Secrets of intelligence (many movies) Watch online

Secrets of intelligence (many movies) Watch online
Documentary series "Secrets of intelligence," which Catherine is Shergova, to tell you about all the hidden details of the operations carried out by Russian intelligence and foreign intelligence agencies. About these events never distributed, and so far all of these details carefully hid.

Now you have a unique opportunity to not only hear all the hidden secrets of these services, and personally to behold, as she was carried out or the other operation. In the television series presents the reconstruction of all operations.

Apart from this, you can hear the individual participants covert operations that will tell about all the details and intricacies of their own work. Zahav mystery reopened and you will be able to leak out for her to learn about the most top-secret missions, made intelligence agents in the last few centuries.

Look furtive intelligence Online

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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