Study: suicide — the main killer of British

Suicide among men have become an epidemic in the UK. Every day, scores of lives reduce the average three. These are the data organization National British charity.


Activists argue that the public is hardly aware of the shocking fact — the main cause of the death of "stronger sex" in the country is suicide.

According to experts, in 2011, died by suicide more British than from AIDS, from the hands of criminals and accidents.

According to the Office for National Statistics, suicide during this period brought 6045 people aged 15 years and older. Among them were 4552 men.

In the age group 15 to 35, there are 1,242 cases of suicide. Women appear only in 337 episodes.

However, the largest percentage of suicides in the United Kingdom found among men 30 to 44 years. 100 thousand people, have an average of 23 deaths.

However, the sad statistic applies to the senior category. From 2007 to 2011, the number of cases of euthanasia among Britons aged 45-59 years.

Human rights activists believe that the provision of timely and competent counseling hundreds of deaths could have been avoided. At the same time, men are much more likely than women to be ashamed to tell anyone about their experiences. There is a "cultural barrier": a modern society requires the stronger sex to be stress-resistance and strong in all circumstances.

Research of the University of Liverpool shows that the economic recession has caused about 1 million new cases of suicide. Rising unemployment has played a crucial role.

According to the experts of the organization Samaritans charity, «when it is a man in a difficult economic situation, it increases the chances of suicide — the public expects from him decisive action to which he is not always able to."

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