Shoigu retired generals return

Sergei Shoigu take back the generals who have been dismissed by his predecessor, Anatoly Serdyukov. As he said at a meeting with the Russian president's confidants, "returned to the subject," the officers, who were the most competent staff of military science and education.

Earlier, in the first days of his appointment, Shoigu said the continuation of policy reforms outlined by the former Minister of Defense, changing the course of a few details, but now he seems to revise them in full. By pushing his entourage in the Defense Ministry, whose members offer to revive the system control the army, to address the issues of military construction, and beat a number of other issues, including the problem solved retired military personnel.

Serdyukov instigated the idea of reducing the officer corps, made as part of the reform, "wiped out" from the ranks of officers and 115 thousand people, bringing their number to 220 thousand total number of the armed forces was reduced from 1.2 to 1 million troops.

Also the head of the Defense Ministry assured those present that the term of military service will not increase, and thus refuted statements of the head of the defense committee of the State Duma Vladimir Komoyedov to increase the term of military service to 1.5 years. According to Shoigu, a priority target for the defense department is a professional army.

Among other issues, Sergei Shoigu said that his department will no longer be engaged in competition for the sale of military equipment, and therefore passes this authority Rosimushchestvo. The minister also informed about his ideas on restoring departmental studio.

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