Rymdyunah. NOT suprantatse lyatuvishkay?

Following in the society of the old village street Rymdyunah, I nodded a greeting to the Lithuanian "lab diene," which sent me a little stooped old. But to keep the conversation could not.

Old speak Lithuanian.

— Ash NOT suprantu lyatuvishkay.

— Not suprantatse?

Surprised old was so sincere, as if the dialogue takes place in Lithuania. However, the Lithuanian language in Rymdyunah — a kind of litmus test for the definition of "your" — "foreign". But how long will we continue to litovshchyna alive?


Two old scythes, Vladislav Vintsene and Yanina Trapshene, often going to have time to old songs and to remember his childhood. Looking at them a cheerful person, it's hard to believe that these grandmothers remember the war. War as a child's play.


The war took place on your childhood. Were you scared? Or did you play?

— I was not really scared. Even in the trenches were gone. And there's so cool! In the trenches themselves children play. Scary is not it. And you, Vlad?

— I remember in the trenches as she was.

— And do not worry.

— No.

— All right. Let's go into the trenches, getting, sleep itself.

— And as the plane is flying, my mother yelling, "Hide!" So conversely, choose.

— Vysunesh head.

In these places the most feared fighters of the Home Army. In the old Janina kraevtsy killed in the 44th father.

— There were bandits in the villages, looted people. And they turned to us. Shot and killed a large wild boar. Ordered the father to harness horses to ride them. Drove to Petric, the Germans fired them there. They are there and tortured. Terribly tortured. Tied to the wheels, dragged through the streets. And then hung up.

And what were the villains?

— Poles were called. But some are not able to speak Polish.

And so they fought for Poland …

— Yes. Agrabali people. Come here, looks and says to the other: "A mother has told a spinning wheel and take." It's been warriors!

And how the Germans treated you?

— It's nothing. They normally live with us, the Germans. German, Lithuanian were in the forest near Bagdanishak.

A Lithuanian police, she was recruited from local villages?

— No. Not one of us.

Rymdyunah famous for his Lithuanian school. A rare politician neighboring states did not come here. Among the old wooden buildings, it really looks like a foreign body. With the good, not the silicate bricks, made on the author's architectural design. Let us and we'll pick. To talk to high school students. Frankly, I was a little confused by a conversation with a young citizen of Lithuania, who is studying here, because the parents are under contract. And people here from her boyfriend.


— I personally respect Lukashenko for the fact that it does not allow him to someone on the head of the attackers. I like the way he runs.

And like that, the collective farms?

— The fact that no one steals, as in Lithuania.

And the fact that people have beaten the 19th?

— This is not good, of course. He is very used to their power. He outlined his plans for twenty years and did not want anyone to pass their work.

Would you like to come here to live?

— No!

With this cool Lukashenko …

— Here in the old way. In Lithuania, more European. We have entered the European Union. There is where to go, more freedom. We better.

We leave you such a cool Lukashenko, Soviet, and you leave yourself the EU and open borders?

— Yes.

It's great.

— I plan to unlearn here and then go to Lithuania to do. And his life associate with Lithuania. Every man his own. Lithuania is closer to me.

Let cynical, but very sincere. You Soviet leader, and we are Europe.

The school is divided into two unequal parts. In Lithuanian trained more than 70 students. In the Belarusian — about 50. I do not think so much less of the Belarusians. All the matter in the near future to leave Vilnius. Let's listen to the headmaster Svetlana Lukshene.

— If you are a person who knows the language and has the Lithuanian roots, that is, the same opportunities as we do. They can get a visa. In their way will be difficult, as it is necessary again to prove that they can understand the language. Only in this way. In general, everyone should understand that he wants out of life that most important for him, what values it will be managed. And move on.

A direction of Vilnius and Europe — that prevails, Vilnius or Minsk?

— No benefits. Our children have a right to choose.

However, not all former students of Vilnius are on the other side of the border. Here is a saleswoman in the store, a pretty young woman, returned to his native Rymdyunah after studying at Vilnius Pedagogical. And it does not look like a loser.

And you wanted to stay in Vilnius?

— We have a saying is this: do it carefully, and there will be Vilna. You know what the housing issue. And then you go through the village — who are the "good day" to whom "lab diene."

And what language sounds more common among men?

I do not always understand what my grandmother said. Here patois. Dzūkija with Belarus are mixed.

— Mixed. I do not always understand what my grandmother said. Here patois. Dzūkija with Belarus are mixed.

But on the ledge of his home sat down to smoke a young villager Viktoras.

— I got sick to go to Lithuania.


— Fresh air, forest close. Go, birch juice later. Will have a drink of juice, delicious. In Lithuania, the more money paid. But I do not want to Lithuania. I'm in the village itself better. Where I was born here and I'll live.

A lot of your peers go?

— No. Some were hanged, drowned themselves and etc.

As you can see, the "European" nationality — not always a reason to leave their homeland. But back to our grandmothers. Who like to compare the two presidents. His for whom invariably give a decision, and one that runs the country of their children.


— Dahl, it's nothing.

— Dalia Grybauskaite, that she was given such a law, as Lukashenko, it would have been even what a good leader. And so, this Kubilius team!

— What we do not pavuchyli as he was with us!

— Yep. Charts have already learned. Kubilius, Prime Minister. And he's in control of everything, rather than Dahl. Dahl was like to Lukashenko …

— Parliament would then be disbanded! One on the other — are sitting, cigarette smoke.

— There's no rule. What is the president?

— And our Lukashenko, although referred to as a dictator, but still
holds a bit.

— And not a little hold. And paradachna holds. If only I had listened to him all these …

We often hear from the old collective farmers grumble about the unfairness of the world. For them, the power has always been good. What Stalin that Lukashenko. Bad and unfair were the only local chairmen and supervisors. But the world and the old people do not want justice.

— Injustice everywhere. But what to do?

— In the next world will be more just.

— And there will be. Which is rich, that is cunning, and then there will be dominate. How about you was poor, then you will love no one there.

— In the next world will be more just.

— And there will be. Which is rich, that is cunning, and then there will be dominate. How about you was poor, then you will love no one there.

— Well, you, Vlad, give!

— I do not get anywhere else, except the resin. But that was given to me in signs, ten extra pour buckets.

— Alphonse.

— Yes. This was the foreman — then pour.

— It may, there will not be. He may sit in heaven.

— In heaven. Look to the very bottom is not sitting.

— There, Vlad will be justice. There go live.

— There's a demon turned his tail and hear the order. Now, it is better to stick to it than to God.




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