Stalin was ready for war

Stalin was ready for warThe other day, the anniversary of the start of the war Russian majestically on television screens and pages of newspapers like the devil-the-box, crept liberal historians and journalists. Another would be: introduced a successful occasion to remind the Russian philistine about who povinet of all mortal sins. Obviously, we are talking about Stalin. All the years of its reign, he only did that shot, starved, weakened army bestalantno ran and was friends with the bad old misanthrope Adolf Hitler.

The only thing that remains unclear — as with the governor and commander in chief, our country managed to get out of the chaos and devastation of civilian war as soon as possible to fulfill the huge economic breakthrough, win war against superior forces on the enemy, in a few years back what was destroyed Nazi invaders and make nuclear power that the West is not allowed to implement his plans for world domination.

Apparently, this is the main "fault" of Stalin. Specifically it on his grave so far are mountains of garbage, but he can not do anything about the greatness of this historical figure.

One of the more popular legends about Stalin said his unpreparedness for war, because of what our army suffered heavy losses and was obliged to retreat as far as Moscow. Stranoveda blogger writes about the subsequent:

"Some of the slander of Stalin, saying that he did not do anything and was not ready for war. Some doklevetalis to the fact that Stalin was accused that he did not know anything about the war, and in the first days of her hiding at his dacha.

I climbed into the archives and delving into the facts. Here they are:

Stalin warned the country about the inevitability of war with Germany for 11 years before it started — in June 1930 at the XVI Congress of the CPSU (b).

Hitler went to war with Poland and England in 1939, when the Soviet Union just got out of hunger and destitution. Then, inside and outside the Soviet government tried to kill him. Then there was fierce political struggle Trotskyist and other clans among themselves.

Stalin during the 2-five-year plans prepared the country for war. K.A.Meretskov Marshall wrote that "Stalin exhaustively questioned commanders on the situation on the ground, requests, demands, wishes, shortcomings and therefore always been aware of the entire military life." Stalin White Finns countered military threat, has warned of provocation "Baltic Entente" and during the implementation of agreements on mutual Russian troops were legitimately stationed in the Baltic Republics. The aim of these measures — to push the boundary line to the West. Stalin organized a barrier along the border with embattled operational groups of forces in their near and distant rear. The hope was that happens to contain Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union to delay the beginning of the war by all means: political (non-aggression pact), economic (trade agreement), military (not to give rise to border clashes and accusations of troop concentrations). It was necessary to gain time to prepare the industry. Stalin's diplomacy is doing everything possible to force Hitler to wage war on other azimuths.

Strategic gift and efficiency Stalin as a leader, manager government, the diplomat, the commander in chief is undeniable is documented on the activities of Russian war, the country recently.

September 1, 1939 in Russian Union introduced universal conscription, enlistment age was set at 19-18 years old, making it possible to deploy the size of the army of over 5 million.

September 21, 1939 Decision of the CPC of the USSR for the number-353s in 1524 and organized the initial pre-conscription military training people sent out copies of textbooks to schools was 3.5 million copies., Allocated 35 thousand training rifles, 60 million small-caliber ammunition and about 3 million teaching and topographic maps. (See Proceedings of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 1990 number 5). The population rapidly and everywhere held a mass military training. Made the defense sports associations OSOAVIAHIM. All people involved in the competition for the rental rules TRP and PVHO, for the title of "Voroshilov hand." Conducted mass propaganda defense mentality of the people and industry sectors.

Stalin was ready for war

(Further broken down by old days)

May 20, 1941 put into effect plans cover and defense of the State border in the West and Northwest, detailed plan of defense (CA Defense Ministry. F. 16. Op.2951. D.248. L.36-54). Produced in the collection of the attached infantry divisions — all delivered Embed 465 thousand (CA Defense Ministry. F.16. Op.2951. D7242. L.195-201).

May 31, 1941 Directive introduced KOVO organization of wartime communications (CA Defense Ministry. F. 16. Op.2951. D.262. Ll.413-417).

June 16 1941 SNK and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) № 1626-686ss "On the acceleration of alerting the fenced areas."

June 21 1941 by journal entries visits with 18 hours IVStalin has 13 top managers of the country (Molotov, Safonov, Vorontsov, Tymoshenko, Beria, Zhukov, Ascension, Budennyi, Malenkov, Mehlis, Kuznetsov and others) last out at 23.00.

June 22, 1941. Began war at 5.47 am Stalin took Molotov, to 16.00 after it took another 29 managers …

And this is only a small part of the hundreds of thousands of documents available, confirming the undeniable talent and outstanding performance transcendent Supreme Commander Victory IVStalin

So the myth that Stalin was not ready for war, absolutely and completely destroyed forever. "

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