December 11, 1984, and the legend of a UFO crash hoax was pulled by an invisible hand in a single unit, forcing American ufologists spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to its outbreak. That day on the table producer Jamie Shandera lay envelope carefully packed undeveloped photographic film. He was not signed, but the postmark showed that it was sent from Albuquerque (piece of New Mexico).

When the film is shown, it turned out to eight pages, which threatened to turn all our ideas about the events at Roswell. The biggest paper took five pages, he was succeeded by a list of applications, of which there was only the first.

Even if you do not take account of a very suspicious nature of the appearance of the film, its very content, makes cautious, especially in light of what we know about the events in Roswell and the project "Mogul".

The first document states: "…" Operation Majestic-12 "- it's top secret research, scientific and intelligence operations, reporting directly to the President and … Works … conducted under the supervision of the" Majestic-12 "(" Majic -12 "), established by special order of President Truman's secret … The members of the" Majestic-12 "were appointed: adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkotter, Dr. Vannevar Bush, min. James Forrestal, gen. Tuayning Nathan, gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Jerome Hanseyker, Mr. Sidney Sowers, Mr. Gordon Gray, Dr. Donald Menzel, gen. Robert Montague, Dr. Lloyd Berkner … "

In addition to the "Majestic-12" and "Majic-12", it is used quite a shortened version of the name of — MJ-12. Almost immediately it comes to events in Roswell:

"… July 7, 1947 was conducted covert operation to recover the wreckage … Four small humanoid creatures were apparently thrown out of the facility before it exploded. They fell to the ground about two miles east of the point of impact the ship itself. All four were dead and badly decomposed due to the effects of predators and the environment for about a week, which was held before they are discovered. "

So, according to the document, the newcomers had four, all dead and are all found on the ranch Breyzela, not the plain of San Agustin, "place to Kaufmann," or "place to Ragsdale." Unpleasant controversy for "ufologists" who believe in the stories of both "witnesses" did not match each other, and to the papers!

All experts in one voice saying that in a hot, arid New Mexico in mid-summer the corpses of people and animals could hardly be much decomposed. Haprotiv, the atmosphere of the desert soon would lead to dehydration and a kind of mummification. As for predators and vultures, they would have to either do not touch their carcasses due to the nature of "biological and evolutionary processes responsible for their development," or, if they did not affect the attractiveness of production, they picked this week to the bone.

On page 5 contains the following sentence: "In December 1948, the project" sign "was transformed into the project" discontent. "This operation is now conducted under the code name" Blue Book ", and the connection is supported by an Air Force officer, who heads the project." This officer was none other than Edward Ruppelt, in 1952-1953, the failed Donald Menzel admission to classified material BBC. If Menzel was indeed a member of the Government Group for the Study of UFOs and Ruppelt, as stated in the document, he knew it would not be no question of any failure on his part. Only after the Ruppelta of the "Blue Book", in 1962-1969 gg., Menzel became an official consultant to the Air Force on UFOs and was a long-awaited access to the secret files. Forger did not know it, or surname Menzel hardly would appear in the "Majestic-12".

Menzel was a skeptic with regard to UFOs. The presence of his name in the list, it seemed odd, but attentive readers of his books know that he often went to New Mexico and worked for the BBC. He constructed a special spectrograph to study "green cars" and taught employees Holloman Air Force Base to use it. He even saw a UFO near Alamogordo in May 1949, when digging on the instructions of the military Sacramento Peak Observatory, and mentioned in his book Roswell, however, in connection with UFO sightings in summer 1948: "a group of flying saucers for about an hour over Roswell. Many observed this phenomenon, and I was able to talk to some witnesses. According to the description of one of the residents of Roswell, plates resembled a brilliant yellow bubbles … "

Digging into the archives, Stanton Friedman discovered that Menzel during the Second World War he served in the Navy cryptographer, learned Japanese to crack enemy codes, was well acquainted with the future President John F. Kennedy and was friends with two other alleged members of MJ-12 (Vannevar Bush and Dr. Detlev Bronk), had access to classified documents, the National Security Agency and communication in intelligence circles. All of this was interesting, but it says nothing about whether Menzel member of MJ-12 and whether there was such a group. Kal Korff, studying closed dossier Menzel, has shown no signs of a top-secret UFO group. His wife, Florence, and daughter Elizabeth deny that Menzel would be involved in something like MJ-12. Elizabeth said about Stanton Friedman, but he did not even listen to her.

Brother in law, however, no doubt that the top-secret UFO study group existed: "In addition to information produced in time W. Smith … was another clue, confirm the existence of such a group. Hint, it can be said the official. In" Report on the unidentified flying objects "E. Ruppelta … have the following lines:

"The only people who do not belong to the" Blue Book ", which fully explored the case with lights in Lubbock, was the group which, because of its connection with the government had full access to our folders … They were scientists — rocketeer , nuclear physics, and intelligence. They teamed for the study of our reports on UFOs, convinced that some of the observed UFOs were interplanetary spacecraft and that labbokskaya series belonged to this category of observations. "

What are these lights can be found in almost every book about UFOs, but who are they interested in? Imagine the disappointment of ufologists, when it emerged that Ruppelt in his book did not refer to "MJ-12", a group of CIA Office of Scientific Research, which was subsequently launched by the Commission Robertson. This group visited the "Blue Book," December 12, 1952 It consisted rocketeer Frederick C. Durant, a nuclear physicist H. Robertson and scout Cheduell Marshall, director of the Office.

"It should be noted that, in terms of pedants, the text has some errors, but the patter evaluation document, laid four typewritten pages, otherwise it will not work" — says Shurinov. These "small" inaccuracies are gross grammatical errors (boder instead border, liason instead liaison, etc.), the use of abbreviated titles and ranks, optional writing dates, use of the word "media" in the sense of "the press", which received a meaning Only in the 1960s, and more.

Final blow to the authenticity of the documents was done when they fell into the hands of an expert on typewriters Taytella Peter and his colleagues. He was able to get the original film, make prints and compare them to your database. As it turned out, a note of Harry Truman Secretary of Defense Forrestal was typed on a typewriter "Smith Corona" with the cartridge, which are produced only in 1963! Truman's signature on the document was too crudely forged.

"The article Friedman, published in the journal" International UFO Reporter "in September-October 1987, he stated that the memorandum Truman MJ-12 documents to be genuine, because his signature" is similar to the signature on the letter available for September 1947 , sent Truman [Vannevar] Bush "- recalled Philip Class. — When I visited the Library of Congress to study a copy of this letter, Truman, dated October 1, 1947, I found that the signatures match perfectly, down to the random drip ink on one of the features of the letter "H" in the word "Harry". Rather than serve as a proof of authenticity, as Friedman said, this similarity suggests that the signature on the document Truman MJ-12 was copied from this signature on the letter of 1 October.

When I sent a copy of a letter dated October 1, Taytellu, he replied that the document MJ-12 is a "classic example of the transfer of signatures." In this letter, dated October 1, the score "T" in the word "Truman" a little late for the word "yours". Since the machine used poddelschikom differed from that used in a letter dated October 1, he had to remove the word "Sincerely yours" ("Sincerely") with the pasta bar. As the Taytell while he "flat out" part of the letter "T".

Taytell noticed that Truman's signature forgery slightly bigger, longer and darker than the original, as was to be expected when copying. He explained that a copy of the copy machines increase by 1.2%. Taytell told me that he would call to Friedman, to inform him of their analysis, but Friedman ignored it. "

When doubt that it is a fake, left, ufologists have to point fingers: some places MJ-12 documents could write only one who had spent a day in the state archives. Suspects quickly narrowed down to three people, especially when I remember how it all began …

In Albuquerque, where it's unfortunate letter, lived businessman Paul Bennewitz — owner of "Thunder Scientific", producing thermometers, hygrometers and other measuring devices. He claimed that regularly monitors and removes the film of alien spacecraft closed zones Force Base Kirtlend even decipher their signals. Bennewitz wrote about this UFO organization APRO and the very air base Kirtlend. APRO Director Jim and Coral Lorenzen came to the conclusion that Paul sincerely believes in all this, but, to put it mildly, is mistaken.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings learned that Paul Bennewitz was mentally ill. Family and then sent him to a psychiatric hospital to heal and come to his senses, and the business is run by his son. Films that showed Paul, speak for themselves: they have been tampered with so rough and primitive, that no man, who is in his mind, would have dared to issue the filming of a UFO. One film captures some birds, yet in view Bennewitz said flap — "force fields" of extraterrestrial spacecraft, moving up and down. The second film looked like he threw the film on the floor and stamped on it: it was not seen nothing but stains adhering hairs and debris. The third film depicts the "green car", but it was clumsily painted on green felt-tip pen on the back of an 8 mm film!

Once Bennewitz showed something unreadable print, claiming that this is just another message from aliens. In front of a businessman Robert "translated" him and explained, for Hastings watched aliens from outer space, they liked it, so that the aliens want to invite him to a meeting at night in a deserted place. Hastings, politely but firmly refused.

Over time, the newcomers to the paranoid fantasies Bennewitz became more ominous. He claimed that in his home energy balls flying spies and go aliens who inject him with needles. All this would have remained another clinical case, which millions if October 24, 1980 did not come to Bennewitz USIVVS agent Richard Doty Kirtlend Air Force Base.

His visit to prepare, less than a month. Back in September 1980, Doty and his colleague, Robert Collins, met with ufologist William Moore. Scouts offered to spy on Paul Bennewitz and supply it with misinformation. And Moore agreed, as he later explained, he wanted to know the mechanisms of the spread of disinformation, the agent runs. Playing in the spy game, he came up to them nicknames: Doty was "Falcon" and Collins "Condor." Even ufologists, which at that time communicated Moore received appropriate "bird" nickname.

Doty invited to a meeting with Bennewitz Jerry Miller, a former investigator of the 4602 Squadron Air Force — a unit that conducted field research for the "Blue Book." Miller left there convinced that Bennewitz is not all right with his head, and told Doty not waste time. However, the wily agent was on this account their views.

Richard was fake reports, including some stories Bennewitz and his own exaggeration, and then handed them over to Moore. William showed the paper in a documentary directed by Ron Lakis. When this was learned ufologist Barry Greenwood and his partner Larry Fawcett, they got hold of a video film and read the still image is one of the "documents". Without thinking, they sent a request to the Air Force base Kirtlend: declassified a paper and if you can get copies of them? At the request answered by Doty and sent several reports, which were then presented them in his book "The explicit intent." This procedure gave a semblance of authenticity "documents", and even the skeptics began to think that Bennewitz had stumbled on something important.

November 17, 1980 Moore once again met with Doty Air Force Base. At this time, earned teletype transmitting the message from headquarters in Washington USIVVS division based Kirtlend. Doty took the paper, and almost immediately showed it to Moore, as there mentioned Bennewitz. Doty later gave him what was supposedly a copy of the message, Moore noted that this is not quite what he had seen. Something added, something changed, but the most important thing was that there was mention of a teletype about a "Project Aquarius" and "limited access to MJ-12."

This is the first mention of MJ-12 in alleged official paper. Moore said that this is a "sample of one of disinformation created in connection with the Bennewitz — Reprint this teleprinter messages USIVVS several false additions." Naturally, Doty wanted his agent sent a copy of a fake accident Bennewitz.

The "Aquarius" has long remained an intriguing mystery: All requests NSA replied that he was classified as "… there is reason to believe that even the disclosure of the name of the project could cause very serious damage to the national security." Only in 1996, it was revealed that he had nothing to do with UFOs and was part of the project "May Bell" by listening to the oceans. The purpose of "Aquarius" was the discovery of ballistic missiles from submarines and low-flying aircraft. Doty or took the name from the ceiling, or knew about the real purpose of the project and rigged ufologists trap.

Misinformation from Doty was not only to Bennewitz, but also to spouses Lorenzen. In 1981, they received an anonymous letter from a "pilot Kirtlend Air Force Base." It was reported that a certain Craig Veytszel July 16, 1980 saw a UFO landing and exit humanoid. Anonymous "pilot" was allegedly with Veytszelem and saw a UFO flying but not landing. Further stated that Veytszel the next day saw the typical "man in black" who called himself "Mr. Hook of Sandia Laboratories." He became a bully Veytszela that if he would talk about seeing someone, it will go hard with him. Veytszel phoned Kirtlend Air Force Base, where he was assigned to the division USIVVS. Talked to him, according to the letter, not one but Doty (his last name was misspelled — "Dodie").

Letter ended with phrases that seem to BBC "something to hide", and the pilot had heard stories that the BBC keeps the crashed UFO.

Benton Jamison sought Veytszela Craig, who confirmed that he had seen a UFO in 1980 and reported it to Doty. But his observation, although it was interesting, it was much less exciting than the "contact", about which the letter said. Veytszel saw silver object at an altitude of 10,000-15,000 feet. Fly in for a few minutes, the object picked up speed and disappeared. No humans, as "men in black", he did not see.

Comparing officially declassified documents signed by an anonymous letter Doty spouses Lorenzen, UFO researcher Brad Sparks concluded that the anonymous letter is also written Doty. Moore confirmed that it Doty wrote this letter.

In those years, William began to think of how much money will bring information from Doty, if properly submitted. After the unexpected success of "Roswell incident," he said, feeling the taste of the "long dollar" Todd Zehelyu boasted: "I bet you've heard that you can not earn a UFO? Now, I have argued that it is not so!"

In January 1982, Moore turned to Robert Pratt, with a proposal to make money by writing a novel based on the stories of spies Kirtlend. Its working title was to be the mysterious code name — MAJIK-12!

A year later, lawyer Peter Gersten, director of "Citizens Against UFO classification of information" (CAUS), met with Doty in New Mexico. He did not miss the opportunity to run in the style of Bennewitz disinformation, saying that in the secret dossier referred to the agreement between the aliens and the U.S. government, in which aliens can abduct and dismember our cattle in exchange for alien technology. Doty first hints, but then openly offered to buy the documents, saying that now needs the money, as recently divorced and have to pay court costs. The lawyer declined the offer, fearing that either would get involved in something illegal or Doty podsunet him a fake.

Two months passed, and in April 1983 Linda Howe also met with Doty based Kirtlend. He announced that with the permission of the authorities intend to show her one important document. In his hands were shaken Linda typewritten pages under the catchy headline — "Study document for the President of the United States regarding unidentified aircraft." Which president had in mind, it does not say there was not a date, and that would help to determine this.

In the highly suspect documents mentioned UFO crash, which allegedly took place in July 1947 near Roswell in 1948 near Aztec, in 1949 — again near Roswell, and so on. In 1949, one alien, in a document called "EVE" ("extraterrestrial biological entity") has survived and even made friends with the officer in the Air Force, but died "for some unknown reason," June 18, 1952 The term "EBE" was invented by Paul Bennewitz! Mentioned there and "MJ-12", but Doty deciphered her the abbreviation little differently, as "Madzhoriti-12" ("The majority-12"). Were in the text and code names of the projects related to the alleged UFO — we know of "Aquarius" and have not yet encountered in the fake government papers "Pomegranate", "Snow Bird", etc.

Linda Doty continued to fool a few months, saying that she was elected group MJ-12 in order to uncover the people the truth about UFOs and aliens. He promised her a lot of films from the crashed saucers, alien corpses, live Eve and so on, but no picture Linda never received.

Doty later denied that he showed to Linda Howe documents mentioning MJ-12. In a letter to Barry Greenwood of March 3, 1988, he wrote:

"I can say that, no doubt, never showed her any such documents. Firstly, in my position can not get any documents to be president. Secondly, I would not let anyone who does not have security clearance materials, take a look at this document … I do not remember well, I mentioned that some of the Government's intentions to give Miss Howe for her documentary films and some documents. even discuss the issue of such materials, I had no right … And, Finally, I was not aware of any secret government investigations relating to UFOs. "

Moore in 1989, admitted that it was a planned disinformation. He also said that Doty put crash near Aztec in the document only after it learned from Moore, that it was wholly bogus, organized in 1949-50, respectively. Misinformation was a success.

To hide from Linda Howe, that they act at the same time, Moore and Doty used a simple method. Shortly after his visit to Kirtlend Doty called her with attacks: "Why do you say to William Moore, that slept with me?" Up to this point, Linda was not familiar at all with Moore, but after a phone call found him and called to find out why he's lying. William, of course, denied that Doty said anything like that, but "confessed" that he works for a group of MJ-12, and offered to meet. During the meeting, he invited Linda together "spin," the revelation of MJ-12: it supposedly makes them "very rich."

April 16, 1983 Moore asked Brad Sparks: what stories about UFO crash he considers the most promising in terms of earnings? Brad replied that, in his opinion, this Roswell incident, which Moore wrote with Berlitz, and the crash that Todd Zehel investigated — the incident allegedly occurred in December 1950, near the Texas-Mexico border.

Moore then decided to run a trial balloon: how about to forge government documents about the UFO crash? Sparks was opposed, and Moore felt he had gone too far, explained that the forged documents with information about the UFO crash can be used to induce the ex-military conversation and break the subscription of secrecy. Sparks insisted that Moore did not do it: if documents expose, it could undermine his reputation.

Is it any wonder that in December 1984, an anonymous letter to the MJ-12 documents were sent from Albuquerque, next to which is the base Kirtlend, and got it none other than Jamie Shandera, a friend and colleague of Moore?

Doty denied having been involved in forging documents MJ-12. In a letter to James Mosley, he tried to blame everything on Moore:

"The next thing I want to discuss is my former relationship with William Moore. Moore was recruited informant USIVVS. This means that he provided intelligence information that documented. They paid him for the information. Moore used to supply misinformation ufologists. He also supplied data about the Soviet scientists and received from them information. I was not involved in any conspiracy with Moore to forge what else documents. If Moore was the creator of MJ-12 documents, he did it without my knowledge and assistance.

Apparently, you do not know what I went through two government investigations concerning MJ-12 documents. I was accused that I faked them. Both cases have removed the charges in any involvement in this case … During the service in USIVVS I spent a disinformation operation against many different people, but all I did was sanctioned by the government. I did not do anything on their own … "

Moore did not want to admit that he put his hands to false papers. When Robert Todd caught him in another forgery, wrote William James Mosley

"I can only say that I was more and more bored with the incessant and usually malicious attempts to get me to admit to something I did not do and what I know a little more respect for the self-appointed critics. If, and I stress — if any- then related to the UFO documents that I cited in the previous works, tampered with, then I just took it and used … If this document is a forgery — again, please emphasize the "if" — then the list of those who could potentially do it small. Besides me, the list can include Jamie Shandera, Stanton Friedman, Bruce M., Edwin Reese from the National Archives, Richard Doty and his superiors, and perhaps most of Todd or any of his allies … only , which I am convinced that if there is the guilty party, then it is definitely not me … "

In less than six months, as William inadvertently let slip in a letter to James Mosley. "After a thorough and careful review of recent discoveries about the Roswell … I am no longer of the opinion that the explanation for these events as something to do with aliens is the best — he wrote. — I assume that it remains as one of the possible explanations. .. " But if there was near Roswell UFO crash, then MJ-12 documents — just fake.

To give greater weight to the documents hoaxer went on a desperate step. Fake paper that mentioned the abbreviation "MJ-12", was planted them in one of the drawers of the National Archives!

"… Back in March 1985, S. Friedman learned from a friend of an archivist named Reese (Reese) from the National Archives … that is preparing for the next batch of documents declassified intelligence BBC — described the story Shurinov. — In late June, the work of the censors was completed …

Shandera and Moore received cryptic postcards sent from New Zealand, but with the return address "p / b 189, Addis Ababa." The text of the cards mentioned "rizis pisiz" (Reese's Pieces) — lollipops and "Syutlend" and said that would be nice to go to Washington … It turned out funny: candy hinted Reese, archivist Syutlendom called one of the premises of the National Archives in Washington. We had to fly to Washington.

In early July, William J. Moore and Shandera start watching … Once in the next box Shander got a piece of paper lying somehow the folders and their content played no role to content box. It was a copy … memorandum of July 14, 1954 Special Assistant to the President, General Nathan Cutler Tuayningu … This time, it was a meeting about the project specific studies MJ-12! "

Again, the main characters — Moore and Shandera. I would not be surprised if it turns out that the "mysterious" someone sent postcards from New Zealand at the request of Moore, so he was explaining why he and Shandera climbed into these boxes.

In a conversation with an archivist Ed Reese found that while memo (or, as they call such documents, memorandum), was found in a box of documents Force intelligence, much of it is unusual. First, the secrecy is in the wrong position — under the date instead be at the top and bottom of the page. Besides, this is an unsigned copy of a carbon copy, not original, it lacks stamps, initials, etc., which are usually located on the old documents. Moreover, in this paper, there is no serial number "top secret" document on which it can be put into the proper folder. The conclusion is clear: the note was not among the documents declassified by the Air Force, it planted there later.

Reese also said that one of the visitors to the archive, but not Moore or Friedman, insisted that the memorandum was stamped by the official seal of the National Archives on the front, and not, as is usually done on the reverse side of the document. This is definitely made to give it the "official" form for publication.

"Proponents argue MJ-12: Security System in the National Archives is that it is impossible to carry out fraud — said Barry Greenwood in 1987. — I visited the archive two folders full of photocopies of government documents to refer to them … signed at the entrance , received a visitor card and went inside, and no one bothered to look at my folder. I spent 45 minutes with Mr. Reese, talking about MJ-12, and a UFO. During this time, had ample opportunity to plant or steal documents while Reese went to talk on the phone. After our conversation, I went with a cloth bag that Reese kindly gave to my folder with a bunch of papers, went down to the entrance on the ground floor, signed and left. Again, no one looked in my bag … Reese has admitted that there is no way to prevent " toss "or stealing small items, they simply do not have this level of security."

Thistle Martin, assistant director of the Archives of Dwight D. Eisenhower, wrote July 13, 1987, Robert Todd:

"… The reasons that we question the authenticity of Robert Cutler memorandum of July 14, 1954, addressed to General Tuayningu are:

1. In logs visitors Eisenhower no record of the special meeting of July 16, 1954, during which it could be made about the coaching MJ-12. Even when the president held meetings "off the record" in the journal entries are made on their duration and composition of the participants.

2. Of the security classification, as in the memorandum, we have never seen on documents Eisenhower administration. "Top Secret" and "Restricted" — two different levels of privacy. There has never been such a level of secrecy "Top Secret Restricted". Using the word "Restricted" as security classification was discontinued in November 1953.

3. Department to declassify the National Security Council informed us that they had no record of any action to declassify, undertaken in relation to the memorandum or any other document of the allegedly existing project.

4. No other documentation about MJ-12 is not found in the National Archives or the Archives Eisenhower.

5. Finally, Robert Cutler, at the direction of President Eisenhower, July 14, 1954, the day when he allegedly wrote the memorandum, visiting U.S. military bases abroad. In the documents of the presidential administration of documents for the presidential term Eisenhower memorandum contains Cutler and report to the President, written on his return from a trip. Memorandum dated July 20, 1954, and dedicated to the visit Cutler on military bases in Europe and North Africa, from 3 to 15 July. Moreover, the name of Cutler does not appear in the list of members of the regular meeting of the National Security Council on July 15. In the documents of the National Security Service have a memorandum Cutler from July 3, 1954 with instructions how to solve administrative issues for the National Security Council during his absence. It was sent two of his subordinates, Leyu James and Patrick Coyne, so we can assume that if the memorandum Tuayningu was genuine, it would be signed or Coyne Lei … "

Jo Ann Williamson of the National Archives noticed another oddity. July 22, 1987, she wrote to Todd:

"… This document has no official government" caps "or watermark … specialist document storage Mary Rizentaler examined him and found that it is a carbon copy of the paper such as" onion skin for dictation. "Archive Eisenhower learned his collection Cutler Document. All these documents prepared by Mr. Cutler while working at the National Security Service, have on the papers of "onion skin" to copy the watermark with the eagle. "

At this time, Doty served in West Germany, but stayed there for long: he was caught on the fact that he invented non-existent "sources of information" about the GDR and the Soviet Union, took the money, ostensibly to pay for their services, and put in his pocket. Doty ignominiously expelled from USIVVS, and he spent the last two years in the aviation … Bartending Force Base Officers' Club Kirtlend. October 1, 1988, he resigned, and on October 14 decided to appear on television, along with Collins, who also took a rest after the hardships of military service.

Moore showed USIVVS agents in the air during the TV program "UFO Cover-up … Live" ("Withholding information about UFOs. Live") under the familiar nicknames "Falcon" and "Condor". Their faces were blacked out, and the voices are distorted. They told horrific tales about the agreement between the aliens and the U.S. government, UFO crash, and so on "Falcon" said the aliens love music, most starotibetskuyu and prefer vegetables, and their favorite treat — ice cream, especially the strawberry!

Hastings found that "Falcon" was just a retired agent Richard Doty, and "Condor" — his friend Collins. They "laid" associate producer Kurt Brubaker.

Whitley Strieber in his book "Breakthrough: The Next Step", unwittingly, once again proved that the "Falcon" was Sergeant Richard Doty. On page 220, he writes that during the interview "… Doughty repeated the story of the capture of live aliens, which has repeatedly said … These creatures can not speak as long as surgeons Air Force in 1949, not to alter their the vocal cords. He said he saw a video stranger, first told the sensational story today that aliens like strawberry ice cream … ".

Collins was involved in this story on the sidelines, mostly pestering gullible Linda Howe. In November 1987, he "passionately" tried to insist to meet her in Albuquerque. At the meeting, attended and John Lear (described below), Collins showed her two other documents "MJ-12", dedicated mostly to live alien captured by the government. According to Linda, he said that for many years worked "behind the scenes" with William Moore.

Ring around Moore, Doty and Collins steadily shrank. Once in March 1989 in one of the leading UFO magazines appeared revelations Robert Hastings, Moore realized that there is nothing more to wait for: we must get ahead of the event and try to justify their actions.

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