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Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

Oswald waited.

Diary of LHA
January 7, 1960

Come to Minsk, met two women from the Red Cross, go to the hotel "Minsk", I take a room acquainted with Rosa and Stelinay, the two collaborators Intourist Hotel, which speak in English. Steline 40, beautiful, married with a young child, Rose about 23, blonde, pretty, single, perfect English, we immediately chose each other.

January 8, 1960

I meet with the mayor of fellow Sharapova, who welcomed me and promised to "soon" to find me a free apartment, warns of "uncivilized people" who sometimes offend foreigners.

Hike to the city council and the meeting with the President were held back in Moscow, and there prepared a script for Oswald in Minsk vvasablyavsya without deviations.

Pictures of Minsk in the materials of the Warren Commission

The report KGB surveillance


A 10-hours of Lee Harvey entered the lobby of the hotel "Minsk", went to the receptionist and began to talk to him about something. Following up in the lobby of the 4th floor, sat down and joined in the conversation with the interpreter Tanya, who was joined by another employee of the hotel.

After the conversation, which lasted about 40 minutes, Lee Harvey returned to his room четыреста fifty-third

About 11:40 Lee Harvey left the hotel and walked quickly down the street Sverdlov to a butcher's shop. In the middle he walked around the stalls, briefly examined exhibited products, then got out and walked up the street to the intersection of Kirov to the train station, stopped, looked showcase the technical department of the Belarusian Railway, then went to the restaurant "Rainbow" and stood there, then went to the grocery store to Kirov Street. At the entrance he saw people who were part of it. Walked around the store, went out without buying anything, and the direction went to a bookstore, where he passed through the section without stopping, then got out and walked quickly away. Went back to the hotel and 12:25.

16:40 Lee Harvey left the room and went down to the restaurant "Minsk". Sat down at an empty table and waited for the waitress. (Live at the restaurant was not conducted because there were too few people.)

Left the restaurant after 45 minutes and went up to his room. Do not leave the room until 11:00 pm, and seeing suspended until the next morning.

Went walked, walked, walked, went away — this primitive insects as a description of movements, the text cited here is not from the original source.

Following tomorrow.

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