Show and tell. Aliens. 03. 10. 2012

These people are sure of them experimenting aliens. Does each of us can become a guinea aliens?

Aliens help the artist to paint and discovered his recipe for the elixir of youth.

The aliens gave Dmitry Ermakov manufacturing technology elixir of youth. Now the artist is preparing a magical potion from the most ordinary water.

Dmitry Ermakov, "an improvement of motor muscles, the body becomes more flexible, stronger immune system, a surge of strength, endurance, and performance."

In addition, Dmitry said that now constantly communicates with the aliens, which reveal the secrets of civilization and help paint.

The couple Vladimir and Voronezh Olga told how he was a prisoner at the aliens who conduct experiments on people.

Vladimir Voronezh: "At night, when we went to bed, I turn to the left side and see — something seen through the window. Very bright and white with a purple hue. "

Surprised husband hurried to wake her husband.

Voronezh Olga: "The wall is illuminated completely, I can see everything that happens on the street, the outlines of the house next door, and a huge object over the house. We wanted to call the neighbors, wake up to someone else saw. But I could not move. I started to lift up. This object has me over tighten. And the wife, too, for me to twist and tighten the top. "

After that, the husband and wife moved to the ship, where they met with their abducted by aliens. Vladimir even tried to beat the aliens, but he did not.

Vladimir Voronezh: "I even struggle with them arose hassle. But this was no fight, it was a one-sided beating. They feel no pain. "

The man said that to touch the aliens look like rubberized cold metal frame. In this case, the aliens were of two types. Some are small, slightly above the meter. Alien head is not huge, as depicted in science fiction films, the aliens just narrow shoulders. Eyes also only seem huge lack of protein. Do aliens gray with light green tint and skin like chicken paws hands with four fingers.

Voronezh Olga: "Small — it was biorobots or another race, another kind, because they look completely different. There was one big — he was the chief. "

Vladimir added that the main alien dressed in suit, was almost twice as high as the average person.

After that, over the couple began to conduct experiments.

Voronezh Olga: "They put me on the operating table, a couch, similar to the examination table. I tried to resist, but it was useless. They reassured me: we do not do anything wrong, we just see it. I cut open the stomach, and I saw all my organs, but I did not see the blood, I felt no pain, I did not feel anything at all. "

A man at the time got into his head with a metal tube inserted in his forehead. First, Vladimir felt the pain, but after the outbreak before it appeared Andromeda.

In addition, the visitors tried to persuade the man to intimacy. This all happens in front of his wife.

Voronezh Olga: "It was a female. It looked as if the skeleton and skull of man pulled the skin, but no muscle. This sort of mummified very scary thing. Like human eyes, but without century, teeth without lips. "

However, Vladimir refused to have sex with a monster. Then the aliens decided to go to the trick.

Vladimir Voronezh: "Then they took her somewhere and have a very real sum dugout with a normal appearance. Then Olga screamed. "

Voronezh Olga: "I leaped jealousy. They did not understand my reaction, why I react. I said, you people always do that, you like it, it is a natural process for humans. Then I made a conclusion that the emotions they do not. "

After that, the kidnapped couple returned to Earth. At the same time Vladimir claims that before the aliens have long thought, leave it at home or not. Aliens decided that Vladimir can tell people about them, and only Olga nobody will believe. To return, Vladimir had to resort to threats (he threatened to smash alien craft), and prayer.

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