Stanislav Stremidlovsky: Why is Ukraine not to Russia

Stanislav Stremidlovsky: Why is Ukraine not to RussiaMore than 2-10-s years account for cases with 2 between sovereign states in the former Soviet Union, Russian Federation and Ukraine. A cart and now there. Moscow and Kiev are constrained network of contradictions, which prevents them from solving numerous tactical issues go to the formation, review and implementation of the strategic agenda, designed for decades. Last example of this, nedavneshnee meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian Interstate Commission in Yalta. Fifth in a row, but, as in previous meetings, as well malorezultativny.

The other day, during a meeting with ambassadors and representatives of the Russian Federation the same Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "Once again, emphasize the deepening of integration processes in the CIS — this is the core of our foreign policy, a course designed for a strategic perspective. Driving force of integration is, of course, the" troika "- Our homeland, Belarus and Kazakhstan.'s a great pity that the outside of this process is still brotherly Ukraine. According to the most independent, impartial experts, the accession of Ukraine to this integration association, of course, would render both Ukraine and the whole process more dynamic" .

Moscow is no stranger offers to Kiev to take part in shaping the modern geopolitical configuration. Kiev is constantly evades a solid answer. Yes Chi, chi or — on the shifting soil such policies can not be built. Ukrainian elite is trying to limit the dialogue with Russia purely economic agreements. But even in this case, when the country's economy doing, it's not close enough to the ordinary market bargaining between Ivan and Opanas. Such contracts are accompanied by matching a wide range of issues, a discussion of humanitarian, social, military and defense problems, or those coming into other diplomatic alliances and coalitions.

How to give yourself in Kiev report? Has not yet formed such memories. For example, when the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov report on the likely transit of LNG from Qatar to Ukraine through the Bosphorus, then immediately there is a number of issues. The Middle East is split into warring factions, the region is enveloped by fire of war. Hardly "Gas Union" Doha and Kiev will be perceived flegmantichno those states and armed groups that oppose Qatar. How, then, Ukrainian authorities want to ensure the safe transportation of purchased gas?

The same can be said about the decision of Kiev nedavneshnem provide Beijing monopoly contract to modernize Ukrainian power plants and the entire coal industry in general. This was on the day or the secretary of the Council of State Security and Defense of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev. Well, the good idea, especially if it would help dramatically reduce the death rate in the middle of miners working now in a very unsafe criteria. But let's see how this European alliance, whose business, for sure, and do not mind to be able to modernize Ukrainian coal industry? And then there is the U.S. which is very jealous of China's efforts to expand its presence in the world.

Answers to these questions require the presence of Kiev competent and adequate to modern realities of foreign policy doctrine. On this day, it just started to outline indicated. Namely, certain provisions announced in March this year the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko article published by the newspaper "The Mirror of the week." This publication is pleasantly astonished by the fact that almost the first time Ukrainian diplomats began to seriously consider the Chinese and Turkish vectors from the standpoint of the interests of their own country.

This is the first swallow. But it should be followed up for a sequel. Ukraine, as can be judged, is required to reverse established over the past 20 years, the system of goal-setting in foreign policy, which involves a lot of work on the revision of the basic concepts of the historical and cultural heritage of the country. Kiev is very stuck in archaic mythologems who do not give it freely and creatively express that creative spirit, which in all ages, was inherent to the Ukrainian people. More of archaic myths laid unsafe "mines" in the way of development of Ukraine, at some point they may be undermined.

When a Ukrainian patriots selectively identify Ivan Vygovskogo and Simon Petlyura, you should keep in mind that the first and second were willing to split the day Ukraine, giving Poland a part of its land in order to preserve their power. When a Ukrainian patriots selectively identify Misha Hrushevskoho and Paul Skoropadskiy, you should keep in mind that these are plans for Germany and Austria-Hungary on the creation of "Ukrainian protectorate", where the same Austrians had intended to plant their own Habsburg. And it is quite surprising to build a true patriot of Stepan Bandera which cut not only the Poles in 1930-1940 — the years, but so splendidly destroyed Ukrainian nationalists and patriots, the wing of the OUN, supervise Andrew Miller.

Difficult to understand how these characters are ready for the Ukrainian authorities to land a stranger States have fundamental signs Ukrainian sovereignty. With that kind of stuff does not even build a foundation for the idea of Ukraine's integration with the European Union. On the way to Brussels to Kiev need a reliable guide, which Ukraine will be able to spend in the EU despite the resistance uncertain. Britain and France did not burn so desire. Beginning to tire of Poland and Germany. In Warsaw they say openly about the nerve irritation against Kiev. Forever Is Enough Poles, for composure and patience has never been their virtue. And with Germany Ukrainian politics diverged so recently that the European Football Championship 2012 in Kiev in public yazvili of 2-Russian embassies, one of Moscow's second from Berlin.

The complexity of the situation Ukraine clearly understood and their neighbors in Eastern Europe. As recently stated in an interview with the Kiev newspaper "day" Municipal Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Burian of Slovakia, "we support and work closely with Russia to address not only regional, and global problems. It seems to me that without the Russian Federation is very hard to resolve any difficulties . we need a constructive partner who thinks in unison with Europe. Because all phenomena that harm this constructive partnership, we seem to be unproductive and very unsafe for the whole of Europe. "

We also give the outlook of the leading Ukrainian political scientist, Director of the sociological service "Ukrainian Barometer "Victor Nebozhenko." Now, once insulting and Brussels, and Moscow, we run the risk that they, together, will create a crisis group, as is done by the underdeveloped states, and just decide for us, our dilemma, — said Viktor Nebozhenko in communication with a correspondent Portal "controversy." — So, the longer we pretend to be independent of Moscow and Brussels, the easier it will become the object of international manipulation, even more so, in the criteria of severe crisis. Then our politicians have already been granted to predict the course of events. "

XX century has shown that the representatives of the Ukrainian people afford to manage the majestic state. But the Ukrainians in whose towns have developed machine building, built gallakticheskie missile, developed the highest technology. There are other Ukrainians. They did not raise his eyes from the fi
elds with buckwheat or, like dwarves dug deep into the earth, extracting coal. Development Ukraine, its future is dependent on the ability of its elites to eventually raise its head again and look at the sky. Then in front of Kiev will open where more lengthy and global place, if "just economics."

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