Russian security Infokommunikatsionnoya

Creating a global info-communications infrastructure is one of the most important tasks in strengthening security of Russia and its economic and political position in the international space.

Annual growth only from 2001 to 2008. was about 25 percent, which was significantly higher than the average annual growth rate of gross domestic product and growth of individual industries. Information technology and services have become an essential article of the Russian non-oil exports. At the same time Russia is a paradoxical situation. In China, the market share of non-residents is 25%, in France, Italy, etc. — 10%, in Russia, the share of foreign manufacturers of transport networks — is about 90%, and by the main areas of communication — up to 100%.

I offer you a note about the company "Supertel" leader in the field of telecommunications, the Internet security technologies.

The clear position of the company's management allowed the take of "Supertel" leading position among domestic enterprises developers and manufacturers of telecommunications, taking all possible measures to eliminate dependence on foreign suppliers of components. In 2013, JSC "Supertel" marks twentieth anniversary. The company was established on the basis of one of the state scientific-production associations of the military-industrial complex and is now one of the leading national developers and manufacturers of modern telecommunication systems multiservice communications equipment PDH / SDH / WDM / IP, capable of delivering various types of information.

The newest development company has repeatedly demonstrated at the International Exhibition of State Security "Interpolitex." A few years ago the company to exhibit their products at the stand of the Border Service of Russia. In 2012, the production, both civilian and military purposes, was presented on a separate enterprise stand in thematic sections "means and systems of information protection," "Observation, communication, information management and automation for the benefit of the border authorities."

At present, on the basis of JSC "Supertel" tested, in particular, the possibility of technical realization of the requirements for modern low-channel digital transmission systems (DSP). They are the basis for the construction of access networks to a large number of corporate and departmental networks.

Most of these requirements to some extent already been implemented in various types of equipment manufactured by JSC "Supertel" and especially in the digital equipment division multiplexing (Atsuko) BCC. Digital equipment division multiplexing Atsuko-BCC provides more efficient use of the basic digital channels.

Malokanalnyh DSP can be used for:

— Organization snap lines to access nodes UTN Russia. In such a binding require communication centers, parts, units of the Ministry of Defense, the Navy, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, administrative objects of different levels.

— Organizations branches on production lines of corporate communication networks — GAZPROM, Svyaztransneft, railways and roads.

— As an instrument of channeling in the low-channel PPC and TPC. Currently topical issue of changing the analog KOA in mobile PPC P-419.

— For the organization of high-quality communication with accommodation facilities on the old cable network, laying of new cable lines which is not practical — rural relationship, garrison CSS, etc.

The capacity of BCC is still too limited. Therefore, in the very near future will be developed thin-route DSP ability to adapt to the quality of equipment line channel (RT) and stepwise increase in the rate of 64 kbit / s to 2048 kbit / s.

"Creating a unified digital switching systems and channeling the nearest future. The use of such complexes in the special-purpose communication networks will move to a qualitatively new level of communication services that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of management ", — underline enterprise developers.

The company also refused to purchase and use of foreign specialized electronic components with a high degree of integration and functionality for specific equipment, the internal software of foreign companies. "We are focused on the use of programmable logic devices (PLD) with software only its own design. This eliminated direct dependence on the specific foreign electronics manufacturers. When creating FPGA production in Russia, the company can easily go completely on the domestic element base" — note engineers .

Customers designs are mainly special users: governments, FSB, FSO, the Defense Ministry and the basic institutional structures of oil and gas, energy and transport sectors in the country.

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