Sea bird in the Amur region

Sea bird in the Amur region

In See last week found dozens of dead crows. Dead birds found owners of garages where the morning went to the machines. The parking garage is in the neighborhood of Light-1 under a power line, just below the road leading to the dispensary.

Suggest the cause of death has no crows come from, says the regional newspaper "Zeya Bulletin". Corpses of birds are in different positions, the majority — with folded wings, but there is with spread. The latter is probably suggests that the birds were killed in flight.

Motorists said they found a dead crow for three days, and then the number is no longer increasing. In all services, where to go for an explanation of journalists publishing strange phenomenon, he said, this topic is not in their jurisdiction. Veterinarians only promised to take a copy and sent for analysis to the regional center.

With this problem in October and November 2009 and ran Blagoveshchensk. Then the people in different parts of the city have found about 120 dead crows. Nature of case are not fully understood. Only experts concluded that cause of mass death of birds was not an infection.

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