Satellite super system created by the U.S. Army

Satellite super system created by the U.S. Army

U.S. Department of Defense offers to join a global communication network Iridium and GPS.

The most ambitious of underdevelopment thought Bill Gates — the creation of satellite Internet network based on 288 satellites — can be implemented through the U.S. Department of Defense. Documents economical committee of the Congress of the United States have a description of ways to develop GPS — the most desired satellite system.

One of the scenarios that have been proposed by South American military, offers integration with Iridium — a low-orbit satellite communication network. Now the operator provides telecommunications services in the world and, like GPS, is under the patronage of the U.S. military.

The system Iridium includes 66 satellites in orbit 780 km. Those half a million commercial customers usually use Iridium voice services — the current fleet Iridium a broadband web is not adapted. But Iridium in 2015 to launch a new generation of satellites that will transmit information at speeds up to 1 Mbit / s.

— This could be a step towards creating a super-system, which has new features, — says Sergey Zhukov, managing gallakticheskogo and telecommunications cluster "Skolkovo". — All (tracking, navigation, TV, critical rescue, Web) is a global and unified.

Of, on the views of Zhukov also need to work on a study of the ability of combining different satellite systems: "This creates a shell of man-made satellite noosphere future."

Economical congressional committees have been painted and the other direction for the development of GPS. Plans show the Yankees that cause them concern first noise immunity and signal stability, and only later — positioning accuracy.

U.S. Department of Defense properties of the system are evaluated without apparent optimism. The system operator declares that now accuracy of the GPS is 10 feet (that's a little more than 3 meters). But many special sources give evidence that this navigation system shows the position much more precisely (error of about 2 meters).

According to Mr. Jealous, Deputy. CEO TsNIIMASH (dealing with the preparation of federal programs from a motivated the development of the GLONASS system) in real time Russian navigation system The precision of 5.5 m. Jealous promises that by the end of the year accuracy will be higher.

Americans plan to do much better accuracy Positioning by 2020, when the foundation of satellite GPS fleet will be the third generation of satellites. According to U.S. Department of Defense, the first series of third-generation satellite — GPS IIIA — provide accuracy 90 See the first device GPS IIIA will be launched in 2014, and by 2018 will be built and launched eight satellites.

After 2018, the Yankees will start the subsequent series of satellites — GPS IIIB. Although they do not give a high precision positioning, but for the military, they will exude signal higher capacity. Security officials believe America's security and signal the main problem of GPS.

Eliminate interference Americans are 2 ways: the generation of secure military signal and a gradual increase in the power of the transmitted signal gallakticheskimi devices. Compared with now getting signals from satellites transmitting GPS IIIB will be 5 times stronger. The subsequent generation of satellites GPS — Series IIIC — increment power is already 100 times. Peace users the latest generation of satellites, which are planned to start in 2025, will provide position accuracy to 6 inches (15 cm).

Documents Committee economical contain information about what to 2030 U.S. Department of Defense plan to launch 50 satellites GPS — 2-3 in year. Programs from the budget will be about 22 billion dollars in funding in the years 2012-2025. According to the "News", Vladimir Putin approved the budget of the Federal motivated applets development of GLONASS, the amount of which for 2012-2020 amounted to 330 billion rubles.

— By 2020, in terms of accuracy, we will at least no worse than GPS, — said Sergey Jealous. — Russian developers are working hard to improve the signal for special users.

Jealous believes that after 2020 realized improved features GLONASS to obtain the promised Yankees 15 cm accuracy.

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