Satellite launched from Plesetsk, will provide an opportunity to deploy one hundred percent Glonass

Satellite launched from Plesetsk, will give the opportunity to fully deploy "Glonass"

Now launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome launch vehicle "Soyuz". It must deliver satellite "Glonass-M" into orbit. This was stated by Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin, a spokesman Gallakticheskih troops. Start was made at 12.25 GMT. Means the Head of the test center for testing and control means gallakticheskimi Titov took the name "Union" to be accompanied at the expiration of 3 minutes. Zolotukhin said that management satellite perceive to 16.03 CET. Satellite weighs 1.4 tonnes, the life — at least 7 years.

Since early 2011, motivated by the orbit was deduced 5 satellites "Glonass" (1 "Glonass-K" and 4 "Glonass-M"). The satellite, launched on Mon, will be the second. Formation of the orbital group "Glonass" was completed on 3 October, after start-up and the next input of another "Glonass-M". The system will immediately run the machine 24 "Glonass"

Launched "Glonass-M" in the system is not turned on. According TsNIIMASH already today a reasoned purpose used 23 satellites. 3 more satellites are introduced. 2 satellite is derived from the system. One spare. In addition one satellite tested. Total in orbit, including running now, 31 satellite "Glonass". According to Alexander Zubakhin representative of the RCC, 23 satellites are running currently provide 100% coverage of Russia and the CIS, and work at a height of two thousand meters. For the global 100% coverage is necessary to put into operation 24 satellites.

Soon the missing satellite will be put out of 3 satellites are in step input or running now. After which the task of the full deployment of the system will be performed.

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