Stanislav Govorukhin: In the society should return homage to the patron of the Motherland

Stanislav Govorukhin: "In respect of the society should go back to the defender of the Motherland"About Interlocutor

Stanislav Govorukhin, a native of Sverdlovsk region. He graduated from the Kazan Institute of Geology Department, a geologist, then — as a journalist and director of the Kazan television studio. He graduated from the Directing Department of Cinematography. He took off his 11 feature films, four nonfiction film, written 14 books and 3 scenarios. Classic Russian cinema began his work "Vertical", "The venue can not be changed", "Voroshilov Sharpshooter", "Bless the Woman" and many others.

The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of 6 convocations. People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of Ukraine. In December 2011, he headed the campaign headquarters of the registered candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

— Stanislav, I would like to talk to you about the work, the more so that our audience remembers your work associated with the image of a man in uniform. Suffice it to recall one of your recent roles — the commander of the compound, performed well in your movie "Bless the Woman". Poignant picture, narrow directorial approach, the corresponding actor's work … But the talk at the moment about something else, about the election of the head of the country where you are assigned to play a fundamental role — to manage the electoral staff of the candidate Vladimir Putin. And ask for you, maybe slightly jaded question, but still: why you agreed to pile up on this burden?

— Vladimir Vladimirovich himself asked me to head his staff, and I could not turn away. I could not because I respect the man, I believe in him and I am sure that this is the only candidate that is really needed now Russia. I share his thoughts and ideas. Although in some ways and disagree. When all this is sure: there is a similar disagreement and he with me. When he invited me, I highlighted that I'm impartial, I speak the truth and do not hide their own criticism. I'm not going to hide it, and he just said about it, when he agreed to the proposal on the management of his election headquarters.

I'm really a lot of time criticizing Putin. Moreover, I once did not take it as a control of the country from the first. After all, he was positioned to many as the successor to Yeltsin, to which I personally have a huge number of claims, and that you can blame what happened to the state. But Putin impressively substantiated his ability to be independent, proactive favorite country. And grounded for a few months back when the territorial integrity of, put out the fire in Dagestan, Chechnya has returned to the legal fold. After all, was a real threat that the North Caucasus is no longer required, and behind it all starts to fall apart Our homeland. This threat was averted.

Having already been president, he has continued to work to strengthen the integrity of the country, increasing the power and strength of the country. Paid off the debt, which was very fundamentally, because debts were recruited a couple of times over budget. Our homeland was virtually independent of the West, acting at the direction of internationality fund, closing at its request the enterprise, driving people on the street … The country is still a colony, but it went to that. Putin expelled from the country and various foreign consultants who carried only harm. With all of the cargo he was freed. A further country under him began to move steadily forward.

— But Putin's criticism of the address dealt at the moment a lot. Including from your "colleagues in the shop," from artists, representatives of the media …

— Criticizing always have something. I would say more, criticism should be, because the one who works hard, can not be mistaken. And society should indicate these errors. But with all this, criticizing, you need to maintain objectivity. It is not necessary to lean towards indiscriminate overtones, when a mud tubs do not see that useful, that person has done for the country, for the country. And Vladimir Putin has made very many, and it is impossible not to agree. By the way, the criticism he reacts normally, as an intelligent and adequate person. With it at all just talk.

The country needs a captain who would lead her on a clear course. And Putin for the role of Captain such suits. Alexander Solzhenitsyn said 20 years ago that specifically young democracy needs a strong government. And Russia needs a strong-willed person. But all this is not only a guarantor of the rights and freedoms of the people, and able to claim from the obligation to comply with them. Because when the rights and freedoms of the people are respected and the obligations forgets, it leads to chaos. In February 1917, Our homeland has received unprecedented rights and freedoms — and here died. In 1991, we received an unheard-of freedom. Unheard of! And that's what this is reincarnated? In the gangster government. There was total anarchy. Freedom without compliance — disastrous path.

— What is the role of managing your campaign staff? Often, if you meet with the candidate, prompts him to those or other solutions within the framework of the campaign?

— We meet, we rarely, in the main at public events, although the communication face to face from time to time occur. Looking at the way he behaves, says, owning, by the way, a broad vocabulary supplies, can be described as a man of deep, broad-minded, and a phenomenal memory.

Main at the moment and for me and for him — is to work with the public. Not so long ago accomplished a meeting with trustees, currently scheduled to meet with the heads of regional headquarters. A lot of work is being done with the regions, I am constantly in touch with those who work in the field.

— And in your opinion, the ideas expressed by the candidate, receive the response of the society to which you expected? Does not occur if a particular index in the light of these thoughts zabyurokrachivaniya anything and everything?

— I think that to most people's promises on the part of Putin's reach. In the correct and undistorted. Before the "swamp", sorry, no. In the swamp, in the quagmire of at least some healthy, strong creature just utopnet. There is something worthless advocate, the public has a stubborn and hard-nosed. Suffice it to say that it is not the elections are rigged in advance call. There is a sweeping running down everything.

Deployed with the filing of the Swamp area on the Web and "Novaya Gazeta" anti-Putin hysteria to what a great country will not. I am convinced of this. It can only be a sensible, reasoned criticism. And if there is a manipulation of facts, their distortion, pulling quotes or just innuendo in pure form and forgeries, you expect something meaningful from such silly statements. By the way, not so long ago a witty referred to today's opposition rally "revolution mink coats." It's funny, but probably true. With all of this I feel about the protesters as people expressing their worldview exercising his constitutional rights. But, unfortunately, there are among them those who wish to inflict another buzu the means, obviously coming from abroad. And we remember what happened after the "buzy" in 1991, when the country shrank to the area, which it occupied in the XVII century. These people are interested in an
other turmoil. After all, the revolution only do romance. Enjoy the same fruits of its villains.

— Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin made his program material on the development of the Armed Forces and the entire force component of the country. Raised more fundamental to the real time threads. Can you talk about the fact that this example program of action of the candidate in the upcoming strengthening the defense capability of the country?

— The publication of Vladimir Putin's military theme I think all the more certain of his past performances. And it is true that the material is placed with a small gap immediately in 2-federal publications — the "Russian newspaper" and "Red Star". This will allow to bring thoughts of Vladimir to very large audience, and with reference to the "Red Star" — directly to the people in uniform.

Vladimir Putin is doing now for the military in particular lot. Let us remember what the army he got coming to the position of managing the country in 1999. August Dagestan invasion by armed militias. Collect 6000th grouping to reflect the anger came from everywhere, from all military districts. By the way, just as it was in 1994, when the federal center had to power by restoring constitutional order in Chechnya. I remember there were some battalions summary, summary crews. I'm in control when he was the "Chechen" committee in the State Duma spoke with Army General Valentin Varennikov. The one — the most experienced military general, passed majestically Russian war and Afghanistan, did not hide his surprise: what is it all the same for the combined crews? In the army, there is no such concept. There is a combined orchestra, and even then it takes time to play. And it's crews, who, seeing each other the first time, immediately took their places in the combat vehicles and went on the attack. Naturally, the enemy shot them …

Approximately the army and received Putin, even worse, because after 1994 the passed 5 years of empty. The armed forces were demoralized, defeated. They lost the war in Chechnya, signed in 1996 defeatist Khasavyurt agreements, lost readiness. Significantly worsened social protection of servicemen.

But since 1999, the Army began to change. It is now quite different, it is impossible not to agree. But there is still more serious configuration! 23 trillion allocated for the purchase of new weapons for the conversion of defense industry companies. At 2-3 times the size of foreign exchange increased allowances for military personnel. Deployed colossal housing. Until the end of this year, all veterans, military, seniors will have their own apartments. This puzzle can be solved in the past, but there intervened social factor: when deciding on housing for reservists and veterans who need information about tyschami numbered 35 people. And after the plans were announced to allocate apartments, all grown significantly. But Putin has confirmed the country's plans: to provide housing for those in need, without separation, when and who was on the account. Construction on the present scale is such that we are obliged to purchase cement abroad: Russian cement enterprises are loaded to capacity.

Yet the main challenge Putin considers his own rather than upgrading, social decision questions as increase the authority of the military service. In society should return homage to the man in uniform, to the patron of the motherland. Such as it was in the 30's, 40's, 50's of the last century. And this, I believe, will be more difficult.

— This, apparently, is a spiritual component, the process of the formation of public consciousness. What is the role of this can be given a military force of culture, media disk imaging, namely our newspaper?

— "Red Star" — one of the oldest newspapers in the country. Its long history, military experience and reputable developers (the same Konstantin Simonov) provided the publication of respect and honor. In particular, during the Russian war majestically when the newspaper remained almost the main source disk imaging in a country constantly been at the forefront. And all these years did not change the essence of the publication — lighting the country's development. By the same constellation of newspapers I include "Literary Gazette," which had been formed by Pushkin and revived slightly bitter. Such publications must be protected as monuments of architecture, as Yasnaya Polyana! Support, help develop.

But, unfortunately, in our country has developed a position where municipal, patriotic publications, such as the same "Red Star" as the "Literary Gazette," are interrupted "from hand to mouth." And the liberal media, who will betray every moment (and has already thrown — a look at a marshy area), there were always opekaemy state. This is one of the biggest mistakes the current government. But the liberal press, of course, for this error does not criticize. Why criticize the country's attention if you are not deprived if it help from various circles, including from people who once robbed our government and people. And those who says the truth, who are supported by the authorities, they often nischebrodnichayut.
In general, I believe that the first task of Vladimir Fishing season as head of the country should become a manifestation of the national idea, which defined the Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Putin, which has already taken on board. It's about saving people, the preservation of the spirituality of the people. And spirituality — it is a culture.

— Stanislav, complete whirlwind election, the vote will take place, the country will elect a new president. What will you do? Do you plan to return to creativity?

— Faster to law — as chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, which I am. But making a movie I still continue. Vladimir Putin's invitation to head his campaign team caught me just at the moment when I was finishing my latest picture. At present work is temporarily suspended, I hope to come back to it a bit later. All the more so that it is no longer about the shooting and post-production of the period, or, as the current generation of filmmakers, postproduction on. What is this brand new picture? While the secret …

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