Sergei Kovalenko was given a further 15 days

Vitebsk CCP BPF activist Sergei Kovalenko at liberty he stayed for only 5 minutes. When he was released from prison after seven days of arrest, the police arrested him again.

In Pervomay police department Vitebsk Sergei Kovalenko was drawn up for violation of, for which he was given a further 15 days in jail.

This is "Radio Liberty" said the activist's wife, Elena Kovalenko, who did not wait husband home after a previous arrest and began to look for him.

Provisional arrest Sergei Kovalenko, was sentenced on March 25 — for the fact that the activist came to the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags. Railway district court found him guilty of organizing an unsanctioned rally, as well as disorderly conduct — allegedly during detention Kovalenko foul language.

All seven days of arrest Sergey starved to protest against the unjust, in his opinion, the verdict. Will it be fast next 15 — is unknown.

The incident on March 24, the court qualified as hooliganism, was regarded as a violation of the regime sentenced to serve Last year, punishment. Activist to still serving so-called "Home chemistry" — three years of imprisonment "conditionally" after putting up a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree on January 7 last year. The court accused him of resisting police who detained him, and damaging public property.


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