Stealth fighter U.S. Air Force can get new weapons

As you know, the South American authorities have declared that they are going to cut the military budget. But despite this, the U.S. Air Force plans as previously listed equipment stealth fighter F-22 and the F-35 is a new generation of tools. It is reported that this particular aircraft, equipped by a new instrument, will have become the main power of the U.S. Army. The latest tool class "air-surface" will have a special ability. For example, it is perfectly able to fight entrenched in deep water sites.

Stealth fighter U.S. Air Force can get new weapons

One of the main ways of re-martial of U.S. aircraft — it's long-range cruise missiles, which will be executed by stealth technology. The development of such promising missiles will be carried out since 2014 at least, so report to the sources in the Pentagon. Given that these missiles will be installed on the stealth fighter F-22 and the F-35, the effectiveness of combat missions can be the highest. There is also a one aspect, which is that South American stealth aircraft has only two pylons for languid arms. They are placed in the inner compartments of aircraft. Based on this, developers will have to contemplate on how to reduce the size of the latest generation of missiles. It is reported that such works are, and they relate to modifications of the missile, which does not affect its "knockdown". This may occur due to the use of new materials and explosives.

Now there is a new draft of munitions that may become the basis for future developments. One option for such tools can be 113-kilogrammmovaya bomb SDB II, which is able to overcome the 70-kilometer distance, being dropped from a stealth aircraft. If we talk about the size of the bomb, the compartments F-22 they may be located 9 units. SDB II is capable of hitting moving objects, and the effectiveness of its impact does not depend on the time of day or the weather criterion.

Completely may be that Americans can add to such weapons jet engine that will turn it into a very effective model to combat a variety of purposes on land and at sea. And, most importantly, far not all modern radar will be able to find the presence of shock. Thus, the missile range will be even more superior. But you can create the bombing and flying at supersonic speeds.

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