Results of 2011: the new production of RUSNANO

In 2011, with the financial participation of RUSNANO and running more than 13 new productions for various products using nanotechnology.

May 2011 — RUSNANO has opened in Moscow on a pilot production project RMT producing thermoelectric cooling micronutrients. These components are used for cooling lasers, photodetectors, and integrated circuits.

Project Company Ltd. "RMT" participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "RMT" venture capital fund "S-Group Ventures' total budget of the project: 797 million rubles from RUSNANO 150 million rubles first thermoelectric modules that were released in a new production of LLC "RMT"

(+ 12 new productions)

June 2011 — creation of Izhevsk mass production of heavy-duty springs using technology controlled formation of uniform nanoscale substructures in the material.

Project Company Ltd. "SPC" spring "," project participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "Izhmash" OJSC "Bank" Uralsib "" total budget of the project: 1 110 million rubles from RUSNANO: 830 million rubles

August 2011 — in St. Petersburg, launched the first phase of series production of nanostructured ceramic and metal materials.

Project Company Ltd. "VIRIAL" participants: "RUSNANO", LLC "VIRIAL", JSC "Siberian Organics" CapMan Russia fund the general budget of the project: 1,597 million rubles from RUSNANO: up to 551.5 million rubles

October 2011 — launch in Aramile (Sverdlovsk region) of flexible polymer packaging materials modified nanocomposites.

project company ZAO "Uralplastic-N" project participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "Uralplastik" total budget of the project: 2,551 million rubles from RUSNANO: 1,076 million rubles

The project of JSC "Uralplastic-N" implemented three know-how: the production of nanocomposites introduction of them into the film production of the films modified with nanocomposites

November 2011 — the creation of a technopolis "Khimgrad" (Kazan) manufactures high-barrier polymer films for the production of a new generation of flexible packaging.

Project Company Ltd. "Danaflex-NANO" participants: "RUSNANO", ZAO "Danaflex" total project budget: 2,450 million rubles from RUSNANO: 1,200 million rubles

November 2011 — Moscow launched the first phase of production of fabrics for advanced composite materials based on carbon fiber.

project company ZAO "Prepreg-SKM" participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "HC" Composite "total project budget: 3,460 million rubles from RUSNANO: 3,252 million rubles

Prepregs — this composite material — finished products obtained by impregnating a reinforcing fiber substrate is uniformly distributed polymeric binders. It is thus possible to implement the physical-mechanical properties of the reinforcing material. Prepreg technology provides a solid shaped articles with minimal tooling.

carbon cloth for the construction and repair of engineering structures

Competitive advantages: reducing the weight of the final product of the prepregs in improving their performance, the absence of analogues in the Russian market

workshop, which will be published next stage of production "Prepreg-SKM" and Nanocenter composite materials

November 2011 — RUSNANO project company "Germanium and Applications", has launched a new high-tech manufacture of electron-optical components in Novomoskovsk (Tula region).

Project Company Ltd. "Germanium and Applications" project participants: "RUSNANO", the private co-investor of the total budget of the project: 2 159 800 000 rubles from RUSNANO: 790 million rubles

Germanium blank — made of poly-or monocrystalline germanium wafer, prisms, cylinders, a body of revolution generated by a surface, which after further processing, can be used as optical or electronic components of different devices. Billets can have features: Circle certain linear or non-linear contour holes etc.

December 2011 — CJSC "Plakart" launches in Nizhny Novgorod in the pilot production plant for the first coating. The task of the project — the introduction of modern import-, energy-and resource-saving technologies for applying functional coatings for various industries.

project company ZAO "Plakart" participants: "RUSNANO", LLC "decompensated", SC "Rosatom" MC "UEC" total budget of the project: 4,018 million rubles from RUSNANO 1 220 million rubles

The plant, located in the core area of GAZ Group, will be the 4th in Russia (after Moscow Region, Perm and Tyumen) factory JSC "Plakart", equipped with the most modern equipment to create a complete cycle for the production and processing of functional coatings.

December 2011 — in the Novosibirsk region launched the world's largest joint venture RUSNANO and international holding company Thunder Sky to manufacture lithium-ion battery with high capacity. Created more than 500 jobs.

Project Company Ltd. "Liotech" participants: "RUSNA
NO», Thunder Sky Group (China), OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" total budget of the project: 13,580 million rubles from RUSNANO: 7,590 million rubles

Lithium-ion batteries Liotech feature high energy density, do not require additional maintenance and have a wide operating temperature range of use. These characteristics allow their widespread use on electric transport, as well as in the energy sector as energy storage and uninterruptible power supply. Moreover, after applying electrotransport batteries, they can be used for a further 10-15 years as a battery energy. Also it should be noted that the utilization of this type of battery is completely safe for the environment.

December 2011 — St. Petersburg started manufacturing plant epitaxial wafers for high-speed optical components.

Project Company Ltd. "Connector Optics" participants: "RUSNANO», VI Systems GmbH (Germany), Bank "Uralsib" total budget of the project: 1100 million rubles from RUSNANO 770 million rubles

commercial plant molecular beam epitaxy Riber 49

Technology of production of epitaxial wafers, which has no analogues in the world, was created by a team of people from PTI together with VI Systems GmbH (Germany).

The design capacity created by the production of more than two thousand wafers per year, of which you can make millions of vertically emitting lasers and photodiodes. Such amount sufficient optical components, for example for manufacturing a last generation supercomputers.

It is expected that by 2015, the products manufactured by the project company "Connector Optics", will take about 5% of the world market, and the expected amount of revenue will amount to 2.4 billion rubles.

December 2011 — in Dubna (Moscow region). launched the first phase of production of colloidal quantum dots. Quantum dots — semiconductor crystals with a typical size of a few to tens of nanometers.

Project Company Ltd. "STRC" Nanotech-Dubna "total project budget: 71.5 million rubles from RUSNANO 35 million rubles

Key areas of application: — Optoelectronics (LEDs, displays) — Marking of securities, documents (fluorescent codes) — Photovoltaics (improving the efficiency of solar panels) — Agriculture (fluorescent additive in covering materials) — Medicine (means of diagnosis)

December 2011 — RUSNANO project company "Optosense" launched in St. Petersburg, a new line for the production of small-size explosive gas meter.

The project is unique in the use of nano-sized polycrystalline semiconductor layers in mass production of radiation sources and photovoltaic receivers — the key elements of the sensor.

Project Company Ltd. "Optosense" participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "Rex", LLC "ICO", LLC "EMR" total budget of the project: 496 million rubles from RUSNANO *: 209 million rubles

Launched line will increase production capacity to 120,000 sensors per year. Production design is used in the petroleum and chemical industry, coal mining, power plants and utilities, and telecommunications.

December 2011 — Moscow launched the first phase of production of analytical equipment for nanotechnology.

new ultra-fast and ultra-accurate scanning probe microscope FemtoScan-2

multi-analyzer of chemical and biological agents

project company "Center of Advanced Technologies" (CLT), the participants of the project: "RUSNANO", "Center of Advanced Technologies' overall budget of the project: 387 million rubles from RUSNANO 140 million rubles

December 2011 — Ltd. "RMT", the project company RUSNANO has opened the main mass production of thermoelectric cooling micro modules. The production site is located in Nizhny Novgorod, under construction in the city park "Ankudinovka."

Project Company Ltd. "RMT" participants: "RUSNANO", JSC "RMT" venture capital fund "S-Group Ventures' total budget of the project: 797 million rubles from RUSNANO 150 million rubles

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