive the aliens, what causes them to come into contact with humans, and worry about the future of the Earth. This revelation had affected Nazar as a cold shower, and at the same time made to look with renewed demystification of reptoids.
It turned out that Reptoids know renkarnatsii and embodied in people. Nazar they told about themselves simply because in a previous life he was one of them (the Reptilians) but by fate and providence embodied in people
Reptoids consider the Earth as autonomously functioning farm, effortless and cost.
They secretly live among us — the people for thousands of years! Everything was going smoothly until above the Earth is not in danger of an environmental disaster …

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