Stanislav Tarasov: What Riyadh information war against Russia

Stanislav Tarasov: Why Riyadh information war against RussiaTV channel "Al Arabiya" launched a series of television programs devoted to Syria. First went on the air with a claim to political sensation. Citing anonymous acquired by some "hidden" documents, "Al-Arabiya" states on the participation of Russian military operations in the Syrian air defense against the Turkish fighter. According to this version, the reconnaissance plane RF-4E Turkish Air Force was shot down by a Russian military base in Tartus. Both pilots were Tipo live after the crash, and were arrested by the Syrian authorities. Another document, allegedly emanating from the presidential palace Bashar Assad, as if the order contains a link "on the instructions of the Russian administration to kill both pilots detained … and deliver their bodies in neutral water at the crash site."

First, we note that is a huge fluctuation origin of documents relied upon by the TV channel "Al Arabiya". A catastrophic incident with the Turkish air-scout, which occurred on June 22, has been investigated as a special commission of the Turkish government and the General Staff. Incidentally, the latter denied that plane was shot down by Syrian air defense means that suggests the idea of a tragedy for technical reasons. As reported, in the process of the investigation and examination on the ruins of the aircraft did not find a product of combustion and explosives. And on the day or, as told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, referring to "the next step disaster investigation" conducted by the military prosecutor's office already, plane-reconnaissance RF-4E Turkish Air Force was shot down by Syrian air defense missile projectile. But in the above document, the newspaper does not say anything new about the dead pilots. Because, even if we assume that the available channel "Al Arabiya" really got some "mysterious documents" about the disaster, it would be appropriate to transfer them to the Turkish authorities. And if they were made on the basis of this with the latest version of the death of a crew, it would be possible to make the latest commission to re-examine all the disaster scene. Incidentally, the Russian side had previously offered to officially convey Turkey, all available to it on this account documentary evidence. Ankara refused it. That's why instigated TV channel "Al Arabiya" awareness campaign gets temper intrigue.

What's all the same thing? The first reason, which immediately turns on the mind: to put under the competence of the oscillation Turkish General Staff in the evaluation of a catastrophic incident in the Mediterranean. Namely, before the English weekly The Sunday Times there were allegations that the incident with the Turkish plane found Tipo "Russian trace". It is no coincidence, a retired Air Force general Turkish Karakush Erdogan warned that the problem of disaster reconnaissance aircraft "at some point intervene policy." At that moment, the Turkish military tried to disavow sounding accusatory statements by politicians in the address of Syria. It was a sign that the generals are in the active phase of public obstruction of a possible war with Syria, Turkey. Motivation similar actions yavna. Ankara is ready to participate in a large regional war without the support of NATO troops. This is — in-1's. In 2-x Turkish The General Staff had information that in the event of war with Syria forces would have to fight at once on 2-fronts. As experts in Syria — with a rather efficient army, local militias, and with the Syrian Kurds. On the other hand, was a great opportunity to intensified fighting the Kurds in eastern Anatolia with the imminent role squads Kurdistan Workers' Party (RKK). And so it happened.

The second reason is to knock Turkey out of the so-called "Islamic Quartet" on the Syrian settlement (Cairo — Ankara — Tehran — Riyadh), aimed at co-operation with the UN Security Council, and supported by Moscow. On the day at the margins of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York held a second round of talks in this format, and again without the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Saud Al-Faisal. And this story has its conspicuous aspects. Not so long ago, Qatar's Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with the UN General Assembly called on the Arab countries "to intervene in Syria, bypassing the UN Security Council." But Saudi Arabia and Qatar is not a strong army in order to fight a war without the help of others. An attempt to engage in a "game" Jordan — has failed. Now this moving Turkey. Especially since she was the reason: a downed spy plane. But then Ankara wisely showed restraint. But at the moment it is considering the UN Security Council as a head mechanism in resolving the Syrian crisis, which protects it from the harsh pressure to force to take part in the military intervention in Syria.

At the same time, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan took the "Eastern maneuver," he criticized Russia and China for its stance on Syria. As reported by Euronews, Erdogan, namely, said: "Our homeland promotes the continuation of the bloodshed in Syria, not speaking openly against the regime. I contacted the Russian authorities, and said to them that they should not support Syrian mode. But apart of, this mode supports and China. "Feature of this moment will be that organized political attack is on the UN Security Council itself. So the minister of foreign affairs Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu was in New York for a role in the 67th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, told the Turkish media that "in the international system, and in particular for the United Nations Syrian Crisis is a kind of examination " which "It can not stand." In turn, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Nabil al-Arabi recalled the situation of the Palestinian Authority, "in respect of which have been adopted hundreds of resolutions of the UN Security Council, which have remained unfulfilled." It turns out that in the first case — the "guilty" Our homeland and China in the 2nd — the other members of the UN Security Council, in other words the West.

Othmer, in this regard once the crotch plot. France hopes pinned beautiful finish his presidency in an August UN Security Council, the embodiment of "the Syrian project" to remove Bashar al-Assad. But to hold it through the UN Security Council is: disagreement on the Syrian issue as sharp as before, the parties' positions diametrically sprawl, the prospects for convergence is not yet visible. The problem is not even the position of the Russian Federation and China. Mediterranean is the region where the interests of the U.S. and its European allies, first, France, in a tactical sense, not the same. Because, namely, operation in nearly all Libyan pressurized France was suspended Turkey. Since Syria is responsible for such tasks as samples of Saudi Arabia to remove Iran's influence in the Eastern Mediterranean, preventing the growth of Turkey's influence in the region and its likely drift towards the strengthening of cooperation with Russia and Iran. It does not say, but disagreement on the Syrian issue did not affect the expansion of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. It is no accident, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "incitement in variou
s forms to the perpetuation of violence in order to change the situation only gets regimes to a standstill," and "try to use force in the UN Charter — is brought before a fall."

Because believe that Turkey is well read through political intrigue engineered by the vampires TV channel "Al Arabiya" around Syria and downed aircraft, and not succumb to the terrible provocation.

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