Sentry Edge ship Brilliant finally launched

Sentry Edge ship "Brilliant" finally launched

In St. Petersburg, November 25 today at the JSC "Diamond" (shipbuilder) accomplished a festive ceremony of launching the border patrol ship "Brilliant" (project 22460, factory No. 502). The ship was taken out of the boathouse SF "Diamond" for the previous day or (November 24) and set at berth-deck floating dock (the plant PD-455). The final descent was made on November 26, and his surrender Coast Guard FSB border guards will only subsequently, in 2012.

It is understood that the ship was laid in 2010, on May 12. This is the second ship Project 22460, which has developed JSC "Northern Design Bureau". The main ship of this project, "Rubin" (serial number 501), built by the same shipyard, joined the Coast Guard FSB border guards back in 2010, in June. He had served in the Black Sea. Specifically there and go, "Brilliant." It should be noted that in 2010, in December, the Northern Fleet "Diamond" laid the third ship, belonging to the said project, called "Pearl" (serial number 503).

By the way, apart from launching ceremony for "Brilliant" at the boathouse SF "Diamond" on the same day (November 25) was laid 2nd Border Patrol ship ice class (serial number 051, Project 22120). The main vessel of the PS-824 (project 22120, serial number 050) was created Petersburg OJSC "Petrobalt" (code "Snowstorm") and built in the shipyard "Diamond". His delivery of the Coast Guard FSB was accomplished in 2010, in December. Now the ship is serving in the Pacific. Subsequent ship (second, project 22120) are planning to send to the north.

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