Rosneft seismic near the Russian Arctic will control

Seismic surveys, which the company "Rosneft" is planning to close to the national park "Russian Arctic" will be monitored by environmentalists, so as not to disrupt the boundaries of existing protected areas, said Wednesday the director of the National Park Roman Ershov.

"We recently received a set of documents for approval to site boundaries seismic, which runs within the license area, dedicated" Rosneft "and we control the border to plot seismic or production does not go beyond the boundaries of the national park … No economic activity in the park," Rosneft " No messages will be "- said Ershov at a news conference at RIA Novosti.

Russian law prohibits in National Parks any activities that could harm natural heritage of flora and fauna, cultural and historical sites, and which is contrary to the aims and objectives of the national park.

In early 2011, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia and the non-commercial partnership "Transparent World" reported that plans by BP and "Rosneft" in oil production in the southern Kara Sea may threaten the nature of the region, as provided by the companies to license areas overlap the boundaries of the national park "Russian Arctic" and Yamal regional reserve.

The Russian government 11 October 2010 provided OJSC "NK" Rosneft "in the use of subsoil, located in the Kara Sea: East Prinovozemelsky-1, East Prinovozemelsky-2 and East Prinovozemelsky-3.

National Park "Russian Arctic" was created in 2009 to implement the international commitments of the Russian side to protect the Arctic environment. Located in the northern part of Novaya Zemlya in the total land area of 1.4 million hectares, including 794,000 hectares of water area. The islands of the national park is one of the most important centers of the polar bear breeding Kara-Barents Sea population, are the main year-round coastal rookeries of walruses in the coastal waters of the two species of rare marine mammals — narwhal and bowhead whale. In addition, under the control of the national park is also State Nature Reserve "Franz Josef Land," created in 1994 on an area of 4.2 million hectares.

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