Strategy for 2012 presented in Mogilev


April 3 in Mogilev presented "Strategy 2012" — this is the concept of participation of the democratic opposition in the parliamentary elections to be held next year. Within four hours of the presentation participants sought to answer the main question posed by a guest, "If democracy is established in Belarus, and that is to be done?"

At a presentation at the center of "Cola" came three dozen activists of political and social organizations. Head of the Agency for Humanitarian Technologies, methodologists Matskevich a number of stakeholders, as he put it, in the establishment of democracy in Belarus, was left dissatisfied. In his view them was be many times more.

"Strategy 2012" provides for the participation of the opposition in the elections to the House of Representatives. March 5th coalition of democratic forces Mogilev decided: "As long as there are political prisoners in Belarus should boycott These elections. "However, the deputy chairman of the coalition, the Freedom Party activist created and progress Silkou Alexander was one of the organizers of the presentation:

"When we announced their boycott of the elections, there is sound, that if there are political prisoners, and we have no moral right to participate in elections. And assuming moment that tomorrow all released and once again we are left to nothing. To develop the right solution to listen different opinions, "said Alexander Silkou.

According to Vladimir Mackiewicz, talk about the active boycott of the 2012 elections in a democratic forces rastsyarushanastsi not necessary. As if there are disagreements among the opposition and political prisoners, the authors of "Strategy 2012" suggest to promote democratic change? On this issue responsible Vladmer Mackiewicz:

"This is the first point from which we should start preparing for the real negotiations on the change in the political process in the country. If we look at our opposition, there is no such a speaker who could, on behalf of the whole society to ask for the release of political prisoners. I would have been happy to such an ombudsman was a leader of the human rights center ".

The presentation came the leader of the "Movement" For Freedom "Alexander Milinkevich. Mackiewicz named him one of the negotiability of Belarusian politicians. Milinkevich I have asked about what the other participants in the presentation sought Mackiewicz:" If you establish a democracy in Belarus. "

"No one knows. Democracy — a way myshlennya people and yet in their minds there is no democracy, it is difficult to establish the system.'s Go to the square in a single burst and revolutionary dictatorship is gone. So we won, and that will be the day we have little think. we would have seen his goal to have more people who would be prepared to reform. "

One of the Young politicians in Mogilev, a former trustee of Ales Mikhalevich Yuri Stukalov on the question of the establishment of democracy in Belarus and the dialogue with the authorities responded:

"We were trying to build a dialogue, compromise, do not criticize the government, but in that got hit. Doubt that in 2012, things will change.'s See, maybe in 2012, when all the democratic forces fail to agree, maybe that and happens. "

"Strategy 2012: a dialogue within the Democratic Forces for the dialogue with the regime," developed by the Centre for European Transformation and the international consortium "Euro-Belarusians". Its authors, sociologist and political scientist Tatyana Vadalaskaya Andrei Yegorov.

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