Six Chelyabinsk remain in hospital after being poisoned with bromine

After the leak of bromine at the station Chelyabinsk-Main in the hospital are six victims, said Sunday RIA "Novosti" Chief Medical Officer Gennady Onishchenko. Their condition is satisfactory.

According to him, all containers with bromine unloaded from the train, the question of their disposal. Service regularly investigates air samples for hazard to humans. "There is nothing in the air are released. Samples were collected on the territory of Chelyabinsk and in Kopeyskoye urban district. Excess not" — said Onishchenko.

Recall, on Thursday at 07:35 in the MOE received a message from the duty station manager "Chelyabinsk-Main" that one of the cars of freight trains coming pungent odor. The car was uncoupled and driven to a standstill for further inspection. As a result, it found some broken jars with bromine, and the car was evacuated from the station of the city.

Medical attention after the leak turned over 200 people, 46 were hospitalized, three of them — the liquidators of the accident.

Upon dispensing bromine prosecuted under st.247 Criminal Code (transportation, storage or other handling of a chemical in violation of the rules, if these acts have created a threat of substantial harm to human health or the environment).

Car with spilled bromine drove 19-km path, away from the city, all measures were taken to contain and eliminate the source, said earlier the head of Russian Emergencies Ministry Sergei Shoigu.

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