Sergei Kovalenko announced his intention to starve for another 15 days

Vitebsk CCP BPF activist serving a 15-day detention in the detention center, where he was placed immediately on leaving after the past 7-day arrest.

Sergei Kovalenko believes that he is being held custody illegally, so starved during the first arrest. Now he's going to continue his hunger strike protest.

15-day arrest of Mr. Kovalenko sent a criminal executive inspection: Sergei Kovalenko was accused of breaking the serve was sentenced last year sentence. He is serving so-called "Home chemistry" — three years of imprisonment "conditionally" after putting up a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree on January 7 last year. The court accused him of resisting police who detained him, and damaging public property.

Violation of the police believe the incident, which occurred on March 24, the eve of the Day of Freedom. Then came the activist at the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags. Railway district court found him guilty of organizing an unsanctioned rally, as well as disorderly conduct — allegedly during detention Kovalenko foul language. For this judge Elena Tsygankova punished his arrest on 7 days.

"As long as Sergei, a protocol on violation of the police department on the First, where he went straight from the gate of the IVS, he managed to convey that he would continue the hunger strike. 7 days he fasted in protest against the court verdict for the flags. And now announced that he is willing to starve until April 16 until the end of his next term to sign, "- said" Freedom "activist wife Elena Kovalenko.

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