Russia: Education keeps the brain in good shape for old age




People with higher levels of education in old age have a workable brain and are associated with the activity of the nerve cells of his frontal lobe, reported in the journal "Neurophysiology". In other words, the frontal lobe serves as a reserve for the thought processes of his old age.

It has already been established that higher education received in his youth, with age has a positive effect on health, longer retains an interest in hobbies, leisure-time activity, etc. All of these factors ultimately affect the preservation of cognitive function and mental activity.

However, the most important discovery was that the brain centers associated with the formation of the person and his memory change with age.

In fact, these age-related changes in thought processes are characterized by a kind of neural connections in the network of other spare parts of the brain that are at a young age to perform other functions. Consequently, the aging of the brain can not be regarded as a simple reduction of cognitive function.

Function of the aging brain is quite variable and educated people in the aging process helps to connect additional areas of the brain in the process of thinking, thereby prolonging the preservation of human psychic.

Battery News, 29.03.2005 15:41

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