July 1, 1989 during a UFO conference in Las Vegas was something sensational. Moore has publicly admitted that he was an agent provocateur and disinformation, but leave the UFO did not hurry.

Latest scam with his participation was October 25, 1991: the day Moore called his newsletter subscribers "Focus" to send him $ 25 a subscription account for next year. Everyone who does this, Moore promised a "free copy" of the book, written in collaboration with Doty and Jaime Shandera. She had a name: "The scientist, the government and the UFO. Personal recollections about the case of Paul Bennewitz: study methods of disinformation." Hundreds simpletons sent Moore the money, but did not get anything: "Focus" soon ceased publication, and the book was never published. Later William emerged as the managing editor of the journal "Far Out", published pornodeltsom Larry Flynt.

When the scandal a bit forgotten, Richard Doty also tried to justify himself in the eyes of the UFO. He spoke on the phone with James Mosley, who told the new revelations as a retired agent:

"The problem was that, as he knew Doty Bennewitz accidentally intercepted messages secret communication system at RAF Kirtlend. Coded messages he wrote were true, but he was very wrong about their nature. Doty Work knock Bennewitz was confused, that he continued to believe that messages were actually from the aliens! ..

Doty said that his interest in William Moore as a "source" is only in the fact that Moore had corresponded with some Soviet scientists about UFOs and possibly other topics. Doty apparently instructed Moore, what topics to raise in these letters …

Doty learned that regardless of the NSA has worked hard to make even deeper dive into its interplanetary poor belief system. They also listened to his phone! Eventually Bennewitz had spent some time in a mental hospital, and he's doing now, is not clear. Apparently, he retired, and the family business is now managed by his son.

We recently got the address and phone number Bennewitz, but his wife, Cindy, who picked up the phone, refused to call him and would not let us take him an interview … We suspect that he still adheres to his faith. Doty said that many years later admitted Bennewitz that he cheated, but the recognition has not made any impression on him!

…Sergeant Doty does not believe in UFO abductions, nor, of course, the theory of Paul Bennewitz of "flying saucers", but he insisted in his story, he believes, if the U.S. government has seized vehicles from space. He said that he visited the mysterious top-secret "Area-51" in Nevada, where, however, did not see the eyes of extraterrestrial technology: he was told that it is stored here. Doty argues that his admission was not so great to see these devices. Or is this disinformation specialist became a victim of misinformation? "

Doty later wrote out Mosley

"The truth is this: two space alien spacecraft crashed in the desert of New Mexico in the summer of 1947. Our government has picked five bodies and one living alien, who lived until 1952. Selected spacecraft were transported to Wright-Patterson base for inspection and then some secret places.'s it. far as I know, since the aliens have not visited. We have no UFO in the "Area 51", but there is still a part of the remains of the ship that crashed in 1947, bodies were kept, but I I do not know where they are. "

Comments here are clearly excessive.

After Moore and Doty departed from ufology, for forgery MJ-12 has adopted a "ufologist" Tim Cooper, and maybe someone else. Most fabulous fake in this muddy stream was 22-page instruction "Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual", dated April 1954, a manifestation of its creator ingenuity was just amazing, but two blunders ruined the whole picture. It states that most extraterrestrial objects should forward to "Zone-51", but the code name appeared in 1958 — five years after it was allegedly written document. And on the seventh page states that "it may be necessary to make false statements to ensure the safety of the [collapse of the object]. Meteorites fallen satellites, weather balloons and military aircraft — all this is an acceptable alternative." However, in April 1954 there were no satellites — the first Soviet satellite was launched on October 4, 1957!

Another document, which mentions the word "companion", oddly enough, the original, though an attempt to "fasten" it to MJ-12 documents other than stretch the ears not name. This is a personal diary of U.S. President Harry Truman, who climbed to ufologists, hoping to dig up even a hint of MJ-12 and crashed UFO. To quote from the record 30 October 1947 selectively and distorted, as did B. Shurin, it seems very mysterious:

"Agree with Secretary of State …

2. Military involvement in the attack from the satellite.

a) Do we have to plan opposition to this? "

"What prompted Harry Truman think about this question? — He argues on. — The U.S. has the atomic bomb, and nothing portends soon it becomes available for others. No threat of missile attack from the Soviet Union is not visible. And from the point of view of linguistics, used Truman word satellite (satellite) in 1947 does not fit in the technical development of the period. Whether even mentioned "rocket" — all right, but certainly not a "satellite"! Prior to launching the first artificial satellite of the Earth (1957) remains to be could live for ten years, and the word "satellite" in 1947 could be interpreted only in its astronomical significance: a satellite, a satellite of the Earth or any other planet …

Even with a skeptical smile quite naturally assumed that Truman wrote the lines above, thinking about the found devices. Where are they? And if there is a spaceship orbiting the Earth? In any case, in such an assumption makes more sense than any other abstract interpretation of the words of the then president. "

To dispel Shurinovym induced fog, enough of the original page from the diary of Truman and English-Russian dictionary. The word "companion", in addition to the astronomical, then still had to "country which is based on a different, more powerful country and forced to agree with it their policy dependent nation." The diary is written "satellite attack", or "attack satellites", not "attack from satellite" — "an attack from the satellite": linguistics is not in favor of the "UFO" translation. If Shurinov looked at page 31 of his own books, which is a photo of the first band "Roswell Daily Record" on July 8, 1947, he could easily see the headline "Some of Soviet Satellites May Attend Paris Meeting" ("Some dependent Soviet states can take part in the Paris Conference "). Also in the diary after "Agree with Secretary of State" at number "1" appear on the case of post-war Europe, associated with the Marshall Plan. Truman clearly had in mind the attack of one of the countries of the zone of Soviet influence in Europe in the neighboring country, when the Soviet Union pretends that there he would do with it.

Rumors about a group of MJ-12 was the last time a little revived in 1999, when brothers Robert and Ryan Wood released CIA document, written April 12, 1949 Roscoe Hillenkotterom. The list of organizations to which it was sent, number, and "MJ-12". However, the line "FILE DIST: CIA Top Secret/MJ-12" printed with less padding than the rest of the text and, most likely, were printed on the document later. The text itself is also not consistent with the hypothesis that it was written on the occasion of the UFO crash or has any relevance at all to the "flying saucers."

UFO enthusiasts, deepest immersed in the paranoid atmosphere of "business Bennewitz" pilot, son of John Lear aircraft. Traumatized by the "revelations" crazy businessman and Kirtlend scouts, he was a picture of a worldwide conspiracy, where the leading role instead of annoying all the Freemasons, the Illuminati and Zionists have become evil aliens from outer space.

December 27, 1987 Lear wrote an open letter:

"In an attempt to protect democracy government sold us newcomers. Here's how it happened. But before we proceed to the story, I want to say a word in defense of those who made a deal. They had the best intentions …

The awful truth was known to few. They were indeed ugly little creature resembling a praying mantis in the development ahead of us, perhaps a billion years. Some of the group that first learned the terrible truth, committed suicide. The most famous of these was James Forrestal, who jumped from the 16th floor window of the hospital. General Forrestal's medical records are closed on this day. President Truman quickly all the secret list, and so "wrapped nuts" that the general public still thinks that "flying saucers" — this is a joke … "

In fact, suicide Forrestal was hardly associated with aliens and UFOs. The minister of defense superpower possessing nuclear weapons, has long had serious mental problems. Apparently, for the time being, he kept himself in the hands, but the crisis will inevitably approaching.

In 1948, Forrestal had quarreled with the Minister of the Air Force Stuart Symington on the military budget, and lost the confidence of President Harry Truman. At first, he did not consider it a bad omen: like most people in the country, James thought that the days of Harry Truman in the White House are numbered, and the election will win Republican Thomas Davey.

Truman's election for the next term was a terrible blow to the Forrestal. Friends first, and then all the others began to notice the danger signs of paranoia. Minister, it seemed that he was being followed everywhere "people like foreigners" and agents of Symington.

Madness minister eventually drew the attention of the president. January 11, 1949 Harry Truman warned that he was going to put in his place General Luis Johnson. It was the second blow. After his enemies list, allegedly watching the minister added Zionists and the FBI.

Shocked when his superior officers saw running along the corridor in the Pentagon with the cry "They go!" ("They are coming!"), It became clear that the Secretary of Defense must be urgently removed from office.

Resignation finally tore the valves in his overheated brain. March 28, 1949, after the ceremony, Stuart Symington said: "I need to contact you about something," and pulled Forrestal aside. What is the minister said, and has remained a mystery, but it was the final blow. Forrestal spent several hours in his office, staring at the wall. He did not see anyone, and repeated the same phrase: "You … you loyal citizen loyal citizen …"

Forrestal was taken home and called his friend Ferdinand Eberstadt. He later said that the former minister was going to kill himself, convinced that the White House made a conspiracy against him. The next day Forrestal was taken by plane to a more convenient location, but even there he was not going to calm down. James tried to commit suicide and was sent to the Naval Hospital Bethesda. On the way, he tried to jump out of the car, but the doctors were on the alert.

On the orders placed over the former Minister to the House for very important people on the 16th floor. In a luxurious house was only one drawback — its windows missing grids!

While Forrestal stabbed hard drugs and tranquilizers, everything was in order, but then, when he began to recover, happened irreparable. In the night from 21 to 22 May, James refused to sleeping pills, saying that he wanted to read before bedtime. When the guard was distracted, he stole the clothes line, tightened around his neck and tied the other end to the battery, jumped out the window. One node Forrestal broke loose and the pavement.

Not all believe that Forrestal committed suicide: many thought that he tried to strangle, and then thrown out of the window. Could do it only by people from the security services, who were guarding his room. But why do not they do a lot easier — a small "bug" with drugs that strongly stuffed Forrestal would look much less suspicious and certainly did not cause a series of scandals and rumors, unnecessary government.

By linking the death of the former Minister of Defense with a "flying saucer", John Lear recalled the group "Majestic-12":

"In 1947, President Truman, gathered a group of 12 people, members of the senior generals and scientists, which is now known as" Majestic 12. "Although the group exists today, one of its first members are dead. Last to Die, Gordon Gray, former Minister of Defence in 1984, instead of each deceased group itself appoint a new member to fill the vacuum … "

When the number of references to the "cymbal" hoaxes in his letter passed a critical point, the imagination's broken loose:

"Stand up, if you will, to the views of the U.S. government at the time. They were proud that the United States — the most powerful country in the world, recently created the atomic bomb. It was just a remarkable achievement that the Russian took four years to repeat it, and then only with the help of traitors of democracy. They built jet aircraft exceeding the speed of sound, and intercontinental jet bombers who carried weapons terrible destructive force. postwar era, the future looked bright. Now, imagine what it was like the same rulers, each of whom had witnessed the panic in Orson Welles broadcast time based on the "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells in 1938. then, thousands of Americans panicked radio performance of a realistic view of the seizure of the Earth creatures from another planet. Imagine their horror when they actually saw the horrible dead bodies of small creatures with huge eyes , leather, like a reptile-like claws and toes. Imagine their horror when they tried to determine how these "plates" are set in motion, and found no part even remotely resembling those with which they were familiar: there was no cylinders or pistons, no vacuum tubes or turbines or hydraulic pumps. Only now, when you understand the general helplessness in which the government was in the late 40's, you can see why it was necessary to organize a total, thorough and complete secrecy, including the use of physical elimination of witnesses …

Thousands of sightings occurred during the Korean War, and a few "flying saucers" were found BBC CSHA. Some of them were stored at Wright-Patterson base, some are placed at air bases in the vicinity of the accident site. A "plate" was so overwhelming and technical problems in her carriage so formidable that it was buried on the site of the accident, and it remains there to this day. There are legendary stories of carriage collapsed "plates" for long distances, only at night, buying the whole farm, forced his way through forests, blocking major highways, sometimes it required 2.3 coupled with the tractor with extraterrestrial load a hundred feet in diameter. "

Otherwise how these legendary stories will not name, because a hundred feet — is more than thirty feet. Ufologist George IRLI, who participated in the transportation of wind turbine blade length of 125 feet and a width of 14, recalls that such shipments require at least a year to prepare. Engineers first scheduled route and measure his every meter to the pavement, bridges and flyovers held multi-ton load, and its dimensions fit into corners and road junctions. Next is the process of consultation with all the authorities and agencies in the places where it should go through the load. A few days before transport measurements at critical points are repeated. Conceal the nature of the goods from the public, not to mention the hundreds of participants in transportation, in such circumstances, it is impossible.

In 1945, for the atomic tests in New Mexico was made of steel cylinder of 25 and 12.8 feet in diameter, which weighed a total of 114 tons. To be delivered to the Army needed to rent a steel mill special 12-osnuyu platform. When engineers checked the bridges and roads had to carry him from Ohio to New Mexico by a roundabout route through New Orleans direct routes threatened catastrophe. Transportation cylinder took several weeks, and the last 30 miles to the landfill, he covered with specially created for this purpose trailer. Trailer hauling four powerful tractor "Caterpillar" at 3 miles per hour!

More John Lear went on to views and beliefs Bennewitz:

"April 30, 1964 at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, there was the first contact between the aliens and the U.S. government. Three" plates "landed at a pre-specified location, and a meeting between the aliens and intelligence officers. During the period 1969-1971, the MJ -12, representing the government, had to deal with these creatures, which are named EVE (Extraterrestrial Biological Creatures). Their so-called Detlev Bronk, an original member of the MJ-12 and the sixth director of the Johns Hopkins University. parties agreed that in exchange for technology that aliens we provide, we agreed to "ignore" the continuing abductions and suppress information about the extermination of livestock. EVE assured MJ-12 that the abductions were extremely … continue testing the developing civilizations …

The U.S. government did not at first aware of the far reaching consequences of the agreement. They were led to believe that abductions are carried out gently, and as they realized that the kidnapping will happen regardless of their willingness or unwillingness of the government merely insisted that a current list of people who have been abducted periodically by MJ-12 and the National security …

In EVE have genetic defects that cause their digestive system is atrophied and not functioning. Some have suggested that they have experienced some kind of catastrophe or nuclear war, or perhaps they are in the twilight of an evolutionary genetic curve. To support themselves, they use enzymes or hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue cut out of people and animals. Secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide and are absorbed into the body after spraying on skin or immersion in the liquid parts of the body. EVE body absorbs the solution and then selects the decay products through the skin … ".

Lear pulled his testimonies, and "Zone-51":

"After the initial agreement Groom Lake, one of the most secret U.S. test sites, was shut down for a period of about a year, sometime between 1972 and 1974, the year, and there was built a huge underground laboratory — for EVE and with their help. Established there" exchanged "technology, but she could only manage EVE. Needless to say, that it can not be used against the EVE themselves — even if it took.

Between 1979 and 1983 for the MJ-12 became more and more obvious that things are not going as planned. They learned that the aliens abduct more people (bill was thousands) than was listed in the official lists of abducted. In addition, it became clear that some of the missing children in the U.S. are used to produce secretions aliens and other necessary components to them.

In 1979, a clash occurred in the laboratory Dulce. Was caused by a special unit to try to free the people who know what is happening there. One of our sources said that 66 soldiers were killed, and no one was able to free.

By 1984, MJ-12 must have remained in horror from the mistakes they have made in dealing with EVE. They artfully whirled movies "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "ET" ("ET") to provide the public "unusually-looking aliens" who are compassionate, sympathetic and very similar to "our space brothers." MJ-12 has created just such a look at the people of EVE, and now faced with the fact that the truth is quite the opposite …

Well planned invasion of Earth because of its wealth and resources will not start with the mass landing of aliens armed with ray guns. Carefully planned and carried out the invasion of civilization by thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of years ahead of our development is likely to be completed earlier than even a handful of people (say, 12) understand what is happening … "

Lear, who personally knew Paul Bennewitz, Richard Doty, Linda Howe and other members of the "case Bennewitz," he did not invent. He just resigned to hear from them in a single picture without thinking, can only assume.

John Lear has often said that he learned about UFOs in "Area 51" from a physicist who worked in it. For a while ufologists thought this fictional person, but in 1989, "physicist" has appeared on television — first with the face covered and under the name of Dennis, and then in the open. Soon all television viewers have learned not only the real name of the "physics" — Robert Lazar, and the juicy details of his biography.

Lazar said, in "Area 51" are discoidal UFO aliens and other equipment. He even saw a "flying disk" in the case:

"It was getting dark, I walked out of the hangar. Disc was already outside. Do not know, it was rolled out of the hangar and he got out, but now he was on the ground. Nearby was a man with a portable radio. I was ordered to be there and will not move away. Man talked with a disk drive for a while … not moving, but under it flashed a bluish flame, heard faint hiss … Disk easily off the ground, except that the hiss, but it stopped as soon as the drive up foot twenty or thirty. shook from side to side, and sat down again. seems to be nothing special, but it was awesome. I was downright frightened found. Magic! "

In total, he saw in "Area 51" nine disks and only one test. All the disks are in a fit condition to fly, he could not say. One of the disks was damage — hole four or five inches, similar to the following from the shot.

"The technology being brought here from the star system Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2 — said Lazar. — These stars are in the constellation Reticuli (Nets), visible only from the Southern Hemisphere. Zeta Reticuli — binary system, that is in it two stars, and it from the Earth at a distance of 30 light years. creatures came from the reticulo-4, the fourth planet of Zeta Reticuli 2. It says so on the star systems in the documents that I read …

Growth are 3-4 feet, weight — 25-50 pounds. They have greyish skin, large heads with large almond-shaped eyes, long, thin noses, mouths and ears. The coat is missing … The creatures were told that for a long time regularly visit Earth, and as evidence submitted photos ", which, according to them, more than 10,000 years. Until 1979, in the heart of Nevada's between us, there was an exchange of materials and information that is not a conflict, which braked the project. Being left Earth, but should be back in time, designated in 1623 … and I do not know what the date is. "

Alas, John Lear again no luck: Lazar immediately caught by the hand. He has repeatedly stated publicly that it has an MS degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Masters in Electronics from the California Institute of Technology (CTI) and worked as a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

"This is all nonsense — responsible Stanton Friedman. — There is no evidence to support his story. Neither diplomas or summaries, or copies of documents, or membership in professional organizations, no papers, no pages from MIT yearbooks and LPS. He also mentioned in conversation with me, California State University at Northridge and Pierce College Youth. I checked all four of the university. from Pierce College told me that he took courses in electronics in the late 70's. the other three universities about him never heard of.

Page directory LANL named Lazar clearly shows that there are employees of the Ministry of Energy and a contractor — the company "Kirk Meyer." Following the name of Lazar the letters "K / M", which means it did not work at LANL, and the "Kirk Meyer" …

Lazar of the witnesses was asked when he received a master's degree from MIT. He replied, "Let me think, I think it was sometime in 1982." No one really got a degree from MIT, can not fail to call this year right away. When asked to name some of their professors, Lazar said, "Let me think … well, Bill Daksler LPS should remember me." I found Dakslera. He was a professor, teaches physics at Pierce College, and never taught at LPS. Lazar went to one of his students as a time when supposedly studied at MIT …

I checked his school. He graduated in August, not with his class … and was on the 261 seats on the Student of the 369 … With this education, he could not be adopted either at MIT or in LPS. In addition, a master's degree in physics from MIT requires protection thesis. Such work at MIT is not, and is not in the name of Lazar lists protection … "

May 1, 1993 after speaking at a UFO conference Lazar called another name of the professor who taught it — Hohsfild MIT. Check immediately showed that prof. Hohsfild is not listed in the Telephone Directory MIT. Moreover, in the references "American Men & Women of Science" and the database on all U.S. teachers or anyone with a similar name also was not.

When physicists asked Lazar professional issues, he could not answer them. Friedman suggested that Lazar worked on "Kirk Meyer" as a technician or assistant, not a scientist.

Lazar said that he had seen a UFO fly "element 115". In "Area 51" is stored 500 pounds of element 115, and he somehow managed to steal a kilo, but then the material was stolen back:

"The reactor element 115 is bombarded with protons, which penetrate the nucleus of an atom 115, turns it into element 116. Latter immediately decays, emitting a small amount of anti-particles. Antimatter is given in a special vacuum tube to avoid its contact with matter. At the exit, it is directed to gaseous substance. annihilation occurred. matter and antimatter completely converted into energy. thermal energy released by the reaction with a thermoelectric generator with almost one hundred percent efficiency is converted into electrical energy … "

It all sounds very scientific and impressive, but such a system can not work: the amount of energy released by the annihilation of antiparticles, will be equal to the energy expended in the preparation of these particles. Even under ideal conditions, the system would not give any energy, but in reality more and consume it from the outside.

"History of Lazard really made a splash, — said Alexander Kornilov Institute of High Energy Physics. — He said they were getting out of antimatter, the 115th and 116th elements of the periodic table, bombarding them with protons. While these elements on Earth are did not open, and Lazar could safely argue about them. But at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in 2000 and 2003, the 115th and 116th items were received. But the highlight of their antimatter using the method proposed by Lazar and not failed ".

When the heavy-ion accelerator Dubna get element 115, he lived a long time, but only by the standards of nuclear physics: its speed-life was 90 milliseconds!

Now imagine 500 pounds of element 115, which supposedly stored in the "Area 51". At this rate in 90 ms half-life was left to 250 pounds, another 90 milliseconds — 125 pounds, and so on. After 30 half-lives, that is less than three seconds remaining on the element 115 is impossible to be seen by the naked eye. In the decay of element 115, like its neighbors on a number of transuranic, radioactive. Lazar could not come close to the store without a suit, not to mention to steal a kilo.

In 1990, Lazar was under a trial on charges of pimping. It turned out that five years ago he was part owner of the brothel, and helped install a video surveillance system in it to keep track of customers. The newspaper "Las-Vegas Review-Journal" wrote that Lazar kept on a computer database of customers and received from the owner of the brothel Tony Balloch at least 50% of its profits. August 20, 1990 was sentenced to 150 hours of Lazard's community service and probation period of 6 months from the obligatory visit to the therapist.

After learning about the past of the Righteous, Tracy, wife of Lazar, July 25, 1990 divorced him. Emerged at the same time another unpleasant story: it appears that Lazar married Tracy … not divorced from previous wife! Two days later, Carol Lazare died under mysterious circumstances — according to official figures, she committed suicide, including motor vehicle in a locked garage.

By getting rid of his wife, Lazar began living with his new wife in a big way, buying expensive cars, but two months later life through bank loans and debts over. He had to declare bankruptcy. Acquaintance with John Lear gave Lazar good chance to earn credulity ufologists.

Following Lazar that they were in "Area 51" and have seen an extraterrestrial technology, said Bill Yuhaus (aka "Jarod 2"), David Adair, Steven Wilson and a number of highly questionable characters. Perhaps some of them have hired military to hide the real secrets "Zones" for extraterrestrial camouflage.

"Area-51" was created in 1955. Aviakontsern "Lockheed" chose this place for a top-secret test of its creation — the legendary spy plane "U-2." The place is best suited for the job: a lifeless landscape, is a smooth five-kilometer dry lake bed, cut off from the outside world by high mountain ranges. Flights of civil aircraft are prohibited from prying area with three sides cut off nuclear test sites, the complete absence of the local population — the perfect place to keep secrets. At first it was called "Paradise Ranch" because of the glittering fragments of quartz, lying on the shore of the lake dried up, and then the name was reduced to "ranch".

June 18, 6 and 15 July 1957 on the nearby landfill explode atomic bombs in the atmosphere. Territory "Ranch" was covered with radioactive dust, buildings were seriously damaged. Then the "Ranch" temporarily handed control of the Atomic Energy Commission: June 20, 1958 order of the committee of public lands, signed Assistant Minister of Interior Roger Ernst plot of 38,000 acres around Groom Lake was transferred nuclear industry. The territory has been called — "Area-51".

When the level of radiation decreased, aircraft manufacturers have returned to familiar places. In "Area 51" have its first stealth aircraft, elusive to radar — bomber SR-71 ("Blackbird") and F-117A ("Stealth"). Today, as military experts believe, there have aircraft "Aurora", the speed of which is five times the speed of sound, drones and helicopters, "invisible."

No one knows how much money has to be invested in the notorious "Area-51". According to rumors, only some of the bombers flying hour costs about a hundred thousand dollars. Each year, "Zone" absorbs like a black hole in the middle of the Nevada razverzshayasya to half a billion dollars!

After stories Lazard to "Zone" began streaming curious: from the nearby hills it good viewing. To avoid leakage of military secrets, military need to increase the protected area. Congress agreed, and April 10, 1995 hills, troubled secret services have become part of the territory of the "Zone-51". September 29, 1995, President Clinton signed a decree on the special status of the base: "For the United States is vital to the secret information … not in the public domain."

In December 2002, "Area-51" was removed by President George W. Bush from the application of all environmental laws. The explanation was: environmental information may reveal extremely sensitive information about what they do on the base. The former employees of "Zones" have long accused the government that it was because of his work lost health, but now their chances of getting compensation for damage to near zero.

"We have no basis on UFOs — swears Mary Feltham, spokesman U.S. Air Force. — All classified happening there for very different reasons."

When on another doomed country will fall out of the top-secret aircraft "Zone-51", we will also know what is the cause. But God forbid we see a sinister secret at work, away from air attack …

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