Scientists are unable to explain the mysterious phenomenon off the coast of Netanya

Israeli scientists continue to search for the cause of mass death of fish, which occurred on the eve of the coastal strip of Netanya. Already well established that the phenomenon is not caused by contamination of sea water or some poaching activities, wrote on September 12 information portal Walla.
Beaches near which was found dead fish, are under the control of the Office of National Parks and sanctuaries and closed to tourists. Scientists have found that fish, which in Israel is called "Aras" migrated through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, where it usually resides. It is possible that a change in the areola habitat and led to its demise. However, this version has not been confirmed scientifically, as "Aras" met in the Mediterranean in the past.

Another version — deadly viruses that infected aquatic animals. The day before, we recall, in the same area near Netanya, was found dead dolphin, which is also the cause of death has not been established.

As previously reported, "cursor", yesterday, thousands of dead fish washed up on the coastal strip near the beach, Netanya Sironit to Poleg Beach. Eyewitnesses reported seeing dead fish can be over one kilometer south of the Wingate Institute.

Rybf "Aras", as noted on the site ichthyologist, Sc.D. Chernitsky Alexander, is found in both the Israeli sea — the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. It is considered a delicacy.

This fish is called in Hebrew "Aras", which may reflect the toxicity of the fins of the fish (Aras means "poison") and its sklizkost (APC — "thug associated with the underworld").

Slippery body Aras seem naked, when in fact it is covered with tiny scales unevenly distributed.

In English it Rabbitfish — fish, rabbit, as the head and teeth of these fish look like a rabbit face or Spinefoot, which can be translated as "kolyuchenog." Russian name — Segal or Pestryakov.

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