Stanislav Tarasov: The Union of Israel-Iran could save the regime of Bashar al-Assad

Stanislav Tarasov Alliance Israel-Iran could save the regime of Bashar al-AssadAugust 24, to be held in Vienna next round of talks, Iran "six" on the Iranian nuclear program there. This was stated by a representative of the European Commission Sebastien Brabant. Former talks in this format did not lead to breakthrough solutions, although at the time the capital of the meeting on June 18-19 evolved real conditions to break the deadlock. In our opinion, in this case, Iran tried to buy time while the other members of the "six (excluding the Russian Federation) did not consider it necessary to specifically bind the progress in the negotiation marathon with a capital of. Earlier, apparently, also by the same judgment, Iran West was not given the ability to triumph, and Turkish diplomacy, make great efforts to negotiate in Istanbul in April. But, like it was, the negotiation process of the Iran-"Six" began to gain momentum, given the fact that such earlier talks not carried out more than a year. Thus, this process is often accompanied by throwing it in the media virtual scenarios of a military strike on Iran, imposed on it by certain economic sanctions.

Here is immediately in sight mysterious irrationality in the behavior of Western diplomacy. As stated by U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, "Iran must return to the negotiating table with a harsh attitude to reach agreement. "And the representative of the head of EU diplomacy Michael Mann believes that the issue of lifting sanctions against Tehran would be considered after Iran will make some specific steps to meet the negotiators. Sam West make such steps as a reward giants Iran does not want to. Moreover, the civilian Israeli Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told the newspaper "Maariv", said that in case of war with Iran, the conflict will continue for about a month, and military action to turn around "on a number of fronts." With all this Vilnai specially stressed that Israel will coordinate their actions with the United States. So everything seems to go as usual. But not completely.

In the dialogue of Iran-West there are other more pressing subjects. "Arab Spring", which caused structural configuration of the political faces of many of the region, faced with the Syrian "thrombus" which initiated the large-scale processes, potentially leading to a change in the balance of forces in the Middle East. The fact is that Israel has decided to locate on the border with Egypt tactical missile defense system "metal dome." Usually, it is by the more insecure areas outside the country's borders, is also used to protect nuclear complex in the Negev desert.

This is — a response to armed provocations made at Sinai on the southern borders of the Jewish country. Interestingly, some Russian experts have attributed these acts to Iran, which organizes the Tipo on the Sinai Peninsula, the cell "Hezbollah", "hands so that the organization take Israel pliers with 2-sides." If so, then the solution is to put Cairo in this region of the country fighter, tanks, planes and missile launchers — "to root out terrorist elements in the peninsula" — Tel Aviv was to be welcomed. But he gave the Cairo demand to withdraw its tanks from the Sinai Peninsula, as "their forthcoming presence is a violation of the peace agreement between the two countries-name." At the same time, as the newspaper "Maariv", this requirement was aimed Cairo means white houses. It turns out that the threat to Israel from the Egyptian direction has no relation to Iran.

Furthermore, Israel indirectly gives realize that his situation has become complicated if to power in Syria will come backed by Turkey and the Gulf states constructive Islamists. Zeal to prevent such developments may lead to the most unexpected tactical alliances aimed at maintaining a regime of Bashar al-Assad of Syria. It is a question, first, of the likely virtual alliance between Israel and Iran. In this case, the danger of Israel strike military strike on Iran should be considered informational undercover alliance. In this regard, experts recalled that the Israeli-Iranian tactical cooperation took place in the past, when Israel has provided tacit support to Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war, even in spite of his "anti-Zionist" rhetoric. Because the main mystery today is the problem — would it be looming common scenario in the Middle East, 2-"enemies" or sustainable in the foreseeable future in the global? Maybe specifically for this reason, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Sky News Arabia said that "today's talks ( Iran-"Six" -S.T.) — this is not the end, and at the moment the most important thing to realize that the negotiations — this is the only method in resolving the Iranian nuclear problem. "And the United States is almost openly given to understand that left Iran a chance to solve the problem of nuclear political and diplomatic means.

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