Russian developers are not profitable to build green housing — expert

 The construction industry in Russia is so bureaucratic state that developers of housing projects easier to implement with the use of inexpensive types of materials, you can use an innovative "green" technology, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday General Director of the real estate "space", the President of the Guild of Realtors of Moscow Sergey Sayapin.

According to experts, now the Russians are not prepared to pay more for residential property, built with higher quality and more sustainable materials.

"On the contrary, the market is focused on the maximum price reduction of construction costs, primarily due to low-cost and low-quality materials," — said the source.

However, in his opinion, the savings to the "ecology" of projects affecting the quality of networking and communications runs to residential complexes under construction.

"Most environmental regulations: untreated emissions occur in rivers, apartment complexes are located on wetlands, water is drawn from wells dubious cleanliness" — gave examples of source RIA Novosti.

As noted Sayapin, it is particularly common in the construction of low-rise apartment complexes, which is entered without passing the state examination.

According to the observations CEO AN "space", the developers, who say in their advertising of residential projects on their "green", often cunning, giving simplicity of the materials used for the "natural" and "natural", that is not the same thing.

"For example, in the construction of suburban settlements without any design of concrete and cement mixtures are already positioned as a" green "through the use of wood as a base", — he noted.

At the same time, have Sayapin such designs often contain not environmentally impregnation, including phenolics.

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