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Maria Ryakhovskaya correspondent

Already dawn, and you still do not sleep. The sound of a passing trolley first morning for you — like iron on the glass. No, saw on the bare nerves. No sleeping pills have not helped, and the question is nowhere more acute: how will you go on living? If you go to work is not the best. Those who have experienced it for yourself, know that terrible insomnia can only be stronger insomnia.

Doctors often do not have enough time to thoroughly examine and question us. So the famous American professor Hauri wrote a book containing a questionnaire, in which each alone can determine the cause of your insomnia. Short excerpts of these profiles, we decided to bring here. As it turns out, insomnia can cause a million reasons. In addition to stress, chronic depression and irregular sleep hygiene, insomnia can lead to various diseases, the first symptom of which it is. Among them — schizophrenia, brain tumor, diabetes. About diabetes could be evidence of acute hunger at night. On the methods of struggle with insomnia, we also have a very misconceptions — it appears that in order to overcome insomnia, you need to go no earlier and later.

Who is most susceptible to ailment?

"Hours monotonous fight, agonizing night story! Language for All is strange and intelligible to everyone, as a conscience!" — F.Tyutchev once wrote in his poem "Insomnia". "I looked around the eyes circular ring insomnia" — complained Tsvetaeva, which has a cycle of poems of the same name. "You again, again with me insomnia! Fixed recognize your face" — sighest Akhmatova. Bruce, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Tyutchev, Mandelstam — from the verses of poets Russian Silver Age about insomnia could be drawn extensive collection. Were suffering from insomnia and writers. By the way, in the 19th century insomnia called "writer's disease." It was believed that neurosis, on the basis of which most often develops insomnia, occur most often in people between mental and creative labor.

A "workaholic" live a more measured life without emotional tension, to the same physical work a cure for insomnia. However, time has made some changes, and today farmers, for years did not receive a salary not less prone to stress and, consequently, insomnia than capital "creators." Many people believe that insomnia — it's hard to sleep disorders in which the patient does not sleep for nights. However, this is not the case if the person falls asleep for a long time or, on the contrary, waking up early, he also suffers from insomnia. However, they are different types of insomnia.

How to determine if you have depression?

Before headlong run to the doctor and do complex research, respond to simple questions contained in the questionnaire of the famous American doctor Professor Peter Hauri. "If you answered yes to at least 4 of the first issue of my application — is likely to have depression" — says Hauri. Here are the first 4 questions his questionnaire. Do you often feel sadness or grief that can not be overcome? Whether you're looking to the future with pessimism, believing — perhaps not without reason, that the situation does not improve? Do you think that is not held as a person? Do you feel a constant boredom, not getting pleasure from the fact that the earlier you pleased? Do you blame yourself in most of the failures? If you gave positive answers to these questions, then you have depression and antidepressants course will help you not only build a dream, but do not feel quite so useless man.

Other causes of insomnia: "rabotomaniya" and irregular sleep hygiene

On sleep may affect the image of life in which you constantly go out of the limits of their capabilities. To determine if this professor Hauri offers to answer such questions. Do you smoke? Do you experience considerable stress at work? Are there more than your vacation 2 weeks a year? Do you often work more than 10 hours a day and more than 6 days a week? Positive answers to these questions will give you an opportunity to put yourself a diagnosis: chronic fatigue.

Another cause of sleep disturbances may be caused by improper sleep hygiene. If your bed is turned into a battlefield with her husband, if you are arguing and quarreling, lying in bed — your bed will inevitably be associated with you and negative emotions, and this is unacceptable. Bedding should be used only for sleep: on a bunk can not read or work, and you can not lie to no avail, forcing herself to sleep. The more you force yourself, the less chance you have to go to sleep. If you can not sleep, get out of bed and go do something. Syndrome of sleep hygiene will be positive responses to the following questions: is it possible that you are arguing, lying in bed? Does your bed has become a place of quarrels of a sexual nature or character of dissatisfaction of a sexual nature? Were you tortured hopeless thoughts before going to sleep?


No matter which of the above reasons led to the fact that you stopped to sleep, you will need to follow three simple rules. Do not drink tea and coffee in the afternoon, to limit the dose of alcohol and possibly quit. Despite the common belief, alcohol interferes with sleep and only makes sleep more intermittent and short, and some of it is so exciting that they do not fall asleep. As for nicotine, he, like caffeine, has a stimulating effect on the body. Note also that the caffeine found in sweet and above all in chocolate, so there is a bedtime chocolates excitable man is not recommended.

Reduce hours of bed rest. The more you are in bed, the worse your sleep. Do not force yourself to sleep. Sleep will come when you will no longer pursue this. Do something if you do not sleep. However, doctors are advised not to read at night — reading makes the brain work. So lyrical hero Mandelstam was wrong when he took comfort in the period of insomnia reading Homer … In addition, doctors recommend follow the rituals that you will "furnish" your going to bed. A standard set of actions that you perform every night, you will set the right mood. Furthermore, it is necessary to go to sleep at about the same time. Before going to bed to relax — this can be done through exercise, including yoga. Different ways of meditation, for example, trantsedentalnaya, help get rid of the tangle of thoughts that prevail in your head. Who knows, maybe saying "om" over and over again, you will be able to achieve total relaxation …

Vitamin therapy and exercise as ways to fight for a dream

The cause of chronic insomnia may be a lack of vitamins or minerals, or poor absorption of it. Found that the effect on sleep vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron. Especially important is vitamin B. The stock of this vital vitamin is depleted in the body under the influence of tobacco, under stress, and very strongly — in the use of birth control pills for women. Vitamin B-3 helps with insomnia caused by depression. B-12 also can save on long-term insomnia. Calcium has a calming effect on the nervous system. Magnesium is a natural sedative.

The effectiveness of exercise in dealing with insomnia can not be underestimated. Doctors are advised to fast walking, in which a person intensely waving his arms. You can also swim, do aerobics, ride a bike. People with insomnia often save their emaciated, they believe strength. However, in this case, the rule is: the more you do, the greater is able to get.

Cancel sleeping pills: a step back!

Beware of drinking sleeping pills! They often lead to more severe insomnia than it was before. Hypnotics should gradually abolish. As advised by Professor Peter Hauri, to cancel select the appropriate time, not less than 4 weeks. Before you give up drugs, should learn some methods of relaxation. Medication should cancel and to-schedule and keep at only those pills that you will need in the near future. In vain do you think that the dependence on sleeping much better addiction! Being a long time without sleep, you can not safely abandon the usual dose. In the first week of ordinary share decrease by a quarter. During each subsequent week, take half the dose of the previous week, while in the last week you get to the tiny grains.

If your biological clock is broken and "lie" is applied chronotherapy. Select the time when you can not go to work. The first night did not go the usual time for you — not at 5 am, and 3 hours later. The next day go further 3 hours later and so delee. After about a week you will walk all the "face" and lie in the 10-11 pm.

The cause of insomnia may be a brain tumor

If our recommendations did not help you, and all the flies into a rage insomnia — it is necessary to see a doctor. Lack of sleep can be a symptom of various medical conditions, including the most difficult. In such cases, you should first of all be examined and prevent diseases such as brain tumors and diabetes. Insomnia can also be one of the early symptoms of onset or exacerbation of mental illness — such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression. Most often insomnia is accompanied by an endogenous depression, which is characterized by early awakening against depressed mood.

Organic diseases of the brain — encephalitis, tumors, meningitis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral circulatory disorders, hydrocephalus — accompanied by sleep disorders. In these diseases, there is a decrease of level of wakefulness and sleepiness. Sleep disorder is observed in the pathology of the endocrine glands, metabolism diseases. Decompensation of diabetes is accompanied by insomnia, which can be a precursor to a diabetic coma. In addition, digestive disorders, arthritis, infections, and kidney disease can also affect sleep.


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