Returned the computer to the addition of fruit

Svetlogorskij interdistrict department of Homel KGB returned the head of the local organization of the Left "Fair World" Svetlana Mikhalchanka a computer system and DVD-discs seized during the search.

"He brought me to the system unit and drives the KGB security officer Vasily Podolak, so polite. He took off his shoes in the apartment. And also gave me the fruit, "- said Mrs. Mikhalchanka.

A search of the apartment Mikhalchanka, a former teacher, school principal, was made February 9. Svetlana Kandratavna had just been discharged from hospital. Because of the bad leg she had difficulty walking. It appears that the security officer gave fruit to smooth out a little earlier annoyance.

December 19, Svetlana Mikhalchanka was in Minsk, but not on Independence Square. Therefore, she could not testify about the mass protest.

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