Start the latest Russian ICBM as a response to the European missile defense strategy

Start a new Russian ICBM as a response to the European missile defense strategyRussian Defense Ministry to perform a successful start completely new layout ICBM from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The second in a row starting the latest modification of missiles "Yars" and "Topol" went well, what could not be said about the first start. These launches will be used for the creation of the new system, which will successfully resist the U.S. European missile defense system.

Reported that successful start took place at 10:15 Moscow time on 23 May. Missilemen and spices Gallakticheskih troops conducted a large-scale preparation for the launch of the latest missile with a mobile launcher. Plesetsk launch pad was used to test the effectiveness of start-up characteristics. Confronted with the staff of the tasks were successfully completed. Such an assessment enables the launch of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Vadim Koval.

He said the main purpose of the launch was to test the effectiveness of the experimental data used in the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles. This may also include monitoring solutions that have occurred in the rocket design. The study concerned the missile systems, its components and assemblies. If we consider that rocket successfully hit its target on the Kamchatka Kura test site, you can read about the work on the design and preparation for the launch of the rocket was more than successful.

Specialists in missile crews confirm the information that the current ICBM — really the second. The previous (first) was held in late September of last year. Media silent on the first start, because it was strictly hidden. The silence was justified besides the fact that he was start to no avail. In September, the latest model of the rocket failed to reach Kamchatka, and fell near the launch site. It is reported that the victims of human then managed to escape, but the damage from a bad start in a few experts at estimated 10 million rubles s — excluding the cost of design.

Curiously, the military tried to cover up the bad start of President Medvedev which Tipo could reduce the cost of defensive activity. Until now, it remains unclear whether vyznat then a disastrous start, Dmitry Medvedev, but the essence is not the case. As we know, the cost of the defense branch cut one did not, and those who spoke about such abilities, have paid with their ministerial seats.

Who is the main secret of another — what a rocket launched from the old days at the Plesetsk launch site? This is all the more curious because even quite recently, Vladimir Putin, when he was head of the Cabinet reported that the Russian Federation is something that will allow negate all the efforts of the Yankees in their efforts to build a European missile defense system without the participation of the Russian Federation.

For sure it is not clear, but there are versions that hit the target on the Kamchatka Peninsula streamlined modification rockets "yars". This modification can carry 1,500 kg payload is more than an ordinary PC-24. This is taking into account the fact that he himself "yars" until the teeth of the American missile defense system. He ("yars") is a modernized version of the well had time to prove itself "Poplars."

There are reports that the modernized "Yarsy" can become part of a new project "Vanguard" which is very promising. His fighting properties may be such that none of the existing missile in the world system fails to kill the missile. Unlike "Vanguard" is that it can have warheads with its engines that will completely overcome any potential enemy missile. These combat units, according to professionals, can be fully integrated with other missiles, for example, with the "Bulava".

It is said that now almost openly SRF they say that nedavneshny start — this is the one asymmetric response Yankees. The tested ballistic rocket — The ability to justify the United States that our homeland will not be expected when it absolutely will take in a vice, but all this will not be the first and escalate the situation.

If this asymmetric response zhiznestoek really, you do not particularly reactive to what the Americans are trying to do in terms of self-adaptive approach to missile defense.

The successful launch of the latest rocket apparently give reason to reflect on their actions and the South American side in fact already at the moment of course, that due to the development of new nuclear shield of the Russian Federation more refined.

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