Strategic bombers U.S. and Russia will exchange visits

Strategic bombers U.S. and Russia exchange visits

Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS and the U.S. B-52 in 2013 will exchange visits, said Tuesday the commander Distant aircraft Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhiharev.

"We just came back from the United States, where it was agreed to visit 2-strategic bombers Tu-95MS strategic base in the U.S.," Barksdale "in 2013. In the same year, with a return visit Russian airfield in Engels (Saratov region) will visit two strategic missile United States, "- he said.

Zhiharev specified that visit U.S. strategic bombers in Russia will be held from 23 to 27 July of the next year. Commander Distant aircraft recalled that in September 2008, Russian Tu-160 paid a visit to Venezuela.

"The practice of distant missions will continue, as needed, we will make such missions to other regions," — he added.
Zhiharev noted that the upgraded Tu-95MS has a number of advantages over its harsh predecessor, the Tu-95, and severe service life.

"Tu-95MS will be flying for many, many years. Amerikosy expect that their B-52, issued in 1960, will fly even almost 30 years to 80 years," — said the commander of the Distant aircraft.

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