Staff shortage in the production! The solution of the problem.

Friends, colleagues and partners!

We — the first Industrial television offers — executives, managers, the patriots of the factory or factories, and hence the whole of Russia, to take part in solving the problems of the All-Russian professional education and lack of personnel.


— In the vocational education system many lost: schools froze at the turn of the mid-1980s, said Vladimir Putin. "All of this has become a real problem, which constrains development, the formation of the labor market — he says. — We are faced with a shortage of the required number of our highly skilled hands. " And this is the same obstacle in the path of development, as well as the lack of roads, electricity, communications, this is a natural limit economic growth. Source: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"


 One of the main reasons for the lack of willingness of young people to get a profession, according to experts, the popularization of negative characters in the film and television industry. The negative impact of all of the media on people's minds. The last 20 years of public consciousness methodically processed values of the consumer society, the order of the day in the news, TV shows and programs themes of destruction, aggression, attack. And it sounds a little about building on the progress of the importance of development and growth. 
Propaganda, meanwhile, remains one of the most important instruments of influence on the creation and formation of public opinion.
We, as members of the media believe that it is PROPAGANDA Nonprofit able to become an integral part of a program to address the staffing issue and vocational education in Russia.
Now — the only solution to the renewed interest of young people to working professions and mentoring in the adult generation — raising the status of the working profession. These are: improving wages, benefits package, people's opinions about the degree of security and quality of life of people of working professions.
We suggest you begin the story of the new status of working with your company, the plant or factory.

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Since 1998, we have been producing advertising, film, television and radio — programs.

We perform at various levels, budget and complexity.
Making films about the Russian companies, we ourselves immersed, drawn into the production process. This is the effect of the field dependence — a great tool to influence the audience. Which easily use modern advertisers and specialists in the manipulation of public consciousness.


Create and distribute the TV channels for Russian contemporary, fun, exciting, educational television content (movies, TV shows, and so on-collar jobs and production processes).

Option 1. A series of documentary films in the genre of "dock — reality": the real people on real jobs, with real relationships, on a real, large-scale Russian-made for your production!

Option 2. The cycle of mini-movies: the story about the processes and production technologies of different mechanisms, equipment and other goods.

The films will be broadcast, distributed in Russia and abroad through resource

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