Secrets of humanoids.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that in the past our planet visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that have achieved high levels of development. Numerous artifacts found in different parts of the world, represent the strange creatures that are now referred to as humanoids. Here are some of them.

According to the historian Herodotus, the geographer Strabo, the prophet Jeremiah, and other ancient authors, the tribe of the Scythians was a wild bunch of monsters who drink human blood. Indeed, this nation there was such a custom. Of the skulls of vanquished enemies, they produced cups and drank from them enemy blood. It was believed that it gives power to the soldiers and makes them invincible. So far, the German word "Scythian" — is set to "terrible, terrible person."

In the Altai, archaeologists found a lot of traces of material culture, which are well preserved in deep graves, because the temperature there year round close to zero degrees. Several years ago in Siberia, near the border with China, among other artifacts have been found relating to the year 700 BC, with the images very strange creatures. The golden crests were visible elongated noseless face with huge eyes. It remains unclear who served as the model of the ancient artists.

In Costa Rica, found many samples of battle axes, chisels and stone ornaments, which the ancient masters carved faces of creatures resembling birds. On his head are adorned with the likeness of the helmet cam and flat bumps, covers his ears as a modern suit. Beings had long hooked nose like a beak. Finds in Costa Rica belong to the IV century AD. According to archaeologists, the ancient artists portrayed soldiers in battle dress, which included a helmet. But, perhaps, the model served as the aliens in space suits?

In China, the most popular precious stones for centuries considered jade and jadeite. Chinese jade figures relating to the late Neolithic period (around 2000 BC. Oe.) Depict strange people with long teeth like fangs. Hair cutters these people portrayed in the form of curls and ringlets. A lot of these figures have been found in Guanchzhounskoy province and near the city Shanin in Shanxi Province. In more recent graves unearthed in Shaanxi, archaeologists also found such jade figurines related to the Neolithic period. Historians and archaeologists do not even hypothetical assumptions about how important were these figures with fangs to the ancient Chinese. Maybe it is an extinct human race, whose members lived in China?

But maybe, fantastic TMN — imagination stonecutters … Japan, Miyake, archaeologists found clay figures called mastiff. Their age is about 6,000 years old. In figures protruding eyes, the mouth tube is inserted, like a scuba tube, chest plate is strange. Hands figures unnaturally large. Dogu resemble man in a suit or a diver in the suit of the astronaut. These figures were props for Japanese shamans. Ancient Japanese believed in the power of shamans and bear human clay figure. After appropriate ritual shaman broke figure, thus saving people from suffering. Some archaeologists, including Professor M. Hazimoto believe that the figures do have magical properties, and these properties were transferred to the alien invaders, which in ancient times, landing on the Japanese islands. Supporting this hypothesis is the ancient Japanese legend that tells of a fiery dragon, who flew down from heaven. Hazimoto professor believes that there are echoes of the legend of Japanese memories of interstellar alien spacecraft.

A similar legend exists among the peoples of Tibet. In 1990, in the hands of specialists came ancient scroll stolen from a Tibetan monastery. It chronicler described the events that took place thousands of years before his birth, that is, according to historians, around the year 1000 BC. Then the three fire-breathing dragon came from the east. In Tibet, some Buddhist stupas found images of strange objects that look just like flying saucers.

On the excavation near the town of Al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria, archaeologists found many stone idols with two or three pairs of eyes. Finds belong to the 3500-3100 years BC. On the trunk of some idols were carved figures smaller, possibly depicting a child in the womb. Appointment of stone figures is unclear. The possibility exists that they are pagan idols. But we can not discard the hypothesis that the idols depict a humanoid alien race who have several pairs of eyes.

We have mentioned only a few archaeological finds, which are likely to represent the aliens who visited Earth in ancient times. As we have seen, they look different. Perhaps it is the representatives of completely different and unrelated to each other civilizations, landed their starships in different parts of the globe.

In addition to artifacts, there is other evidence of aliens visiting Earth. As already mentioned, it is the myths and legends of various nations that mention various fantastic creatures who unexpectedly visited the ancient people. Also striking that a number of backward tribes has amazing knowledge, which can only be explained alien. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the Mayan culture and other South American nations. They have extensive knowledge of astronomy and had a very precise calendar Without wheels, they built huge stone structures. Would they be able to do it without the help of aliens?

Surprisingly the Dogon tribe, inhabiting the region of Mopti in Mali. Its members are perfectly aware of astronomy. Dogon worship the star Sirius. They know that this star is adjacent to an invisible celestial body. Indeed, Sirius is a double star, he is a couple of white dwarf. But where this can know Dogon with no telescopes? According to their beliefs, they visited the ancient people from Sirius, which took the form of amphibians, covered with scales.

Is all of this evidence is not enough to say that aliens visited Earth, and we are not alone in the universe? Scientists believe all circumstantial evidence, does not imply an unambiguous conclusion. Has for twenty-five years in the space periodically sends messages to radio frequencies with information about human civilization. While there is no answer. Why silent brothers on reason? The explanation probably lies on the surface, they are very far away from us in the development and do not consider it appropriate to enter into contact with a backward population.

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