Return if the «gods» on Earth?

"To consider the Earth the only inhabited world
is as absurd as to assert that in the field,
sown millet can grow one single grain "

Metrodorus of Chios.

Some call them gods, others — aliens. But, as any name, the second coming of the gods will not take long.

The gods, they're aliens promised to our ancestors back, and the promise embodied in myths, legends, history, and even religion, which exist to this day. Another interesting fact is that in terms of the Kabbalah, the word Elohim? M, that is, one of the names, epithets of God is plural. Not God, but it is the gods, and otherwise — aliens. Who are they? How do they look? Where to live? And, most importantly, when they return to Earth, and why exactly can not respond to anyone. But, according to scientists, it will happen very soon. What people know about aliens? Not so much, although the information is coming.

Thus, interest in the problem of extraterrestrial civilizations did not appear yesterday. Egyptians built the pyramids, as if trying to use them to get in touch with the gods of the Maya gods mentioned in his legendary calendar, even specifying the exact date of their return to earth, the ancient Greek philosopher wrote about them in his writings.

Century after century, people received signals, but little has changed. Information about extraterrestrial civilizations still small. Is that now there developed technical devices that allow "look" and "listen" the most distant corners of the vast universe. Almost all countries of the world have realized more than fifty projects for exploration and study of extraterrestrial beings, and do not intend to stop there.

Where are the aliens?

Scientists know the answer to this question! Most likely for the majority of scientists and other academics seem to inhabit an alien civilization exoplanets, in particular, on the main "find" of our time — Gliese.

The planetary system Gliese 581 is listed in the list, which consists of one hundred stars closest to our solar system. It was widely known that suggests the presence of three conditional habitable planets. Its discovery was in 2005. According to the data of 2010, the star has six exoplanets. The main "attraction" of the system consider the first exoplanet discovered by scientists (Gliese 581 c) within the habitable zone.

Extrasolar planets and the Earth — is there a resemblance?

Gliese 581 c is exoplanets in the star of a planetary system Gliese 581, which was found two. Of all the known planets of this system, it is third in order of position if the scoring from the star. Gliese distance from Earth has about 20 light-years. The study by scientists "discovery" — Gliese 581 c, as well as another fantastic "discovery" research Gliese 581 d, is very similar to the Earth on numerous parameters and the proposed environment.

Its researchers found European Southern Observatory in April 2007, with three and a half meter telescope spectrograph, based on changes in the glow stars at different wavelengths and is intended solely for the search for planets. Using the method of measuring the speed of stars managed to get information about the existence of this exciting planet, its mass and certain movements. Without going into details, we can only state a fact: the mysterious mass exoplanets has a mass of astronomical terms very similar to the mass of the Earth. It is more about the Earth five times.

Measure the radius of the exoplanet is not yet possible, and you can settle for just predictions. And the assumptions in excess. So if it is a rocky planet, which has a large metallic core, its radius, in theory, should not exceed the radius of the Earth is approximately double. If it is covered with ice or consists mostly of water, its size, in theory, even two sizes smaller than our planet. The estimated gravity — 1,6 g.

Gliese year (ie the period of its circulation) has thirteen Earth days. Unlike the Earth, away from the Sun at a distance of 150 million kilometers, «581c», located at a distance from the star, is 11 million miles.

With temperatures also still do not exactly clear. Theoretical studies suggest a temperature of from three to 40 ° C

According to models, researchers have built, it is expected that the extrasolar planet has an atmosphere hitherto unknown properties. Scientists hope that the atmosphere of the planet contains methane and carbon dioxide, high levels of which creates a greenhouse effect similar to the greenhouse effect of Venus.

Gliese 581 c is located within the "habitable zone" that causes the greatest excitement of scientists. This means that it is likely there is liquid water, but direct evidence is not yet available.

Parameters and conditions of Gliese 581 c are of great interest for new research and do not give sleep to scientists from all over the globe. It is unbelievable, "valuable" treasure found among exoplanets, as well as the planet Gliese 581 sister (d), open later in the planetary system (year on it lasts 37 Earth days). It is assumed that the family of the planet will be the most important objects of the future space missions. In 2014, it is expected to launch a new space telescope, which, in the hopes of scientists, will help unravel some of the mysteries unexplored planet.

At the moment, Gliese has given mankind a sensation: two strange flashes of light of unknown origin. The age of the system is greater than ours, 8 billion years old, so time for a creation of the highest level of development there was enough.

What were those flashes? Will the gods inform humanity about his return, give us signals? It is sure to be found out, but a little later.

Look like aliens?

Suppose habitat aliens found and how to be with their "looks"?

Through the study of the few photographs UFO pilots, analyzing their remains and the study of the structure of the body, scientists have made the paradoxical conclusion that only a quarter of the aliens have ever visited our land, are similar in appearance to humans, with only external. However, their internal structure and functioning of the structure is very similar to insects. Nothing "human" in them not. Even the body tissues other than the grit and moisture associated with skin flakes resemble insects. In addition, they are genderless. It is these "researchers" were to Earth so far.

Contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations

Some researchers have promised that by 2025 the science is so highly developed that will "look" even the most distant planet and the exact answer, whether they are inhabited. Besides, by that time they may themselves, without waiting for the visit, come to Earth.

Others, such as British astrophysicist Martin Rees, "lay" term meeting humans to aliens. Moreover, he said that it is not about the solar system as a habitat for extraterrestrial civilization, but of exoplanets, which has previously been mentioned.

According to Rice, the question of extraterrestrial life will be a key for the next forty years, and that the aliens will help people to respond to the rest of humanity, questions. According to the scientist, the man in the universe — like a monkey, is not a "top" of evolution. And the monkey can not answer the tough questions, and man alone will never find answers, and extraterrestrial intelligence is divine and incomprehensible to our understanding.

Predictions about finding a friendly or enemy-minded creatures in the vast universe, and make the Russian astronomer. For example, recently the Russian Academician Andrei Finkelstein said that at the moment we can confidently say that other intelligent life — an ordinary thing in the universe and will soon be discovered places its habitat. Finkelstein believes that aliens will be exactly the same as men, differing maximum color.

So, what can one say about this. We only know that we know nothing. Perhaps there is some logical "grain" in the concept of "rotational basis" of the gods. Aliens who went on a mission, who left the land to an incredibly long, by human standards, period. Perhaps they are waiting for the right conditions for his return, some significant events. For example, it may be a convergence of the planets, the combination of energy fields, etc. Perhaps because of global disasters, fire, flood, cold and they have temporarily left Earth.

But they, like Carlson, "had left, but promised to return." One can only hope that they will return to a peaceful end.

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