SMU hardware animated humanoids on the Moon?

Believe in competent circles NASA (this repeatedly reported the U.S. media), "all flights of the American space vehicles were controlled from a distance and close to the aliens (or their automatic ship). However ground bases ordered the astronauts to store this information in secret."

According to unofficial data, a similar pattern was observed in the former Soviet Union, where almost every spacecraft launch from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kapustin Yar controlled unidentified flying objects.

Most of the famous UFO photos were taken from the ground. However, there is a series of images of "alien space ships" received the photography from orbit satellite. Such, for example, a unique snapshot of a UFO over Venezuela, made February 12, 1966.

Evidence suggests that the meetings with UFO in near space began from the very first human flight in near-Earth space. Sent into space after Yuri Gagarin American astronaut John Glenn was probably the first person who saw the UFO through the window of the spacecraft. According to his description, it was a glowing sphere that followed his capsule in orbit. (Later, faced with other astronauts, among whom these mysterious satellite space stations and ships confirmed the nickname "fireflies John Glenn.")

Astronaut Walter Schirra, making orbital flight around the Earth on the ship "Mercury-8", informed the basis of the appearance in Houston next to an unidentified object.

UFO in orbit the first satellite photographed James Mc Divitt4 June 1965, when the ship "Gemini 4" flying over the Himalayas.

These were Frank Borman and James Lovell, who from the board "Gemini-8" 4 December 1965 saw two UFOs flying at a distance of 800 meters from them, and made high-quality images of these vehicles that looked "like glowing mushrooms."

In 1966, James Lovell and Edwin Aldrin, being on the "Gemini-12", also photographed two UFOs that were on them at a distance of about one kilometer.

Frank Borman, James Lovell and the "Apollo 8" December 24, 1968, and Thomas Stafford, Gene Yang ("Apollo 9") March 22, 1969 was repeatedly photographed a UFO that accompanied them during the flight to the Moon and back.

July 20, 1969 during the first landing on the moon, when the lunar module undocked from the orbital module of "Apollo-on-11" and went on the decline, the descent vehicle distance of about 50 meters closer two unidentified object that looked, according to astronauts "how blinding snow globes." Walking around the module, they accompanied him to the lunar surface. Was in the descent module astronaut Edwin Aldrin filmed this phenomenon through the window 16-mm movie camera, and Michael Collins on board the orbital unit was shooting a film where you can see both the object, slowly circling around coming in to land the lunar module.

After landing on the moon and reach the lunar surface Neil Armstrong transferred to Houston: "I see some craters with a diameter of 6 to 15 meters, and more tracks, similar to the ones that leave the tank tracks or off-road vehicles."

Millions of people in the world who watched this lunar coverage on TV live, never forget Armstrong's voice shouting through the whistling and screeching from the Moon, "I do not know what it is! Some moving objects on the other side of the crater watching us ! .. '

Other ships flying program "Apollo" also took place under the close supervision of someone else. Then some drives, moving 11,000 kilometers per hour, which was documented on-board devices, approaching the ship (in these moments all the equipment stopped working), then on "Apollo 10" swept the unknown "white object", a luminous spherical UFO followed by "Apollo 12" on its way to the moon

Fortunately, UFO maneuvers in near space no harm humans manned spacecraft, and the crew successfully fulfilled their part of the lunar program.

The trouble began in 1970, when the board pursued a strange object "Apollo 13" oxygen tank exploded, and astronauts that were delivered to the Moon explosive nuclear device had the emergency program to return to their home planet, refusing landing on satellite.

Crew members of the next ship, "Apollo-on-14", Shepard and Mitchell, returning to Earth, he immediately offered his resignation, without explaining the reasons for this action and not telling anyone what they saw when wandering around on the slopes of the lunar craters .. .

But on film, shot them then seen a few (!) Unidentified objects round, egg-shaped (in many ancient myths speak of the appearance of man's ancestors "celestial eggs" — VK) and cylindrical shape, and the apparatus of irregular shape, hovering above the crater … These pictures have been published in high-profile book by American scientist Fred Steklinga "We found alien base on the Moon," written based on the analysis of images of the moon, NASA received in the lunar program. Professor F.Stekling states: "Since the opening of the German astronomer, professor of the University of Munich, F.P.Gruytuyzenom 12 July 1822 …" city ", like a" piece of spider net "near the crater Schroeter, and until completion of the program "Apollo" with six landing of American astronauts to the moon, its surface is constantly observed objects are clearly man-made … "

Unique picture disc-shaped device on the edge of the crater Descartes was taken in April 1972 during an expedition "Apollo 16." In the foreground image "lunar truck" and astronaut Gene Young.

It is still a mystery, "spontaneous" activation ALPEKa (astronomical lunar surface experimental complex) left on the surface of the moon by U.S. astronauts. ALPEK includes a device for measuring the magnetic field, sublunary shocks, cosmic rays, etc. Batteries were designed for one year, but the device will continue to transmit information much longer than this. January 18, 1976 ALPEK suddenly fell silent, and the world is desperate to "revive", but after a while he … back to work, and the quality of transmission was higher … Earned and some of the devices that fail a year or more ago …

Such cases are left with scientific instruments on the moon are not unique.

Similar events with unexpected termination and subsequent resumption of radio were also from satellites operating in automatic mode.

On a constant presence and periodic intervention in the affairs of the Earth "unknown reasonable force" (as Tsiolkovsky) Many facts of how our distant and recent history.

Valery Kratochvíle, Boyarka "Interesting newspaper" № 1 (88) Block D
Moon — space shooter

Some experts do not rule out that the satellite earth present alien intelligence. Mysterious and enigmatic moon for many centuries attracts the attention of scientists.

Specialists provide information about the mysterious objects and processes that took place ever on the moon's surface of the Earth, and sometimes give them a fantastic, at first, an explanation. According to one hypothesis, the moon — it's a giant space ship, deliberately damaged and deprived inhabitants during this "star wars" of the past.

Seismograph recorded moonquake

The theory that the moon is actually a spaceship, expressed scientists around the world. In particular, we are talking about the American experts. We know that in July 1969, shortly before the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin set foot on the satellite, on its surface were dropped fuel tanks used unmanned ships, conducting reconnaissance flights. Then there was and seismograph. Soon this instrument began airing in the Houston data on the oscillations of the lunar crust.

The information received was very surprised experts. It was found that the impact of a 12-tonne load on the surface of the satellite caused local moonquake. Many astrophysicists have assumed that under the rocky surface is a metal shell surrounding the core of the moon. Analyzing the propagation velocity in this seysmovoln though metal shell, the researchers calculated that its upper boundary is located at a depth of about 70 km, and the shell itself is about the same thickness.

At that time, one of the researchers said in the moon can be huge, nearly empty space volume of 73.5 million cubic meters. km, where the mechanisms that serve the movement and space superkorablya repair, devices for external observation, a design that provides a connection to the armor plating the interior. "It is possible that up to 80% of the mass of the moon which is in its depths, and has a payload of the ship," — did not rule out the scientist.
The distress in eternity

A decade later, in the late 1970s, he developed the theory of multiple other experts. With all of the same seismograph they did a computer analysis of the metal that makes up the shell surrounding the core of the moon. By measuring the speed of sound in the substance, experts have come to the conclusion that it is composed of nickel, beryllium, tungsten, vanadium, and other elements.

This composition would be perfect shell that protects from mechanical holes, and also completely corrosion resistant. The analysis showed that a shell could not be formed naturally. Seismographs recorded as continuous RF signal, repeated every half hour and lasted for one minute. According to estimates, it came from a depth of about 960 km. "Maybe it's some kind of automated, feeding on a thermal energy, one is programmed to send a signal to eternity?" — Scientists have suggested.
Craters — the traces of the bombs

In parallel, they observed emerging from time to time on the lunar surface of a trickle of gas, which immediately dissipates. According to one hypothesis, this effect is still in the power source of a hypothetical spacecraft "Luna", which had been deliberately damaged and deprived inhabitants during this "star wars" of the past.

In support of its case, and experts pointed to the state of the surface of the moon — it was similar to the area has been subjected to carpet bombing. They noted: statistically impossible that meteorites of the same size and weight stamped on the surface of the moon correctly spaced craters. And their lot on earth satellites …

Should be noted: the time, in the 1970s, some Soviet scientists also did not rule out that the moon — it is not just a satellite. The famous astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky expressed the opinion that it "may not be dead, lifeless ship alien civilization, impenetrable space probe." Later, a similar version of the pages of the English magazine Flying Space Review voiced by famous Russian radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov. He did not rule out the possibility that the moon — a "plant" them "to observe the life on Earth."
Gods from the New World

Amidst all of these assumptions is noteworthy is another fact: in the ancient writings of Chinese astronomers, dated X-XI centuries BC, there are descriptions of the sky, but there is no mention of the moon. This suggests that while satellite did not exist. An even more interesting picture emerges if we compare this with the myth of the Deluge, which in one form or another is present in all religions of the ancient civilizations. Perhaps it was the appearance of the moon on the earth's orbit, and gave rise to these disasters. This opinion is based on the results of his research and calculations, held by many modern astrophysics.

It is also noteworthy that after the appearance of the moon on the horizon, many people have traditions of men, gods and creatures arrive on Earth from the New World. Thus, there are drawings of the ancient Maya, which depicts people coming down from the moon. There are myths about the arrival of the Caucasus from the same "iron beings."

In 1967, all UN member states have signed the "Agreement on the space," which states: any celestial body, including the moon, is not subject to national appropriation. In this case, the document did not say anything about corporations and individuals. Discovering this fact, a U.S. citizen Dennis Hope informed the UN, the Soviet Union, the U.S. and other countries, which he, in full compliance with international law in the property takes the moon. In 1980, businessman created Lunar Embassy, which sells parts for satellites. For 25 years, many famous politicians, artists and other celebrities become customers Hope. Among them — Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Mick Jagger, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronaldo, Oleg Basilashvili, Alexander Rozenbaum, Yuri Shevchuk, Yuri Stoyanov, Ilya Oleynikov Ilya Lagutenko Meladze. By the way, get a plot on the moon is not too expensive — 119 USD per 0.7 square meters. km on the day side. After you pay the owner gets on his hands a set of documents that includes a "Certificate of title" Map of the Moon and the Constitution of the Moon. They also included a brief overview of the Lunar Embassy and data acquired site.

According to a recent hypothesis, the Moon — the flesh of the earth. Scientists explained that found in samples of lunar soil delivered expedition Apollo, tungsten isotopes with atomic mass 182. This element contains a small amount of radioactive hafnium-182, which can be used to determine the age of the rock, as hafnium decays very rapidly (in geological scale, of course). It should be written for geologists, formed when a particular layer. Analysis of the samples showed that at some time in the history of the moon and the earth were one big planet. Then in an unnamed mother of the earth crashed some heavenly body, and from the huge piece broke off. He subsequently took the form of the moon.

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