Strong rainfall in Moscow was accurately predicted by meteorologists — Vilfand

Strong rainfall in Moscow was accurately predicted by meteorologists, told RIA Novosti the head meteorologist Russia Roman Vilfand.

"All the meteorological rainfall rejoice today, because it is well predicted," — he told RIA Novosti.

Powerful shower, which was held in Moscow on Friday afternoon, literally flooded several streets in central Moscow, including, Salsola and Ordynka.

"By the way, these showers have a distinct local character. I went to RIA Novosti and within a kilometer was very heavy downpour, drove another 500 meters and not a bit, then back wall of the shower," — said meteorologist.

According to him, this evening in Moscow and Moscow region weather will be even hotter, "the temperature in the Moscow area will reach 30 degrees in Moscow to 29 degrees."

"But tomorrow it will decline by 4 — 5 degrees to 25 — 26 degrees," — he added.

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