Structural studies of deposit transactions in foreign currencies are carried out between counterparties and related markets

Greetings to you my dear readers, is now in the court on May 14 2010goda. The topic of our conversation today will be linked to money markets adjacent to their markets and markets in general. But before we begin our conversation to ask you to put aside all the announced first week of the transaction, because they are all canceled due to the fact that the dollar has increased the growth of the spectrum, as expected even first week. And also another aspect, close the open trade in the euro, which has brought us even if not huge, but still profit by 3-4 fad.

Having dealt with this issue, we turn specifically to the money market which will continue to flow directly to the area of 1.2440. Next week there is a possibility of market decline on euro —Bucks. On the basis of this time to buy the pair is gone, but the purchase of a pair of contrary trends still not safe enough, and perspective dollar growth is very real. Because we will not yet decide what actions do not. As for the pound, then it still has a fairly fascinating situation. Judging by what we litsezreem cost per pound headed for the bottom point, and significant opportunity to break this channel near 1.4440, and it is completely real. But the possibility is very small and spread Bucks as long as it is not necessary to sell.

Daytime prospects

Well, we have touched the surface can be said of all currencies, are now going to ask to direct your attention to the graphics of the commodity market. First we will have a schedule with precious metals, specifically gold it. The cost of it exceeds more than 1230 bucks perspective forthcoming growth of open right up to 1,340 bucks, you can not say enough good still, but if it were not for the situation with the bucks, here's a look at his schedule right there next configuration expressed in the form of a measured downstream. And due to the fact that the first week has been closed deal on the area of 1.25, we are announcing the latest deal because there are perspective of the pair in the bottom of the fad at 40-50. If the subsequent weeks the cost drops to the area of 1.2460, then we can easily declare a warrant for the number 14 in the amount of the price in the region of 1.2460, profit is set to 1.30, but still we are taking about 100punktov (1.2360) .

That's all for today, probably like all the adjustments made to the previously announced transaction, and we will follow, brand new week we'll see what she will bring to us. In the following Sunday will you expect if there is, what kind of questions or write and we will analyze them together. Thank you, see you later.

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