State-run oil

The country is ruled oil "Oil rules the world!" Was the slogan now is the development of the world economy. With all of this in some states there is an incentive to develop, and some do not, because the oil dependence so ingrained in them that break away from oil dependence is unhappy at once is simply unrealistic. These countries, unfortunately, applies to our homeland.

We have many years of living in the state, which really can drive and cook, as said well-known people. The whole point is that, during the reign of the cook's the price of "black gold" were kept to a respectable level. To confirm the thesis stated, refer to the history of our country the last 35-40 years. Surprisingly, in spite of its inefficiency Brezhnev administration older generation remembers as "live well under Brezhnev." The fact that the global economic situation in oil prices in the late 70's was such that the Russian Alliance just swimming in oil money. In such a situation the place of dear Leonid Ilyich one can was planted, in principle, anyone, and the situation in the Soviet Union would not fundamentally changed. At the same time, Gorbachev tried to arrange a restructuring of the well-known, and remember what an uproar it caused in the majority of the inhabitants of our country. In other words, people are so used to reacting sluggishly course of events, fueled by earnings from the sale of oil over the limit, that any samples taken innovation almost with hostility. Maybe, Gorbachev would not be associated with many of our countrymen with those who "destroyed the USSR," if oil prices remained at the "Brezhnev" level. But such a gift to Misha Sergeyevich fate was not given, and what happened in the end, we all know very well. It can be assumed that the Soviet Union held out even longer than you. And it is only thanks to the fact a closed economy with "untempered 'pocketbooks.

The Yeltsin era was also associated in the vast majority of Russians with something naughty. Say, to replace one villain came another and continued destruction of the country. But this situation can look from another angle. Even if the step's 1991-1999 rule us some imaginary perfect politician, when prices oil less than 15 bucks with free ruble rate it almost would not have managed to do with our economy. For clarity, you can cause the subsequent example: a man all his life, and those engaged in that gathering mushrooms and selling them on the market. In the years when the mushrooms and used the popular cost was their highest, a man lived quite good, built a house, bought a car, his wife give birth to their own babies. But now people do not have to take his mushrooms. He even had to lower the price to a record low, so that they become interested again. For human habitation pay nothing, the wife of "nagging" and tries to go to another machine in the garage is broken — he had no money and everyone here! And start doing something other people do not want, and all the hopes that the fungi will rise again in value.

In such a situation there was our home in the nineties, only instead of the mushrooms we have — oil. When the price of a barrel fell to 11-13 bucks, it was, as they say, not to fat.

In the wake of rising oil prices led the country is Vladimir Putin. This is how lucky he. With a sufficiently high prices could be added and wages, and pensions after all, take care. And made oil Vladimir public hero. At the end of his reign (well, that in 2008), oil soared to unprecedented peaks — more than 110 dollars (per barrel, of course). Here Vladimir Putin could relaxed "hand" the keys to the presidential office, Dmitry Medvedev. By the way, the site of Medvedev at the time could be anyone. With such prices oil you can actually afford it! And what sort of here diversify Russian economy when money is flowing into the treasury of the river. How are they distributed in the treasury — that's another story.

And suddenly this goddamn crisis leads to outline stability, which, according to the average Russian, made specifically Vladimir Putin falter and crack. With all of this crack was such that after it became apparent to the heart as Russian oil economy is already quite that income that a year or two back.

Naturally, the people here responded and referred the cause of all ills in Russia a new president. But we already know that our president has absolutely nothing to do with it. They continue to collect and sell the same used in the example mushrooms and move away from its own activities is not collected. But oil prices dictate the rules.

These rules are that countries that are not going to develop other economic resources at risk of being in a situation in which more than once been our home. If the policy is only just on the extraction of profits from the sale of oil, keeping the oil giants and suppressing the small and medium business, it is, of course, the impasse.

Now we are once again holding their breath looking at oil quotes and often rejoice when cost Oil point upwards. It is almost genetic memory, which states that it is better let the price of "black gold" is going up than a new coup, coup, revolution or something else like that.

The question is the following: when the Russian leadership will man, which will offer a parallel development path with gradual phasing out of oil dependence. Clearly, such a transition for the country will be very weary. In addition, this person will be called the destroyer of civilization, but he is a dentist, which cures unhealthy tooth. And our economy is now — this is the real carious tooth holes in what should be sealed effective seals for new solutions.

After such healing economy can transform into powerful potential of Russia. But who will take on such a responsibility — to stand up against the oil tycoons? The issue, rather, is rhetorical.

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