Revelation dzetiantsev

Bashar: Let me welcome you! As you know, the theme of the evening — star system Zeta Network. Race, coming out of this system, with your consent continues to implement its findings. And they've made a few discoveries. They grow, they learn, and part of their mind wants to share their discoveries with you.

Tonight, in your time scale, you will speak of the civilization of Zeta Reticuli. Channel will take some time to digest the energy of this creature. Zeta representative will talk at once, as soon as the energy will be absorbed. He will answer your questions and you will thus be able to actively participate in contact.

But before you begin to channel energy absorption, tell me, do you have any questions about the chosen topic?

Q: I heard that the people of Zeta Reticuli suffer from glaucoma — a kind of disease associated with degeneration of the eye tissues. And I heard that they need in the best purified marijuana, because they tried to synthesize a chemical substance, but it is not consistent with their DNA and RNA. Is this true?

Bashar: We do not accept this idea as true — at least relative to the group that will speak to you today. Members of this group do not allow yourself to connect with the idea, which is called "pain."

Q: We understand what glaucoma is not due to pain, and with regeneration of tissues.

Bashar: How we perceive, your source of information could use the word "dzetiantsy", implying a very different group.'s Really all we can say right now.

Q: You mentioned that dzetiantsy made several discoveries. I would like to know what their essence.

Bashar: They will explain to you some of these discoveries. Please do not fall out of their chairs in amazement.

Q: How many types dzetiantsev exist? I was under the impression that their scores.

Bashar: That's like asking: "How many types of Americans live in the U.S.?" Direct analogy. However, dzetiantsev probably can purely be divided into three groups. Each group will be the set of subgroups. This is not a well-defined types, like Americans — a very vague category.

These three groups:

1) Primary dzetiantsy. This group represents the consciousness of Zeta, which exists within the outer perimeters of reality pertaining to the fourth level of density. Consequently, their reality purely physical, almost plasma in nature. They deliberately keep their vibration from moving to the fifth level of density and therefore can not communicate directly with you, except for the altered states of consciousness. They can not get into your physical reality.

2) Changed dzetiantsy. These are the primary dzetiantsy modified — either physically or on the level of consciousness — to interact with you in the physical plane — or in terms kvazifizicheskoy reality.

3) hybrid. There are a lot of branches. Those whom you call "negative oriented groups" do not necessarily fall under this category. In a sense, this is a special group. Further questions?

Q: Will talk to us tonight representative Zeta named Charon? Will you be with him physically?

Bashar: Yes, yes.

Q: Can you tell us where it is, from what is the place you will be talking to us? Bashar: From the restroom. At the end of the corridor to the left (laughs).

Question, yes, the question was asked in a fool. I mean: you'll be on some ship?

Bashar: Yes.

Q: Where is this ship to the Earth?

Bashar: It hangs in the atmosphere of our planet. On the ship is about thirty members of the crew.

Question: Why do you seek to be physically close to Charon, when he speaks to us? Bashar: The thing to balance.

Question: Is it necessary or just a habit?

Bashar: It is not necessary. We take into account everything, including the need for a physical channel, as well as the needs of the so-called "desire" being in contact. It depends on whether I have a close or not.

Q: In other words, you guys are missing out on the first bottle of beer, and then proceeds to channel.

Bashar: Something like that, yes.

Question: Could you briefly tell members of our group of Charon, so that when he speaks, everyone had an idea of who is talking with us?

Bashar: A minute … We can assume that being named Charon belongs to the category of the amended Zeta consciousness. He is able to penetrate into your non-physical reality (for example, in the dream state), and sometimes to interact with you on a physical level. If you want it — the coordinator of genetic projects. Is that enough?

Q: When you talked about his belonging to the "Zeta altered consciousness," you mean that he has changed in his own physical body?

Bashar: It has undergone changes in its own physical body.

Q: What is the nature of these changes?

Bashar: The nature of these changes is to put the individual in the environment with the frequency of vibration is different from the natural frequency of vibration of the individual at rest. This allows the individual to adapt to the new frequency of vibration, that is, reduce it to such a degree that you can communicate with you.

Q: How did this it is inconvenient for a talk with us?

Bashar: He knows the concept of inconvenience, but from your point of view is, perhaps, yes, uncomfortable.

Q: If humanoids had to travel in space, what changes in the structure of the body they would need for a space of existence?

Bashar: One of the first changes would be to change your relationship with time continuum, it would allow the structure of your DNA to get rid of the framework of your earthly time continuum. In the future, this would lead to greater freedom in your mind and allow you to travel of some kind. This way, you would learn new types of expansion, which would be useful to you when you leave your solar system.

Question: What is the number system used to time the people on the spaceship?

Bashar: Instead of objective time is used subjective. The idea is that the time is measured in accordance with the subjective inner feelings, and not based on outside influence dictating the course of time.

Q: Does this mean that if you had a timer or watch, for you they would show a different time than the others?

Bashar: In this case, the timer will not work. Electromagnetic fields do not allow him to work in an environment for which it was designed.

Q: I understand that dzetiantsy actively collect information about addiction. Has to do with Charon?

Bashar: Perhaps you'll have to discuss it with him in person, but for the time being at dzetiantsev, perhaps even a little insight. However, they have yet to collect this information. You can ask him if you want.

Question: How much is changing the diet humans during space travel?

Bashar: Diet change significantly depending on your usual diet in the physical plane. You'll find that meat consumption will be reduced significantly, because your need to use this food is largely determined by the gravitational fields of your planet. You will find that you start to learn to consume energy plasma environment itself — cosmic energy, if you will. You may also find that the food went from solid to liquid. These effects are mainly due to the release of gravitational fields.

Q: So, getting rid of gravity, the body begins to operate more efficiently?

Bashar: We have not evaluated this in quantitative terms, as you do. Just the body to adjust to a different environment.

Q: Before we turn to the Charon, tell me, could you briefly tell the group about your ancestry?

Bashar: I represent a race called essassani, it is believed that it was the result of mixing your own, human, race to the civilization of the Zeta Network. Therefore, we can consider ourselves your children … Conception in love.

Q: Can you tell us how it happened miscegenation?

Bashar. You have to understand that, despite the antiquity of our time line and our ancient history, time lines converge at a point where civilization Zeta Reticuli just completed his experiments. In a sense, our past is connected to. In a sense, it is a spiritual evolution. Consequently, we have a long history of its own, but also represents the unity of the two races. We present the idea of unity in a community that you call a single galactic family. We — the same manifestation Zeta experiments.

Q: Do Preceded create some of your physical or kvazifizicheskoe mixing our DNA with the DNA of the inhabitants of Zeta Reticuli?

Bashar: Yes. In the initial stages — yes.

Q: What is the goal and purpose dzetiantsev contact with the Earth?

Bashar: The major objectives of their work set. We could say that the main point (we would like to emphasize that) dzetiantsy see it, to teach you to be afraid. They give you the opportunity to go through your strongest deep fears, allowing you to bring these archetypal fears to cleansing transformation. To some extent, they also represent your idea of unity, as you tell them — the idea of individuality. In a way you have with them are the two poles, but gradually you unite. The merger will become one indivisible consciousness. You learn from each other, and you cultivate through each other. You give each other precious things. And neither one of you is not a victim of the other. You and create everything.

Speaking about the evolution of species, we start with the most simple level, gradually moving to the level of spirituality. Now your ready to race afford evolutionary leap. The same can afford dzetiantsy. Together, you can sync these jumps in the PA one giant dance. In this sense, you mirror each other, and each chooses to implement the idea of the opposite side. Thanks to each other you will know its opposite.

Q: Was there any advice or highest government body that issued the permit for this genetic experiment, and it began by accident?

Bashar: You have to understand that at some point in linear time, you are sure to come to the need to "make laws" with the help of some "advice". However, in the case in question, it happened at a deeper level. Understanding is at the level of mass consciousness. Aliens can not come into contact with you, do not brush up on your pre-authorization. If all of us in this room did not give permission to contact, we could not find you. Therefore, if your life is an interaction, but you are not ready to accept that the proposed idea embodies everything that you need (all that is mutually beneficial for you), then the idea is entirely for your consideration, that you have understood in their unity with others, understand their choices, were convinced of his desire to help others. You are either a victim or not. Middle here.

Aliens can see you, but if you allow them to interact with you. Currently, your mass consciousness has given them permission to look for those who have already entered into individual agreements with them. If you are in contact, so … There is an agreement between you in one form or another. Maybe it's a nice idea for you, because as soon as you realize that they themselves have agreed to such feelings, so immediately put himself on the same level with the aliens. Will change the whole nature of your relationship. You will not be a victim, you become an equal participant contact. This significantly improves the quality of your contacts.

In this — one of the reasons for which they interact with you. They want you to understand — you are not a victim, you are an active participant relationship. As soon as all of you can get rid of this trouble, you immediately send a new idea in the mass consciousness, and there it will effect a critical mass. As a result, the mass consciousness will consider this idea from a different point of view in a different light. By doing this you will help to mass consciousness, Zeta Reticuli also take another look at this issue, and as a result will evolutionary transformation of both of your views. This partnership. It has always been a partnership … and always remain as such.

Question: Do you think that the agreements of the same type, and link us with other sentient beings, except dzetiantsev? Maybe it comes to integration and cooperation in the future direction of our evolution?

Bashar: Absolutely. This is so. In particular, an example of the evolution of the agreement is your contract with Pleiadian races. You are bound to have a contract with every kind of sentient beings with whom you interact. This agreement is a condition of your mutual learning from each other. In this there are no coincidences.

Q: Can during the "hold" dzetiantsami person (when the "hold" his physical or astral body) occurs instantly healing the sick organs? Is this happening? Bashar: Such cases are known.

Q: But this is due to the efforts of aliens or any natural cause?

Bashar: It is the result of a joint agreement on hold and who holds it temporarily. It will always be decided only at the individual level, and not to an idea that is being undertaken for everyone.

Q: This is a conscious or unconscious decision? Bashar: Very often it is your subconscious thoughts, because, whether it is a conscious decision, in you immediately talk to your belief system and the omnipresent fear. But since this is usually an unconscious desire, healing can occur. Although again it all depends on the particular individual agreement.

Q: Over the last year or two I had a lot of conscious contact. I want to say that while I always have a feeling of brotherly affection, feelings of love. Emotions overwhelm me, because every time it happens, I feel a sense of the meeting after a long separation.

Bashar: We thank you for your desire to overcome fear and a desire to help — in the sense that instead of fear vibrations you radiate vibrations of love. Your help is palpable, we appreciate its true worth. And now we pause for here and invite energy called Charon. He will tell you about some of the discoveries made by him (as a result of experiments dzetiantsev). We thank all of you individually and collectively for the gifts that you have given members of the group tonight. We will surely thank you. We wish you, as always, pleasant dreams.


Charon is our understanding that the right thing to start a conversation with the words "Welcome to all of you". Here there is the consciousness of Charon, I have acquired an energy field that channel. If necessary, we will bring about changes and accelerate transfer.

We will share with you what we think we made the biggest discovery. In talking with a few of you through multiple channels and in the interaction with you on the level of the dream, we came to the conclusion that we are looking for the emotions within. We are looking for a long time emotions, as we have previously killed, expelled emotions of life of our species, believing that this will accelerate our growth and provide us with the highest development. Later, we realized that this was not the case. You humans, a genetic combination that is closest to our original view it, so that our interaction with you (especially the type that you call the "abduction") at some level is an observation — our observation for you. We want to know how we can once again become emotional.

With regard to the brain submersible probes and sensors, as some of you have probably read — or experienced firsthand — we want to tell you that the purpose is not to control you. These probes are of organic nature, they are able to absorb neurochemical components of your brain. After the substance extracted from the probes and subjected to analysis. We hope that the analysis will learn to simulate the secretion of these substances and thus be able to restore the idea of emotional reactions in themselves.

These actions are not in any way not intended to cause you harm, torture, intimidate you or control you. If you begin to understand the meaning of our actions, we may learn not so much afraid of it. Perhaps you will allow yourself to turn that fear into an active conscious cooperation with us. It seriously will help us — and you, too.

From our conversations with other — not on your planet — and based on the analysis of data obtained from you is clear to us that we have found the origins of emotional development, albeit in very rough shape. We mistakenly thought our motivation purely mental;

now we know that some of our motives still managed not by reason, but emotion. Despite the fact that we are not yet aware of any emotions in whole or in part, however, we can say that we are ready to recognize in them the rudiments of the emotional body.

Recognition is made by us to the recognition that the idea of "curiosity" on our part is actually emotional, not rational expression. We have always said that our motivation — curiosity. However, we mistakenly think it was the result of the mind, whereas this was the consequence emotions. We do not know whether you understand the implications of all this. For us, this has become the cornerstone. now we understand that all our audits — Monitoring you, communication and interaction with other species — is a confirmation of success. This only encourages our motivation and encourages us to continue the work.

And now we would like to formally thank you for participating in this experiment, for assistance in the development of both our species. I speak as a representative of my people. I appeal to you, the people in this room, and I thank you, and I know this thanks to penetrate into your mass consciousness and felt by others. I say this as the ambassador. I say this with the utmost motivation. You get from us thanks.

Q: You mentioned that mistakenly perceived as emotional curiosity, but as a mental phenomenon. How it reminds some people of our planet, devoid of emotion? Can we say that the experience with us is not less useful than your biochemical experiments?

Charon: it is easier to process data obtained from biochemical experiments, because we can directly apply this kind of empirical knowledge. The data that we get from observing you all a bit more complicated to handle, though still usable.

Q: Today's communication is through the use of any type of computer?

Charon: Yes.

Q: Are there other areas in which we could help you? Can we help you in any other field of your research?

Charon: One of the goals is to observe, for which you need a sexy. We do not know if there's something specific, as you could help us, because if we knew, we would have been closer to the answer. Yes, we sometimes observe your sexual behavior. For some of you it seems tactless. We would like you to know — we are in no way want to offend you with this, we never consciously did not want to offend you. Those of you who have already encountered this, agreed to participate in follow-up. Through your consent, we can find you and make-up.

As for the number of our sexual interactions with you, it will be determined by agreement between each of you individually and us as a group. Of course, we understand that your fear is an integral (so we are told) a part of your transformation, but first of all we would like to convince you of this: Give yourself permission to release your fear and transform your fear, you are greatly facilitate our process of self-discovery. We do not yet know what will happen, but we do know that we would like to ask you to work on your fear. You — not the victim. And never were not.

Q: Last week I visited dzetiantsy. They explored their probes my stomach. I was very upset because it was very painful. What did they do to me?

Charon: What kind of part of the stomach, they have to investigate?

Q: The place around the navel.

Charon: Very common. As for your specific case, I do not know, but apparently, your …

Q: After that, I was disturbed menstrual cycle.

Charon: Yes. We talked about the need to observe caution in this matter. Medically speaking, you have seized the egg. We repeat: no one wanted to scare you. You've agreed to do it. You can transform your own during these experiences, wrapped his body tight cocoon of blue light. This glow will make your field easier (and less dense), so it will be easier to work with you, causing you less discomfort.

As for the end of your cycle, I can say that I am not well versed in human physiology, to tell you the reason for this, but I think that this is due to your resistance to something in your life or your growth.

Question: My boyfriend is also a participant in this experiment?

Charon: We believe so. This often choose couples in which one partner is of major interest, and another — a minor. In this case, you represent to us the main interest.

Q: I would like to know if there is such contact with me. Sometimes I think that the contact has lasted long enough. This is actually happening, or is it my imagination?

Charon: It happens. Your imagination can not afford to create such feelings. However, the imagination is not a myth, as is commonly believed. This is reality. This reality is that you allow this communication to occur, you are not allowed in many other ways. Yes, it's true.

Q: What is this fear exists in us, from which we have to get rid of in order to start the process of evolution?

Charon: The fear of who and what you can become if will go ahead. The fear of losing you. Fear of evolution. We were told that the person is afraid of the unknown, but it is precisely the unknown can make you overcome your fear. In this particular case, it is only about evolution. No matter what we tell you, it does not make you understand us. You'll have to come to a certain understanding with myself. You're just afraid of the unknown, even though it only makes you move it forward.

Q: In the sense of presence ecstasy and incredible insight. And they present fear of invasion.

Charon: Yes. We understand your meaning at least the mind, if not feelings. I mean the concept is alien invasion, because we perceive ourselves and others as one. We understand that you are accustomed to certain limits and trying to maintain their individuality. We recognize you have a variety of existing levels of consciousness. Some of these levels, you call "consciousness", "unconscious," "unconscious." Talking to you from here, we can not tell the difference between these concepts, so if subconscious will require one, and consciousness — the other, we just hear more strongest voices.

To come to terms with the idea of an invasion, you have to understand to you can not invade anyone or anything, because everything you see or perceive sense, is part of the larger whole. This is a private reflection of a larger whole. Nothing exists outside of you, all inside you, so that you can intrude into only by you. It would be really great if you could look into this, replacing the fear of invasion by the acceptance of community. We are not talking about the invasion of one inside the other, but only to join, communication, association.

Now we take a short break. In the second part of our discussion we will tell you more. Thank you for your questions. Our brokers have told us that in your group there is a very strong feeling that you have called empathy. We thank you. We know that by combining our efforts, we will go forward hand in hand and achieve a decisive leap in the development of our species. And now we interrupt.


Charon: For us there was no time.

Q: Just now you said that the person who is subjected to experiments aliens must surround yourself with blue lights, to make the experience less painful. And your countrymen, doing such experiments with humans, they also offer this method of pain relief?

Charon: Yes. Sometimes the person with whom to contact, blue glow surrounds himself as soon as he offered it, and believes that this is done by aliens. In fact it makes him.

Q: Can you explain why, of all dzetiantsev exactly you have been selected for channeling?

Charon: As a coordinator of my projects, I am always looking for ways of making a smooth implementation. In a detailed analysis, I realized that it is best to look for you in the state that you call the conscious (you have it is dominant). So we better be able to declare their intention and desire to communicate, and this information will be able to penetrate into the deeper and sdoi your psyche. In other words, there was a logical conclusion:

necessary to communicate with you on a direct level, which you value most.

As a result I had to go to individual members of the various organizations to determine the best way to implement his plan. I was informed of the existence of some biological channels through which my messages can be sent to your conscious mind. One organization and find the channels and now have a direct relationship with me and my research group. Those with whom I talk to have a relationship with my team: we visit them either in the dream state, or work directly with them on a physical level. That's why I'm talking to you not like other people.

Question: This process occurs without emotion? In other words, do for channeling emotions you do not need? I think empathy is necessary for both parties.

Charon: For channeling emotions on my part not need, while working with you, I use the services of private intermediaries (Bashar and Sasha). The three are connected via computer, which synthesizes our thoughts. They give balance to my thoughts to biological media could perceive them. Thus our thoughts are translated and sent to you.

Q: You said that you use the services of two mediators. Bashar we already know, and who the other one? Charon: Sasha. He pleyadeanets.

Q: So do you personally are able to understand the different levels of our consciousness?

Charon: I do not understand these subtleties, but I know they exist.

Q: Are our different levels of consciousness valuable tool for your growth?

Charon: At this point we know about them is not so much to determine their value. From our point of view, for you they are not so much to help as a means of interfering. We have not studied them thoroughly, but they probably need to be more useful to you, or you do not try to develop them.

Q: At the time when I'm talking to you, do you understand me better than at the level of my conscious thoughts? Charon: Yes. However, the reason for choosing this type of communication is partly lies in the fact that so I can communicate directly with your conscious mind. Right now in the process of our communication voice of your conscious mind is louder than others. Other voices are much fainter (at least, in our conversations). If I need to get access to other parts of your being to find the answers to some of your comments, my mediators will help me in this.

Q: We understand that you do not perceive emotion as a phenomenon of your experience. How are you going to discuss with us our emotions, if you are deprived of this perception?

Charon: Most of the information I get in contact with my mediators. Our conversation with you is recorded, and in the future, this record will be further explored. You are dealing with Zeta consciousness, called Charon. But consciousness Charon has some additional features introduced by creatures that name is Sasha and Bashar.

Q: But the topic of emotions: not they remain a mystery to you?

Charon: Some — yes. Others — no. Some emotions do not necessarily experience to understand.

Q: Freed at the time of the emotions, you also eliminate and love? After all, love is so closely connected with God! How do you keep in touch with God?

Charon: The past of my race is a lot like your story, but in a brilliant way. We toxic pollution, radiation, and a violation of public functions were much more powerful than you. The inevitability of the destruction of our society on a global scale has forced us to look for ways to survive. We have built underground shelters for our physical bodies, then we began to see emotions as the cause of all our problems (we do not say that it was the right conclusion, but at the time we think so).

As a result, many of the events that followed, we have lost the ability to bear children, and had to continue his race through cloning. Becoming more adept at cloning, we have created a way to eliminate all of the neurochemical reactions in the brain to stimuli. Instead of your many neurochemicals we created one, which gave a single response to various stimuli. This led to the monotony of our reactions. In the end, we were able to abandon the understanding of ourselves as beings of emotional and rational focus on our bodies.

As far as we understand, the concept of love, we have not disappeared — it merely expressed a little differently than you imagine. We understand that we are part of the whole. We — a component unit, and this unit is experiencing the unconditional love of self. We are able to love every bit of themselves as part of the whole.

My brokers tell me that we experience a feeling is not necessarily love. It's more acceptance, consent. I do not know exactly how it sounds, this definition, but that's me told. In addition, I was told that we begin to touch the idea of love in the process of communicating with you. This is another subject to study because I have yet to feel that feeling.

Q: What about God? Do you have eliminated along with the emotions and God?

Charon: God perceived by us otherwise. We have become one of the aspects of integral image of God. However, the image of God, in a sense, has become already.

Q: About a month ago, I am very surprised to find that some of your party has genetic projects. I really felt that gave birth to the fetus, the child, which I then took. Could you tell?

Charon: While we believe that at the moment we have no right to judge the events at the individual level, we also discuss the formation of the fetus, because the truth of it will be an important growth factor for each of you.

Those women dugout, who gave their consent to participate in this process, be aware of some things that might happen to them. You can just be a donor of genetic material — for example, an egg — for further research. Some pre-fertilized egg with sperm, while others are used in the cloning process. Sometimes imperceptible scraping the skin can give us the necessary structure of DNA. Sometimes a woman inseminated sperm samples, we slightly modified for genetic experiments. Embryo can develop in the mother-bearer at the most in four months, and then withdraw it without any consequences for your physical body.

The situation you describe is not a widely accepted. More often than not you explain in detail in the subconscious that just happens to you have not experienced traumatic experiences after the removal of the fetus. Our mediators again remind us that we are stressed: this is purely the result of mutual agreement. You will not use "blind" as guinea pigs. Entire previous agreement of both parties that you are willing to assist us in creating a magnificent blend of two of our species, the descendants of which will contribute to the enormous evolutionary leap of our civilizations.

Sometimes, after the formation of the child (it usually lasts for 10-12 months, your) you may be allowed to visit the incubation chamber to communicate with the child, to give him all the love that he needs and so far it is not available to us. This makes sense from the point of view of monitoring your maternal instincts and further their research. Despite the fact that we do not understand their purpose, we are familiar with the notion of moving. Every manifestation of emotional attachment between mother and child is very touching. We understand that this is a very joyful and deep feeling. So you are helping the birth of a new race.

Q: When did this happen to me so suddenly, I was initially excited. I had no fear, no regrets.

Thank Charon. Our other contactees on your planet may feel differently. We ask you, if you meet with them, share their experiences.

Question: I just wondered, I've always thought of it as something relating to other people, not me personally. But if a woman does not have a partner, then how is the conception of the fetus?

Charon: It can happen from a male donor. We call such people donors, but those of you who are experiencing fear, can say that they have "something taken without permission." We have extensive sperm banks, some samples may be from your planet. But even if you have partner, it is not necessary that the child was conceived from his sperm sample.

Q: I remember one day on the ship saw a six-year girl. She was with two accompanying. The girl's face was disfigured with scars. I leaned over to her and cuddle her. It was very important to give the child love. Accompanying told me that the girl was sick. I replied that I do not care and that I want to kiss her. I kissed every scar on her face. I felt for this child is very strong love. Maybe it was my daughter?

Charon: The answer to this question can be found in his feelings. Trust them.

Q: I know and trust. I would be grateful if you could somehow tell her that I love her.

Charon: You will have the opportunity to meet with her again.

Q: What happens to these children hybrids, when they grow up? On Earth, children deprived of parental love, sometimes later have serious emotional problems. What happens to these children you who are unable to feel love?

Charon: We have creatures that substitute teachers. Their daily lead to children so they gave them love. You must understand that the number of people on your planet is huge and lack of loving the female you do not feel. There are even some males, who gave his love to the children.

Question: Are these surrogate caregivers people who took away the physical condition?

Charon: Yes. Are you interested in what happens to the children. Many of them do not even reach puberty, and we are working hard, trying to figure out what was going on. Many do not live on, but we've been asked to tell you that during the time of existence, they live a full life. There's no regrets, no sorrow. Nevertheless, they enjoy the opportunity to interact with you, get love from you and giving it to you in return.

Q: So, they die before reaching adulthood?

Charon: Yes. Few individuals survived, but they always state weakened and because they are kept in special laboratory conditions on a spaceship, because we would like to in the future to create the necessary planetary environment in which they can live and breed. Unfortunately, at this stage we are not able to do it.

Q: If their genotype present our DNA, they must at least to some extent, experience emotions. If so, then if they feel happy in the conditions in which you put out?

Charon: They radiate peace and tranquility, with a strong spirituality, and, we think, this corresponds to the spiritual happiness, or at least deep satisfaction.

Question: Assuming that they are happy, you start from their own, lacking the emotional point of view. Can anyone else — the same Bashar — to confirm that they are happy?

Charon: Yes. We communicate with other species, which are often working with us — for example, the Pleiadians. They evaluate the condition of these children as well as us.

Q: Are these children able to communicate with individuals? Charon: not at the individual level. It is not our method.

Question: Do you think it's inappropriate?

Charon: I understand (whether we are right or not), your individual communication with parents sometimes (often) is functionally justified.

Q: It happens that some humans arrive to you in your non-physical form, to educate these children. Is this true?

Charon: Yes.

Q: How do I know dzetiantsy gathered a lot of information about addiction and physiological dependence. Can you tell something about it?

Charon: I know that some of our group are collecting this information, but the details are unknown to me.

Q: Why is the curiosity to this area?

Charon: We understand that there is no time in our society, there have been some functional impairment. If we understand the nature of these violations, in the future, restoring the emotional connection, be able to avoid their recurrence. Before we started cloning, our society was heavily damaged and prone to various dependencies. We strive to understand our past in order to move confidently into the future.

Q: Do you have any information on what percentage of the world population suffers from functional disorders?

Charon: Are you sure you want to hear the true answer? The percentage is very high, almost ninety out of every hundred people suffer disabilities.

Question: Do you think that attachment — it's always a bad thing?

Charon: It depends on what kind of affection.

Q: For example, the attachment to the children, you have grown in artificial conditions.

Charon: My mind and my mind does not accept the idea of personal affection, as for us, we are all one piece.

Question: And I think that, without attachment, we simply would not be able to grow older. Is it because, by the way, you are grown up children do not grow up to adulthood?

Charon: On this planet there is such a thing as a "kibbutz". * It does not necessarily involve personal affection, but still love the children in the kibbutzim. We are sure that what you say is not a cause for termination functioning.

* Kibbutz — agricultural commune in Israel.

Q: Do you use in his studies of mental-emotional profiling based stressologii?

Charon: What is it?

Q: This is where you define the instrument extremes of emotional and mental capacities at the conscious and unconscious levels.

Charon: Some data of this kind have been received, but not yet processed. We have a very large amount of information that is still waiting for processing and analysis.

Q: I still have a sense of contact, which occurred in 1982. I remember everything, but what happened after someone force parted my legs. Next there is a failure, until the moment when the aliens came to leave. What is wrong with me then?

Charon: Just while your mind accept the idea of an invasion of your survey. As a result, you have created a "screen" for your mind, cut off from their traumatic memories of you. Nothing terrible and dangerous to you did not happen, though, judging by your state at the time you thought it was violent. This is all that we can tell now .

Q: Over the last few months I started to notice the acceleration of energy flows. Do you think that's what we end up come?

Charon: You will find that we know you are not as you expected, but we can say that is the scheme of yourself that you have created yourself and the same, the very idea of this scheme is to open all that was once submerged in the depths your mass subconscious. After the dive depth will exit to the surface. This can lead to both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, depending on the characteristics and features of your perception of the life of each one of you. However, the subject passes through a portal, the gate will be relevant to most of you.

Q: Some of our ego is her unique sense of physical existence. But our ego and become the source of many negative emotions. Do the other creatures of the ego?

Charon: As a result of his research, we learned that some of you who belong to the third level of density, have a more rigid structure of the ego. As the transition to the fourth level of density your ego begins to mingle with the other aspects of your consciousness, gradually losing its power over you. In this case, you will find that most of the existing in the third level of density of species have at least (if not more) active ego than you are. You will also discover that civilizations that exist in the fourth level of density is generally devoid of the ego and the negative emotions that assimilation occurs mainly in the third, not the fourth level of density.

Q: Many of us find that after a period of very frequent contact with you comes the sudden and long silence. Whether contacts have cyclic rhythm and what does it depend?

Charon: From our point of view, we never stop communicating with you. You perceived "gaps" in time explained only by the features of your organization time. You understand?

Q: So, the moments of perception depends on the rate of individual growth and development?

Charon: Exactly. The fact that you, being in a state or condition kvazifizicheskom dreams vosprinimaege as a break for us is not a break. We communicate with you constantly.

Q: What was the name your own planetary system, in which you lived before the disaster?

Charon: It is in the constellation Lyra, the Vega star system.

Q: Do you use that planet so far?

Charon: None. The planet is completely extinct. Most of us moved to other planets, while others prefer to live in space.

Q: Still, I would like to return to the previous topic. Abduction of children in the 50-60's. What happens to them now? Has the attitude dzetiantsev the abduction of children today?

Charon: The fact that you call a "kidnapping", nothing has changed, the difference is only in a state of mass consciousness. In 50 years, if you use your calendar, you will still allow ourselves to feel vulnerable. Did you give yourself more opportunities feel like a victim than it is today. Children who have allowed themselves to be temporarily held in place, accepted the new incarnation to consciously and deliberately play the idea. For decades, this will allow you to deal with the feelings of the victim and at the same time gaining strength. During this time you have made an enormous transformation, the shift. What else would you like?

Question: Based on our observations, we concluded that the people affected by the experiments aliens suffered significant psychological damage — mostly due to a misunderstanding of the meaning. Based on your last response may be concluded that in today's kidnapping is applied much less damage than before.

Charon: Today's children that temporarily hold the aliens really accept the idea of their participation voluntary. In the current situation of this, as you say, "Abduction" is becoming less and voluntary participation — more. All this reflects a definite shift in human consciousness.

We repeat: Thank you all for the opportunity to go forward hand in hand, for the opportunity to make a quantum leap. We convey to you our gratitude. Thank you.

Sasha: We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you one and all alone for the fact that you are involved in our present communication. This is really a manifestation of mutual understanding. It was liberating. This is — an amazing feeling for all participants. Do not underestimate the power of your interaction with them, the result of which is to assist in the changes. Do not underestimate the contribution that you can make. We again convey my gratitude and unconditional love. By Bashar and myself wish you a happy life in a dream. Good night.

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